New Year Rezzz

Let’s talk resolutions for 2020…

@woftam said it good last night… Roaring 20’s again here it comes, ready or not!
New things, changes… fears of bans and prohibition once again… Aint Life Grand?! :partying_face: :sunglasses:

guess I will kick this off…
I want to be nicer to others… if possible and if not… give back what I get… no scratch that… that only puts me to their levels. and I am better than that :stuck_out_tongue: Altho there are a few like the fda fema and the cdc I could just wring their necks with delightful joy!! :money_mouth_face: :innocent:

I resolve to keep mixing and vaping… spending more time with family and friends I hold dear… I plan on a lot of work with my carvings and guitars… I can’t stay online like I used to… time for changes…

I want the best for everyone here… regardless of the whatevers… :wink: Happy New Year!



Why does that not surprise me…
I see this meme and yes end up snorting my coffee… dang it @anon70102222 :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah… mhmmmm… :slight_smile:


You knew that was coming, no doubt!

I would make a resolution, but #1, I would not follow it. #2, I would get pissed because I failed to follow it, and #3, I don’t need to change a thing. I’m pretty spot-on.


Im going back into my music… I miss my airplane sounds and the choochoos I can do… the boogie woogie and more… will still be around… but I feel that pull again… walking into the bars and check out who is playing and seeing if I can’t jump in with my 1 and 2 strings… while vaping my drinks… :wink: I cant change anything either Phil… I can try… but I am still only gong to be me… the best way I can :stuck_out_tongue:

I also miss the sawdust and grinding bones and stones… putting my diddley bows and chuggers together and handing them off to other players to see what they can do… and I owe one my friends a new diddley bow… and gota get busy :wink:


When I was a younger adult I tried a few times to do some resolutions. Regardless of what they were (and they were usually related to a healthier lifestyle, even though I was really never out of control), it seemed that I’d get on alright for a month then let it slip away. I finally realized that I am what I am. I was never going to be they guy who got up at 4AM and hot the gym for an hour before work. I was never the teetotaler type.I was never the guy who trimmed the lawn with scissors and kissed it goodnight. So why try to force myself to be it?

So, I have a shitty yard, I’m shaped like a pear, and I have a fridge full of beer. That’s actually not all bad now that I think of it!!


Well I have to do something about mine… and I am actually looking forward to it all :slight_smile:

New place to actually live… going back to my roots, so to say… where, I dont know yet… but I can not and refuse to take all this 4 generational baggage with me… I will be in a swimsuit this year! and pulled my skates back out. Had to replace a few wheel bearings, but all good :slight_smile:


New Years Rezz?

Oh wow I don’t know… :rofl:

Marijuana In Illinois - COUNTDOWN to LEGALIZATION
1 Day - 9 hours - 23minutes - 20 seconds

So You know the new years kick off here is going to be one hell of a party, wherever you are in illinois!

  1. Figure out how to make eatables to avoid the fire and smoke?

  2. Commit not get upset when I get dirter looks vaping then partaking? :star_struck:


I don’t do new years resolutions anymore… in most cases it’s like telling everybody what you’re not going to do the coming year.
Actions speak louder than words and words too often disappoint.

Good luck on yours though :smiley: (and that’s not meant sarcastically)


Mine are more goals rather than anything else… just a matter of juggling work life and everything in between… these will happen! I just lucked up and have more wood than I know what to do with!! :slight_smile:

I learned long time ago… expectations are nice… but results are better when delt with, one thing at a time. For everything… even in taste buds… there is a season. A time to grown and a time to die… and well… dying isnt on my list yet :wink: Not today at least :stuck_out_tongue: I also learned to never say never… is all good @anon28032772

Happy New Years!! :tada: :crazy_face: :wine_glass:


Unless it comes to flavor manufacturers :wink:

Happy 2020 and best wishes! And that goes for everyone here.


yeppers!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I say no to a ton of them… :smiley:
then again… I like playing with new manufactures that know how to create good concentrates too…
there just might be yet another new one… and I can promise… it’s not in the states :wink:

So yeps I am very happy… :smiley: :tada:


I’m going to spend less on vape things lol. I was going to say nothing but we all know how that would go.

It shouldn’t be to difficult considering this was my first year doing diy and I went a little “overboard” buying things I “needed” to have.

This year I bought a bunch of hardware and commercial juice prior to the flavor ban, then decided to start diy. After buying liters of 100mg nic and gallons of vg, 1 or 2 pg. 300 or so flavors and someone’s entire flavor collection (which arrived today!!! but now I need to wipe down every bottle for shipping spilling) it shouldn’t be a difficult resolution to keep for once lol


You lucky b!#*@ !


The only resolution I actually followed through with was in 2014 when I quit smoking for good. I didn’t have to say “fuck it, maybe next year” like so many times previous!

This year it’s an easy one. I have resolved to totally rearrange my sock drawer!


IDK, I guess I’m gonna quit picking up hitchhikers! :sunglasses:


:rofl: Well… you could ask their zodiac sign first and choose more carefully.


Ok, I take that back! :sunglasses:


I’m gonna let my vape juice actually steep. Gotta quit being so impatient on that one… Good luck to everyone else on their resolutions!


Nice @anon70102222

I’m about in the same boat. If I’m going to change, it wont be on the 1st of the year, it’ll be when it’s time.

Same here @anon84779643

@Gsnap that’s actually one I MIGHT be able to do. Mostly on account of my prepping THIS year LOL.