New vape device? Haven't bought a new one in over 2 years

Last one I had was a Smoant Cylon, and I dropped it down a stairs by accident. I been bouncing between some spare 50w eleafs I had but I’m trying to get something more sturdy. The cylon was great but I had to get it RMA’ed for a screen issue and the screens came loose, any suggestions?

Trying to stick to a

  • regulated device
  • dual 18650’s
  • screen read out
  • $50-ish price range if that’s still possible these days

I don’t use special coils and I’m using a steam crave aromamizer v1, yep, the BF version lol.

Thanks in advance.


Aegis Legend can be had for 50-60. Very sturdy. @mjag is much better versed in what’s out there that will fit your needs.


@DarkJester89 if you don’t mind supporting VooPoo.

HotCig flask.



Sig Fog.





Aegis X.


the aegis, what a terrible place to put a usb connection


Hehe, well, fair enough. I have no clue to your tastes, but didn’t want you to NOT have at least some choices, before the shipping ban.


I appreciate it, the list is very thoroughly, i’m looking through it now.


Roger that my Founder Brother. Let me know if you have more specifications, or needs.


I like the Aegis. Tough mother and works well. Bit on the heavy side. The Gen is a nice carry friendly mod. Also works well. I also like the Geekvape Nova if you can still find those - lightweight, fast firing and works well. You should be able to find them around the price range your looking for.


You probably have them all, so if you had to pick just one, which would it be?


@DarkJester89 is TC any concern for you?

I like the Cylon form factor as well. Fasttech has a screaming deal on the SXmini T Class for under $40

It is a beast of a mod, heavy too. Holds up to a 35mm tank so small tanks might look puny on it. Great mod though, if they had that black and white version I would scoop another one up.

I do like the Aegis Legend but if the USB is needed the newer Aegis X has easier access to the USB and a huge screen.

Sticking with “Cylon” sized smaller dual battery mods here is a list off the top of my head.

Asmodus Minikin series (check as they are constantly running sales) bad thing is they are mostly touchscreen mods if that bugs you. The Lustro also by Asmodus is another nice mod.

Sigelei Fuchai is small and compact. Surprisingly durable, my friend has one and works construction and he hasn’t broken it yet. They also have the Fuchai 213, doesn’t do 213 watts, maybe about 155 but it has been a solid mod.

Smoant Charon mini if you can find one.

Vsticking VK530 was being closed out by a lot of China vendors in the $25 range. Nice mod for sure.

There are other mods I really love but not sure about the availability. Will list some below.

Vapecige Creator came in 3 different version, all of them great. The most durable being the simple voltage mod.

SXmini G Class was being closed out not too long ago, excellent mod.

If you want to up your budget some the Lost Vape Centaurus with the DNA250C chip is awesome. has then for one of the best prices around, about $115 and use coupon code VC10% to bring it down to to about $104 shipped from California.

Hope this helps


My daily driver. Very nice mod.


I forgot it holds a 35mm tank too, going to put a build on my Ragnar 35mm and use it today!


@mjag, that is a STUPID DEAL !!! I can’t seem to get the coupon code to add, and no CC options, will have to try the “Giftcard” work around. MAN, that IS a steal !!!



I’ve ordered from FT twice in the last couple months, once even this week. PayPal worked without question. I read they were no longer allowing that? No issues for me anyway.


What up brother good to see you pop in …The Vaporesso Gen S at Vaporempire is like 35$ and ive liked it …The Gaur21 is 18650 but imo it is made to be used with 21700s. …RockbottomVapes has the Cylin a couple months back I actually grabbed 2 for Vapacolypse…I have never been up to date on hardware good luck get busy brother the clock is ticking


Yes, and because the 510 is centered, this is so far the only mod that holds my Iron Maiden (30mm) with actual room to spare for more.

I still wish I could source some more NOS Iron Maidens. If anyone can find one please let me know!


Thank you for all of your suggestions! I was doing some independent searching before reading this and I think I might be looking into the Charon Ranker in addition to everything posted here.

Smoant Ranker 218W Double UI Upgradeable TC Mod


yeah, nice mod. good luck finding a new one. those were out, and sold out, just as i started vaping.


Just ordered the Red Zeus X a couple of minutes ago and went through with Paypal - no issues. My last order had to go via gift certificate, but it seems they went back to traditional payment. Strange.