New Rating System

Everyone who has been here for a long time knows that most recipes either get no ratings or 5 stars. Mostly the 5 stars are from the creator (rocky for example). What I suggest is a new, improved metric for rating a recipe.

Toots :cloud:
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It gives people the 2 options that they either pick (or not) with stars, simplifies things and seeing as how “taste is subjective” it gives it a warm comfy blanket to hide behind with the toots.

Would this be easy to implement, Lars? I can get on my Wacom Tablet and draw up a cloud or a Cigarette, I have a protractor.


I dont know about that but i would love to see a Daily, Weekly, Monthly rating system.

I used to rate my recipes but i dont see the point anymore. If i release something it is because i enjoyed it.


Although I can’t see the OP’s post, I’d agree with that… and hopefully someone else would enjoy it Too. The amount of Time / Effort / Money / Research that goes into recipe development is astronomical… there are those that put in the effort and contribute, and there are those that don’t….


To sum it up its about a very basic and easy ratings system, basically a yay or nay. Personally id like to be able to give half stars. I rate a lot of mixes 5 stars because i cant rate them 4.5, i round up.

I reckon there are far too many recipes on the site to make any changes like that.


There was a short time where you had to Rate to Comment . Personally The rating had never bothered me. I do like ATFs Catagories but that can also be misleading.

Typically if i make something public i like it and mix it fir other people. The one exception is #SSMS . These recipes are developed in a few dsys and maybe changes were made at the last moment . So beware lol


Yeah recipes for Shows are done on short notice and it’s a good challenge, I’ve had a couple bangers come out of doing that (and a lot more not so) but is fun to Participate


Must have been while i was gone, i dont remember that but then again i remember so little these days. I really dislike the way ATF does it, i dont want to have to answer the same question 5 times because it cant be asked in public on the recipe itself. Ive had reviews removed because i mentioned subbing flavors after i mixed the original yet completely idiotic reviews stand.

But if i am being honest there are very few things i like about ATF and im not saying that as an Admin here, im saying it as a general user. Just adding flavors to ones stash is a PITA because there are no page numbers, not to mention trying to get new flavors added.

Not trying to bash ATF but it is way too locked down for my liking. And while this place sucks in some ways too, the flavor database and asinine comments, it is far easier to use not just for new mixers but old mixers too. At times i would love to lock the flavor DB but i wouldnt if i could.

This is what i would like done. I would like the site to be two recipe sites. The archive side and the new side both having separate flavor DBs. One of the problems we face is there are 3.5 million recipes so we cant just go tossing out flavors but we could archive the old site and allow people to still post to it, it would be the wild west. The new site would have a much tighter flavor DB with several users allowed to approve flavors and have a bit of moderation.

But im not a coder and have no idea what it would take to do something like that.

Sorry for the off topic post, mostly…


Totally agree, ELR comment section is critical if a user has questions or sub recommendations and that’s a good thing, ATF messaging is a pain as inbound and outbound is on 2 different threads, what a pita to keep track…
ELR blows them away IMO


I had to message you over there a couple times to ask questions and it took me a bit to figure it all out. They all congregate on discord instead of having something like this and while i can see some minimal value in that it doesnt allow for a knowledge archive like the comment system and forums here do.

And being forced to use a third party login system is annoying to me. I dont even know WTF a Twitch is…

But as i have said i do really like the Most Mixed and Popular Recipe breakdowns.


Agreed :+1:

Me neither :man_shrugging:

Ah huh, the landing page is a nice feature, but at times not updated for days…


3.5 million recipes? I didn’t know that. Holy cow!


Yes…It also makea me think outside the box. I do try and NOT include MF flaves but it rarely works out lol


Yeah, the number of private recipes is staggering. Its what makes cleaning the flavor DB so difficult. Not to mention all the new flavor companies popping up, around the world, on a weekly basis.


Yeah it does, and really has helped me step up the creativeness with a new profile every week…

No shaming the MF’ers :call_me_hand:


eh, I think I’ll stick with the old stuff, I have enough problems.


IMHO (funny, right?) the rating system only proved to be worthwhile in getting someone’s attention, plus the occasional well deserved stand-out recipe. Aside from that I see it mostly used by people tooting their own recipe horns. Not really a true assessment of the recipe. It’s like Quentin Tarantino giving himself a 5-star rating every time he releases a movie, with no regard for what the public thinks.
Honestly I wouldn’t care if the rating system totally went away.

BTW Joel there are 1000’s of royalty-free cloud and cig icons out there. Why bother designing new ones?


I think it’s a teenage witch :thinking::joy:


I don’t care what you say @Joel, I’m still going to 5 star @Rocky02852 on anything, with dah M&H !!!


Could use sticks and go twig for half a stick


Lol @Ken_O_Where @Rocky02852 …, I think twitch is another form of social media…