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I don’t believe it’s the flavors in question but the vendors of the specific flavor. CAP, FW, FA, etc all make a watermelon (example, I’m not sure they all make a watermelon), but each of those may not taste good or may not be what “most” people think watermelon tastes like. Looking on the flavor listing on this site you can sort by … let’s say watermelon and see what most people use for mixing with. In this example over 6000 recipes with watermelon from TPA, with many starter kits they may put in the watermelon from FW that users used less than 200 times in recipes, hense a company may wish to rid itself from that watermelon via starter kits so they can then get the other watermelon… without losing funds to purchase it outright.

It’s not that. I’m very hapy with the flavors I have. It bothers me what noobs and I went through on the way to acquiring flavors that work together.

I learn from members here that are more senior than me. I feel the noobs first contact should be with the forum… instead of a vendor. I’m compiling a list of multiple vendor flavors that are more useful than what the vendors offer in these kits. I was hoping the community saw the need to be proactive, instead of reactive. This is just a rough draft because I haven’t had any input on this list. I think it offers more than what vendors are willing to tell a noob. All noobs need guidance and I feel we are responsible to help before too many mistakes are made.

A very rough draft… A very rough draft… A very rough draft…

Strawberry Ripe 6 to 8%
Blueberry Extra 7 - 10%
Dragon Fruit 7 - 10%
Ripe Banana
Coconut Extra
Blueberry Wild
Brown Sugar
Caramel (Original)
Dulce de Leche
Graham Cracker (Clear)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Vanilla Swirl
Belgium Waffle

Capella Good Flavors
Yellow Peach 4 - 7%
Sweet Strawberry 5 - 8%
Sweet Tangerine 4 - 7%
Butter Cream
Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts
Glazed Doughnuts
Vanilla Custard V1
Sweet Cream
NY Cheesecake
Sweet Cream
Graham Cracker

Acai Berry
Cake Yellow
Salted Caramel

Forest fruit
Fuji Apple
Lemon Sicily
Lime Tahity
White Peach
Strawberry Red Touch
Vanilla Bourbon
Catalan Cream
Cream Fresh
Maple Syrup
Nut Mix
Oak Wood
Vienna Cream

Pink Guava (Grapefruit)
Wild Melon
Cinnamon Crunch
Milk & Honey
Rich Cinnamon
Vanilla Custard

Shish Strawberry

Funky Pineapple


Banana Cream (Clear)
Butter Rum
Cream Cheese Icing
English Toffee
Vanilla Butternut


I like the idea, Pro Vapes. As, someone new to DIY this will be very helpful for me. For a noob, reading through the Flavor List to try and make sense of the myriad flavors and pairings available is a little like looking through the whole US tax code trying to find that one deduction you might’ve missed.

Would also be very cool if on the recipe site there was a beginners recipe book. Some suggested recipes that require few ingredients but allow exploration of flavor percentages and are pretty forgiving in terms of screwing up. Just a starter set picked by the regulars and recommended for those starting out. Success early on can easily breed the desire to explore.


Maybe this will start a discussion. There are several here that know more about these flavors than I do and maybe we can save some noobs from what I went through on my journey into DIY.

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Agreed! But how do you make that happen?

I think this is great and I hope to see more of this. I consider myself a noob and do not have a great deal of experience with all the flavors yet. I made the same mistake many before me and after me have made and ordered all TPA flavors first solely in the interest of saving money. I have recently started ordering the flavors from the better manufactures.

I have not acquired the skill of flavor paring yet so most of what I do is pick 2 or 3 recipes I think I will like that others made. I will order the flavors for those and anything I already have and like that needs re-stocking.

I just got the Flavor Bible and have set a goal to come up with a few 2 to 4 flavor combinations that seem to work good together. I think as a noob it is best to start off with very simple recipes. Please don’t get me wrong I love some of the more complex mixes that some folks here have already mastered but I have so far never been able to master by myself more than a 3 or 4 flavor mix that I can vape all day.

I got into diy e-liquid to save money and I am just now getting (6 months in) to the point of having everything I need to not buy commercial e-juice and not order 100 dollars worth of flavor to find out I don’t like most of what I ordered.

By the way @Pro_Vapes I just ran across the starter kit thread and think that would be a great thread to see if it were to get finished. Thanks for all the effort you put in here


Add to TFA good flavors
Bavarian cream
Red licorice ( I like to use as a sweetner also < 1%) but median is 5-6% that’s really high imo 3-4 gets the job done

coconut candy
vanilla bean gelato
pie crust
orange cream
caramel candy
black cherry
strawberries and cream
sweet cream ( this is a buttermilk type of cream that adds a " milky finish " )

Add to Capella’s
Harvest berry ( bold bold berries dark and needs 2 weeks steep )
lemon sicily
juicy orange
strawberries and cream
lemon meringue pie ( needs a splash of lemon sicily in the mix to help it out but nice flavor )
sugar cookie v2
peanut butter v2

Add to FW
Pink Champagne
butter cream
bavarian cream

add to Inw
Shisha vanilla
golden apple

add to Molinbury

pink lady
pink raspberry
wild strawberry

Add to hangsen

  • Italian cream ( there best flavor imo )
    french vanilla creme
    green orange

Add to Lor Ann’s
Watermelon Clear
Strawberry natural
Blueberry natural
Bavarian cream
creamy caramel
green apple

I’m sure there’s more I’m tired I’ll try and add more to the list when I get my flavors out of storage.


Thanks @Amy2. I will incorporate those with the final draft

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that’s what this website is for so you don’t have to use paper and pen.

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Lol i meant write on the tester bottles whats inside

something i found insanely useful yet simple is provided you mix by weight decant your pg and vg into 50 or 100 ml bottles with dripper tops on also if you look on amazon you will find a glass olive oil decanter (with air tight cap!) for your nic. because after a short while you will find yourself buying base liquids by the liter and trying to syringe vg out of a half empty liter bottle is a nightmare and free pouring while trying to be accurate to 0.01 of a gram can be just as bad

I have a 16oz PET bottle with a spout cap for my VG, and 4oz PET bottle with spout cap for my PG, and a 120ml PET bottle with spout cap for my nicotine. These work great and make it easy to be accurate with my measurements.

A note on PET bottles vs HDPE bottles vs glass bottles…
PET allows far fewer Oxygen molecules to pass through it over a given period of time than HDPE does. Glass is by far the best option for storing your larger quantities of liquids. I don’t use PET to store my larger quantity mixing supplies at all. Especially nicotine. But at my mixing table I use all PET bottles to store my smaller mixing quantities of liquids since they will be filled with new liquid frequently. In the closet I use glass, and my larger quantity of nicotine is stored in the freezer in a glass bottle.

PET bottles are shinier and transparent. HDPE are a far less transparent bottle, usually appearing to be white, but somewhat translucent at times. For example… a bottle of drinking water is PET. A bottle of Elmers glue is in an HDPE bottle. Ketchup - PET. Mustard - HDPE.

Bottle characteristics:
PET bottles will wrinkle when you squeeze them. Sometimes leaving marks in the bottle. Over time the bottles may weaken in these areas and crack.

HDPE bottles are far more durable and will hold up a lot longer. They do not wrinkle with normal use.

Glass bottles do not squeeze unless you are very very strong!


thanks @LordVapor for the info on plastic i was not sure about what was safe to store nic in so glass was the safe bet and i’m more comfortable pouring nic from a spout even though its in vg over syringing it out of a bottle! in my cupboard i’ve started using 250ml kilner jars bought on amazon

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I’ve been buying my glass bottles from Amazon. These are very diy friendly for mixing, steeping and storage. I know everybody has a preference but these work best for me. Most times when I shop there I can find even better prices than shown on these.

8 oz glass

4 oz glass

2 oz glass

1 oz glass

1/2 oz glass

Im new to diy im making 100 vg e juice my problem is with flavor how do i get my 100 vg juice to have good flavor does it need to steep any help would be appreciated and im using liquid barns starter kit btw

I think the only thing you will get out of that kit, is frustration and discouragement. The only flavor that’s worth anything in their line, is their Vanilla Ice Cream, which, sadly, is not in that kit. I couldn’t imagine starting put with only a select amount of LB’s flavors. Even when I started out with the top company’s flavors, I would get discouraged because I couldn’t seem to find that sweet spot. It can get very frustrating at the beginning.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or rude, I just think you would be more satisfied starting off with the best flavors you can get or you’ll find no matter what you do, it will all just be rubbish, which isn’t your fault, it’s just the flavors at hand. Think of it as trying to cook a high class meal with only dry, powdered herbs, instead of nice fresh herbs.

I agree with everything @Pro_Vapes said and you will have a much easier time starting out. This is all my opinion of course and everyone has different tastes, but your better of resourcing the information here, than a kit from LB. I would give anything to go back and sace 100s of dollars in shit flavors I bought when first starting out, only because there wasn’t much information to steer me anywhere else.

Good luck and you will find everyone here are very generous in their support and knowledge


…and I just now realized this is an ancient thread, haha. Well shitfuck… that’s what I get for being unable to sleep and skimming through the threads at 3am…



Lol no worries man! We’ve all been there. Besides, the majority of what you posted still fits for the person who just rezzed the thread.

Really, the only thing you didn’t cover was his using 100vg.

To which, I’ll say: unless you’re vaping straight VG, there is no such thing as 100 VG, as the instant you start adding flavoring, and nicotine (if applicable), that number is going to drop.

If you haven’t found them already @Trappy (BTW, welcome to ELR!) you really need to use the site menu and read more here in the beginners section!
Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid for starters!

In addition, what I’m getting from your question is “how do I mix?” in which case…

Once you’ve read that, I’d suggest reading this:

There’s lots of threads here covering terminology, how to use the ELR calculator, tips in flavors to buy, what mixing gear to use, etc! Everything you need to get started! Already nice and laid out for you (and often with pictures accompanying the tutorials!)


Thank you alot i used e juice calculator for mixing i got the liquid barn starter kit and all my juices dont really have flavor i dont know if i need to steep them for weeks or what lol like people tell me oh majority of juice are shake and vape and i used blue rass it sounded like a shake and vape mix but all im gettinh is clouds with very little flavor would steeping help the flavor better or do i need to fix my %s?

And in my experience, those people are anywhere from a little wrong, to completely wrong.

Here’s one thing that may help you understand a little better (setting aside flavor percentages for a moment).

Usually fruits play well as a SnV. Unless they have alcohol in the flavoring. Then, depending on how much alcohol is in the flavoring, you may need to wait anywhere from a minimum of 12-24 hrs for the alcohol to dissipate, or in some cases up to 3-4 days for it to clear. But alcohol is only one factor.

For some flavors, they need a chance to homogenize within the VG that it’s been mixed into.
This varies both by flavor, and by brand. Some of those flavors take anywhere from a week or two, to a month, and in certain cases, even up to 6-8 weeks!! So there’s a second factor.

Next up that also plays a part is, are you mixing for MTL (usually a 50/50 mix, but sometimes 60/40) or for a DL (RTA/RDA) setup? The latter style of vaping has a very different type of wicking, and allows a much thicker liquid to flow easier. So folks typically prefer higher VG liquids. Given that there’s more VG for the flavoring to have to meld with, it takes longer to do so, than it would if it was a 50/50 mix (because PG mixes with flavor faster than VG does!) So there’s a third factor.

Given you say

Leads me to believe that you’re using a DL setup, and that you’re using at least 70vg (or higher) since you mention clouds and no flavor.

It also leads me to believe that you are in need of steeping your liquids longer (for starters) to see whether or not:

  • you’re just not giving the flavor enough time to permeate the VG
  • or, you need a little more flavor.

Since you haven’t mentioned any kind of chemical note, I don’t think (at least at the moment) that you’re going too high on percentages. But then, you’ve got other issues to deal with first in my opinion. :wink:

Good luck, and I hope this helps