Newbie needs help with tanks

I have a old e leaf with a aspire tank which my juice taste good in but it’s

old & battery doesn’t last very long. My newer mod is a cool fire iv with a innokin sub v tank. The juice doesn’t taste that well no matter what setting I try. Plus it burns my lips.Lol… Please any advice welcomed.


You are using pre-made coils, yes?
Which ones for which…meaning what ohms?

Not sure I can help much, it’s been a LONG time since I used that type of devices,
but I will give it my best…and even confer with Brother @Rob62


If it’s burning your lips, it’s most likely set too high in wattage.
How long since you replaced the coils?
Have you tried the Aspire on the Cool Fire 4?

Your battery may be old.

My old e leaf 1.6 coil. The newer is supposed to be 0.50 Kanthal coil. Yes, I have to get them @ the vape store. I really don’t understand all the coil, mod talk. I wish I had a battery & tank that worked better for me.

I don’t mean to be rude, but you are quite a bit out of date…
And with all of the options today, there are many great choices that will not break the wallet.
You do hit MTL, right?

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I don’t think I have & I don’t think they fit each other. (?) It’s been a couple of weeks but even right after I replace the coils I still have the same problem.

I know! I need help!Lol… What do you suggest?

Don’t know what MTL means? Lol…I know Latin bc iam a nurse but don’t know much vape language.

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Do you have someone close that is guiding you? [not being nosy]

It will take a good handful of questions …for anybody…to get you set in a proper direction.

Do you hit mouth-to-lung…or direct-to-lung ?

For one, you are a perfect candidate for a Provari 2.5 at the incredible sale price they have [while it lasts]
You already have the Aspire tank, and are familiar with it. [consulting @Rob62 …don’t you agree Rob?]


MTL [mouth-to-lung] is basically how you hit a cigarette
DTL [direct-to-lung] is how you hit a joint.
Make sense?

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Unfortunately, I have no one around me that vapes. I am all by myself except you guys out there in cyber land. Yes, MTL I just drag off it. Lol… See i really need you guys. :slight_smile:

Like a cig. Have never tried pot or a joint. Don’t want to now! Lol…

where abouts are you from @Donna4? if you don’t mind me asking?

Near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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I agree @ozo , I think that would be a perfect setup.
@Donna4 , the Provari paired with the Aspire Mini Nautilus tank was my favorite setup for almost a year…I will admit having to change out my batteries 2-3 times during a 10 hour shift though.With battery cases that really isn’t a huge problem though but I don’t know your situation if carrying spare batteries is a problem?


No not a problem. Is there a particular place to get this new set up or should I just try the local vape shop?

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I will not leave you…until all your vapes come true…count on it.
This is a problem easily fixed, and I am sure you will get 1,000,000
other suggestions.
DO NOT go out and start buying stuff…until we can determine what you NEED,
and that will take a few hours, at least.
I think we can make a temporary fix using what you have, albeit maybe short of what you want.

I have to take a pause and go attend my wife…she just had surgery. But I will keep checking
in as I can in the next few hours.
You keep asking questions, eh? And think what is wrong as you see it, with what you have.
All info is very helpful.
Write a book if necessary, I will read it.
Be back soon.


I can see around 9 vape shops in Tulsa, don’t know how close you are but it might be worth taking your set ups down to one and see if they can hook you up with a new battery and some coils? sounds to me like you need both, if you take your gear there they would prob be able to advise you first hand on your kit and it might also be worth checking what deals the have for a new set up maybe? it’s really not expensive to get yourself a more up to date kit these days if you can afford it?

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NO NO NO…please give us a chance to help BEFORE you rely on a local vape shop…
for many reasons…just trust me.