New to diy help?

I am very glad you had success, right out of the gate. I have been mixing for years, and I have NEVER dumped any juice. Yes, I have had some not-so-good, but I just threw them in the closet and left them alone…and most were better at a much later date, though some still needed a tweak, but all were vapeable.
The main key is to THINK out your recipe BEFORE you slam flavors together. Think what a pastry, a dessert, a drink, or whatever you are trying to get the taste/smell of, has in or on it. What does an Almond Joy candy bar consist of…and how much of each? What does a strawberry cheese danish consist of…how much of each?

This is a good read below, I hope you will take the time.


And Ben, welcome to ELR! :balloon:


OK guys so now I’m finding some that I’m doing taste like nothing haha

But let’s stray away from this and can you guys ( as I know each of you will have different opinions on the matter ) …steeping

Do fruit mix liquids straight away " shake and vape"

And can you tell me how any of you steep or faster process ( atm I’m just shoving the bottle lid on and shoving it into a drawer , and shaking when ever I remember )

But any info will do!

Maybe I should tell you what flavours I currently have
Capella sweet strawberry
Pa - lemon
Capella sweet tangerine
Pa - raspberry
Pa - WATERmellon candy
Bubble gum ( doesn’t really state where it’s from)
Ethyl maltol 10%
WATERmellon ( again no company name )

And any suggestions on what I can make also would be appreciated

After I mix up some juice I shake it then put it in some hot water not quite boiling.I let it sit in there till the water gets cold then shake again. I do this with the lid off. I leave the lid off for at least 10hours .After that I just let it sit in my box and will shake it ever couple days. Just don’t over think it . Eventually you will find a routine that works for you.
If you go to the recipe page and click where it says ratings then it will show the higher rate

ood recipes. Then just find one that you think you would like and give it a try. It’s all trial and error. Also the juice doesn’t always fill the bottle with me either.


Ah thanks dude any info on any kinda steeping is of help…and as simple as clicking the rating tab…it never actually crossed my mind to do so…so cheers haha

The search bar (top left of page, magnifying glass symbol) is your friend young Jedi :+1:


It is my friend :wink: but not all your opinions are on the search bar :stuck_out_tongue:

You beat me to it! So helpful. :blush:

I’ve used a few methods of speed steeping. Using hot water or a bowl of warm rice. Some people use crockpots, ultrasonic cleaners and magnetic stirrers.

Now I just use time. Unless I’m doing a tester bottle of 10ml I normally mix 120ml at a time. I have a Badger Paint Mixer that I will use for about 5 minutes or so in the mix. You can find them on Amazon for under $8. After that I give them a little shake and put them in a box in a closet. After that I give them,a shake when it’s time to vape. I haven’t tried any custards so my longest steep time is a month.

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Simple, mix in a beaker, stir on magnetic mixer, bottle it, throw in closet for a month or more.

So in theory you would have to make a flavour fot shake n vape ( if you don’t wanna buy over 3xpensive crap from shops ) then leave bigger bottles at a month and also make more bigger bottles

I’ve just woke up I think that makes sense


To get started laying down a stash from the beginning - I make a batch say of 4 bottles whatever amount. But at the halfway point e.g. When I’ve vaped 2, I must make another batch and repeat. Before you know it you’ll have enough in the bank. How much you need on the go you will determine as you go.

This method gets you going. My biggest tip though is to start with small batches and test. But realise for many flavours especially berries and fruits too not all it needs 3 days just to blow off a few of the chemical volatiles.

Once you get your first couple of batches going you won’t look back, just remember dont dip into your reserved bottles. Go a make the next batch.

Lastly, keep good notes. What you put in, when you made it, ratio, nic, etc.


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Always mix big if its a flavour you have had before and you know you like it, once you get yourself through that first month and get yourself into a routine of mixing in advance you’ll be golden, fruit flavours can be ok to vape after a few days, so search for some shake n vape recipes to tide you over, custards/creams etc as long as you can but a month at least, time unfortunately is your only enemy with DIY, the method i use now is blend them in a mag mixer, no heat, let em breath for a few hours then lock em away in a peli case for a month, ive found it works best for me. 🖒


Nope…in reality.
Once you get a bunch in the closet, you just replenish as you use.
Make others in the meantime to do the same.



Now I’m getting to a point where it tastes like nothing again haha

My list of flavours are up above …the only one I can get a kind of taste out of is lemon/rasberry mixed together

Am I using the calculator wrong on " create a recipe "

When adding flavours am I supposed to be using the last % or ml or grams available once putting in nic strength vg/pg ? Or does it not really matter

So let’s say the nic is 6mg which is pure vg and 42mg

Then add the vg I want a 80/20 vg/pg but when I add flavours it says don’t add pg as the flavours are pg I guess

I hope this makes sense ha

So if I’m reading you right, you want 80/20 vg/pg at 6mg nic, and you’re starting with 42mg vg nic. Right? Here’s how your recipe should look:

If you’re measuring by weight (with a scale) use the grams column. If you’re measuring by volume (with syringes) use the ml column.

If you’re getting a message like this:

…then you can click max vg. BUT if your nic is vg, that means your flavors are up above 20% which is usually the very highest you’d ever want to go. If that’s the case, it could very well explain why your mixes don’t taste. If you go too high with many flavors they just die out and you can’t taste them at all (contrary to what a person might assume). What are some recipes you’ve tried so far?

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Well let me give this one a go…in going to do it now and I’ll see what it tastes like

But I’m sure when I use the calculator it doesn’t say that much of each flavour…or does it change automatically based on the brand you put it

Cuz when I do it I just click any lemon flavour and any rasb

Could that be why?

You want to make sure that you’re using the right one, not just any flavor that pops up.

How much of the flavors have you been using? What %s? For instance, with your lemon rasp mix.

Oh, and just to be clear in case it wasn’t… That “Ben ten” recipe was totally generic, just for a visual. But who knows, you might like it!

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Sorry for posting and posting…Lol

I’m not sure I know what you mean, you’re sure it didn’t say that much of what for the flavor?

The calc will set the volume or weight of flavours required based on what end volume you wish to achieve :slight_smile: