New guy from Georgia

I sure hope I’m in the right section. My name is Robert from Georgia and I’ve been vaping & off cigarettes for 3 years now. I’ve been mixing my own for about a year & a half but its just basic mixing like pg, vg, nicotine and flavor.I want to learn more about tobacco & other flavor mixing and hopefully help my juice taste better. lol . My favorite right now is anything close to a Marlboro flavor which is impossible to find but hey I take what I can get rather than picking up a cigarette. Right now I order from wizard labs but open to other suppliers as well. I will be doing a lot of research and hopefully not asking repeated questions. I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who have already posted tons of info on here for guy’s & gal’s like me to learn from. CHEER’S


Welcome to the party @Hydroboy , can’t give you any advice on Tobacco flavours but you’re in the right place to ask buddy, many people here to help :+1: good luck! :wink::+1:


Welcome to the site, let’s get you started with some reading material :grinning:

There’s a lot of info to be found in there, quite a lot of reading but mixing tobacco flavours is kinda hard. You’ll never get the flavour of your favourite brand but I promise that there are a lot of recipes out there that are way better than the old cigaret.
Lot’s of info on other flavours too but they’re not really my thing so I thought I start you off on the tobacco’s.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m doing my research on the forum and finding a lot of good info to help me out. Been using wizard labs bold tobacco but they’ve discontinued it so now I have ry4 double, dk 555 and light tobacco on the way now so hopefully I can grab a taste with those 3 that I like. Again thanks for the welcome.


I would watch and look at recpies from @Kinnikinnick. He’s a friendly mixer and mixes a lot of Tabacco flavors. Lately I have been starring at his and others comments about NET flavors derived from Tabacco leaves. Very interesting indeed.


Also @Josephine_van_Rijn! She loves tobacco vapes!


Welcome and looking forward to your input on tobacco mixes. I find that there are so many variances and enhancers for tobaccos, that it can be fun to experiment with the mix.


Welcome… Can’t help you with tobacco flavors. But for vendors I use Bull City Vapors. They are in North Carolina so shipping should be fast to Georgia. Use code Elrecipes for a discount.


Nicotine River also sells flavorings and my personal favorite is

They have a sort function where you can type in “Tobacco” on the search bar and then sort by reviews count. The cream rises to the top and you see which ones have the best reviews.

I second and third @Kinnikinnick for Tobacco advice.


Welcome, What part of Georgia are you from?


welcome , you will learn everything with questions and research from previous posts , but since i do not use tobacco
flaves i shall bow out and just welcome you to our home

oh i use nicotine river , ecx , and liquid barn for just a couple flaves , i need to spread my wings and try BCV

i ONLY use nicselect and nicotine rivers VG and pg


Welcome to the most knowledgeable bunch of vapors in existence. There is so much information here you can’t help but learn. If you’re not careful you’ll even have a blast doing it. WL is a good place for flavors. @River_Supply_Co IMHO is the best place for Nicotine, VG, and PG. They’re also pretty damn good for flavorings as well. I can’t speak to the tobacco side of your wish list but I do like my fruit, fruit/creamy, fruit/booze flavors.


You forgot to tell him how much money he will end up spending.


Welcome to ELR the only place to be in this vaping age

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With the free shipping for 1 to 25 lbs AT @River_Supply_Co I think you mean saving.


lol…Is the cup half empty? Or is the cup half full? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let me see… yes… almost have it…yup, yup…I spent 93.00 on vape stuff the last 6 weeks.

We musn’t lie to the children GPC… but too I like to play with this stuff and acknowledge I have a hoarding problem with both equipment and liquid and lab mixing stuff and…


My 93.00 is equal to:

$618.95 Chinese Yuan

Or - $6236 Indian Rupees

Or - $1714.46 in Mexican Peso’s



This is true I think we all have a bit of a problem with that but that comes with time and experience. We all suffer from the constant need to mix something new! If I had to pick say just 10 mixes to vape and never buy anything other than the supplies for those 10 my spending would be but in half. But I NEED mind you NEED to be able to mix new stuff. And that is where a good share of my spending is. I keep waiting for the day when I can say “I’m satisfied with the flavors I have and only need to replace them as the need arises.” Unfortunately that day will be when I have at least two of every flavor made. lmao


OH my didn’t we get up on the funny side of the bed this morning. :wink: LMAO


I try thinking that I have everything I need at least once a month… and then… I start shopping online and then…I have to go a Vape Mixing Anonymous meeting and acknowledge:

  • I was powerless over vape related retail products and my life had become unmanageable.

  • That a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.