New to DIY

Just order a Liquid Barn DIY kit along with a dozen other flavors from RTS Vapes. Just wondering what people on here think of the Liquid Barn kit? Also, any other advice you have for a noob would be helpful! I am pumped to start mixing!!!

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First of I suggest you read This Thread

I haven’t tried anything from liquid barn or RTS Vapes. What did you actually order?

Also, list all your mixing utensils and supplies. I can tell you what you might need still.

Welcome to elr. The people here are very helpful. Have changed the way I mix and have learned a lot here. That kit has proper ppe for safety and will get you started. Suggest you read about scales in this forum.

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Definitly start small mate as in 5 ml or 10ml bottles. Go with your gut feeling most of my mixs are from gut feelings.

100% wear gloves and be cautious with the nicotine until you get comfy using it .

Always jot down your mixs and the ammount of bottles i have with nothing wrote on them is crazy and the ammount of times i have picked one up to vape and thought dayyyym thats beautiful but i dont know what it is :scream:

Browse the recipes and mixs on here to check the single and mix %s they do help a lot.
Also dont be afraid to ask on here bud its a great community with excellent people.

Oh and the forum :smile:

My gramma is awful sorry


Thanks for your reply.
Here is the list of flavors I order from RTS:
10 ml Fireball Type Flavor (FW)
10 ml Cinnamon Redhots (TFA)
10 ml Cotton Candy (Circus) (TFA)
10 ml Coconut Flavor (TFA)
10 ml Strawberry Flavor (TFA)
10 ml Watermelon Candy (TFA)
10 ml Gummy Candy (PG) Flavor (TFA)
10 ml Peach (Juicy) Flavor (TFA)
10 ml Mango Flavor (FW)
10 ml Graham Cracker Flavor Concentrate (CA)
10 ml Lemon Sicily Flavor (FA)
10 ml New York Cheesecake Flavor Concentrate (CA)
Here is what the Liquid Barn DIY kit comes with:
Liquid kit
-500ml PG
-500ml VG
-120ml nicotine (100mg VG base)
Flavor Kit

  • ten flavors I chose
    Labware kit
    -safety gloves
    -2 graduated cyclinders (10 and 25ml)
    -2 100ml beakers
    -2 10ml syringe
    -2 5ml syringe
    -10 1ml syringe
    -10 15ml bottles
    -electric mixer
    I also ordered some extra syringes and glass bottles.

Thanks for the reply Dave. I have looked at some of the recipes on here and picked some ones I would like to make and ordered the extra flavors to do so. I will definently have more questions once I start but I just order all this stuff so it will be a few days before I have all my supplies.

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Take it easy with that cinnamon redhots, it’s very strong.

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I would recommend some 30ml bottles. 15ml bottles are good for first test…but if you get something good you may want a 30ml bottle so you can test a flavor over the course of 2weeks. Because for what I have experienced if I make something good I just blow through the 15mls quick because lack of control…so then I mix a 30ml bottle later to see how the flavors do after a longer period of time.

I have experienced both increased/better flavors after a week and unfortunately with some of my mixes with orange a drop in orange flavor after a week.

I have some 30ml glass bottles at home. What are your thoughts on the Liquid Barn DIY starter kit?

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My best advice is to write down everything, EVERYTHING. Several times i have whipped something up real quick meaning to write it down and got sidetracked, of course i forgot after that,

Cant really say much about the kit, i have used very few of those flavorings.

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I think the starter kit is a good place for starting. I don’t mix by volumn so I’m not sure I can comment on additional items you may want. I’m still new to to the diy, but I am sure having fun.

One thing you could check out is mixing by weight. That’s what I’m doing so far and find it pretty easy with the help from an ejuice calculator. I just pour straight into my 15 and 30ml bottles. If I start making more that 30mls at a time 100ml beakers and measuring by volumn may make more sense for me at that time.


When I get ready to mix, I stick the recipe in my calculator here. I name it something that somewhat describes the flavor to me. I put that exact same name on a label with the date and mg. I mix, put the cap on followed by the label, and into the closet it goes for a day or so. I keep fresh mixes in a row at the front of my shelf. I vape a sample of the bottles in this row then they go to the back of the shelf in order by date. I did manage to get one bottle not labeled when a friend was over mixing with me. I made up 30ml of a recipe and forgot to label it. But I knew what day I made it. So all I had to do was go to my page and look at the date. The one I made 30ml of was enough to tell me that was it. But it was also the one recipe I didn’t have a bottle labeled after. Sorry, long story.

I have a 250ml flask I use when I want to mix mad volume. I still mix by weight. I haven’t used a syringe since I first started mixing. Way, way, way too much hassle. The syringes are nice to have if you want to check the weight of a flavor you have suspected of being off. But I have yet to find one I am too worried about.

@Borders_03 - I would suggest you buy This Scale or This Scale and plan on mixing by weight. Using the syringes, you will waste more flavoring than you get in the bottles. Other than that you may want to pick up a cheap flask set like This One. And eventually you may want to store your flavors with something like This.

Hope this helps.

I personally have the liquid barn starter kit. I honestly dont really like any of the flavors. Except maybe one or two. I have a large order of CAP and TPA flavors on the way. The Liquid Barn flavors are just missing something. If I was you I would definitely look into a scale. Mixing by weight is much much better. I’m fairly new to this DIY thing too. I’ve done lots and lots of research but practice makes perfect. There’s always a little something you can tweak to your personal preference.

Thanks for the links and advice. I will prolly get into measuring by weight but I feel like I need to take this one step at a time. What calculator do u suggest using? Does everyone use the calculator that is provided here?

Another question I have is how do u guys store your PG, VG, and Nicotine? Sorry for so many questions but I need to do my research before I ruin something I didn’t need too.

Welcome to the best DIY site, there is a world of help here. Store your pg/vg and flavoring in a cool dark place away from heat and sunlight, they will last a long time. If you have a large container nicotine that will last longer than a few weeks, its best to divide it up into smaller bottles and put them in the freezer. It will stay fresh a lot longer. You will need to take it out and let it get back to room temp before you use it.

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The nic should also be stored in glass bottles if you have enough to store in the freezer. Here is a good place to grab some bottles, and I linked to an 8oz bottle you might want to try. I have one 8oz that I fill my dripper bottle with, and 4 16oz bottles I am slowly filling up with nicotine in preparation for Indiana’s new law coming out in July. ####ers!.

And yeah, I use the calculator provided here. It’s the best I have used. Browse around on your page there and learn to research flavors and recipes that use the flavors you have. Put your flavors in your stash and use the blue wrench icon to adapt recipes you want to make. When you adapt a recipe it gets stored in your recipe list so if the owner deletes it or makes it private you still have it.

There is also a shopping list. When you click on a flavor it will open that flavor’s page. If you have that flavor it will tell you so in the upper left hand corner of the page. In the upper right hand corner is a link to add the flavor to your shopping list.

Good luck. And don’t forget to read JoJo’s Resources for Beginners thread that I posted earlier if you haven’t already.

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Oh, and you mentioned you are using 100mg VG based nicotine. Always shake the chit out of the bottle of nicotine you are dispensing from before dispensing any nicotine. Otherwise it is said the nic can develop hot spots in the thicker VG.

Thank you @LordVapor for all the great advice and links. I came acrossed that hotspot claim in some of my research. What exactly is a hotspot in nicotine?

I just wanted to say you all have been great and very welcoming! I am so pumped to get started, at this point I wish I would have paid for overnight shipping on all my supplies!! Lol It going to be a long week of panicky checking the mailbox after work! :smiley:

I think the nicotine seperates from the VG and settles to the bottom. But I am not 100% on that. But a hot spot would be pouring your nicotine into a mix and instead of getting a mixture of nicotine with vg, you get a pool of nicotine which would drastically raise the nic level of your recipe. So any time I pour my nic I shake it up really good.