New Recipes

I have built up a bit of a stash now but the tool on here only really gives basic recipes
Can anyone give some recommendations of some nice vapes I can make with my stash.
I like full flavour creamy/fruit flavours

What your gonna have to do is adapt another persons recipie. What I do is pick the main flavor profile. Then look at the flavors I have to work with. Let say strawberry. I see that I have strawberry ripe tpa. I pull up that strawberry in the flavor resource tool. Scroll down to recipies. Then sort by stars and then start looking at all the highest rated recipies until I find something close to what I can make then build a recpie from there.


Sure! add a link to your flavor stash and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks
Think this is how to get to my

Thanks for that il have a go

no that did work. from your flavor stash page you need to check the box “Allow others to see my flavor stash”. Then from your “My Page” main page you will have a link at the top " Link to public flavor stash" that will give us access to yours

I do the same thing using the search by flavor stash button and pick one or two of my flavors I want to use in a new recipe.

There is also this silly tool you can use -

Register and add your flavors, or similar flavors since their flavor database is not as complete as ELR, then it will spit out recipes for you that you can try to adapt. The recipe name generator is also good for a laugh as it likes to use feces and poop in the names a lot.

This article may help you Cream, cream, cream. Let’s talk about it.

Hi yea I have checked that box

Go to your page and hit this:

Then share that link. :blush:


This is the greatest beginners tool on this forum:


Right done that can you see my stash

Can you post that link? It’s different that the one you posted earlier
It will look like this:
Instead of this:

There you go
Thanks for your patience

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Sent you a few of my ideas for a starting point. Good luck with you mixing!

Hi Thanks
Where will I find them in my messages ?

I have looked at your flavor stash and have some suggestions:
step 1 update your stash with all the flavors including duplicates. For instance I see you have “AMP Caramel (TPA)” in your stash but you don’t have “Caramel (TPA)”. So go through all your flavors and add all the caramels, and optionally you can even add several vendors especially if their flavor and usage % are the same.
Step 2 click [what can i make], sort that list various ways including by stars. Abduct the recipes you want to make.
Step 3 clean up your stash deleting flavors you don’t really have, but do keep duplicates you do have. Then report them duplicates to Jojo with the duplicate checker tool on the user dropdown

:slight_smile: keep on mixing


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