Newport Menthol

Hi everyone!! My buddy just started vaping and he smoked Newport regulars. Most of my flavors I have are from (TPA). I have Red type blend, RY4 double, Turkish, and Western TPA. Wondering which would be the best to use with the menthol from TPA as well that would create a Newport like taste… Any info would be greatly appreciated… Thanks…

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@Kinnikinnick could possibly help you out, as could another (whose name escapes me at the moment). Stay tuned though, there’s some masters when it comes to tobacco flavors here!!

GL getting it figured out though!


I wish I could give you a definitive answer here. But, I can say you’re going to need some INW Dirty Neutral Base (ash) to help this process along.

The RY4 and Turkish you can put to the side. Perhaps a mix of the Red and the Western would work for this scenario. From what I read in the flavor profiles, you might go 4 or 5% on the Red and 1% on the Western for now. Once you get the INW DNB, that can be added to the mix between .5 and 1%; it doesn’t take much to get a nice analogue ashy note.

This mix is going to need about a 3 or 4 week steep time…no kidding.

Until then, if your friend has money to burn, Black Note Solo is a very nice menthol juice.

Yeah, it’s worth $1 per ml if he’s trying to keep of the stinkies.


Thank you for your input I never thought about the ashy note. I made a 20ml batch last night with exactly what you had put in your reference with 1.5% menthol. Shook it an put a little bit in a tank and it definitely needs some steeping time to mend. But it does have potential. What do you think about the menthol percentage? I will order some INW DNB and add to it and go from there. Once again I really appreciate the help and knowledge in this case.


The menthol area is where I have absolutely no experience. I’m not a menthol guy. There are a few threads on that topic on ELR. :grinning:

The hardest part, or near impossible, is getting a true cigarette tobacco flavor out of a synthetic tobacco concentrate. Many people will lean towards a naturally extracted tobacco vape juice, like Black Note, to help them kick the cigarettes. Or, they will go in a completely opposite direction…any flavor but tobacco.


I can’t recall all of the tobaccos concentrates which carry a menthol note “pre-installed”, but I do remember FA Royal carries a nice tobacco flavor with a mint/menthol note.


Thank you for all your input Kinnikinnick you have exceeded my expectations on the knowledge I would gain just in this simple well not so simple area I am trying to create. Much appreciated!!! Hopefully someday I can return the favor…


This is the one small area I can help in.
Personally I think Inawera’s Mix Mint would work perfect here between 0.2-0.5%. Just have to tailor balance between the other flavors, and personal preference. If it was for me though, I’d probably use 0.25%

(I’m an ex marlb. Menthol guy)


JUst at a guess something crossed between a Marlboro and a Camel plus menthol

There are other flavors besides tobacco?


Ooooooh no you don’t!! LMAO

We’ve already got it on record that he’s admitted such! ;p


Funny, I was thinking the same thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, speaking of tobaccos that have a menthol/mint quality. I was very surprised last night when I vaped on a hybrid mix of Virginia NET and HS Desert Ship. The HS DS seemed to add an ever so faint mint note to the mix? Now, I mixed the HS DS at 8% in the mix; perhaps that note comes out more at higher percentages. I wasn’t too taken with that outcome. :smirk:

Do you get this mint note @d_fabes?

No, I’ve never gotten any hint of mint with Desert Ship. But I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 5% with it.

Isn’t this the 2nd time some mystery mint has appeared in a flavor for you?

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Yeah, the first one was INW Dark Tobacco. :rage: I hate it when I’m expecting one thing and get something way else…especially a mint note.

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I’m like that with floral notes. Instant yechhh for me. My initial test mix of Tuscan Reserve is 8 months into it’s steep, and the floral is still there. I don’t think it’ll get any better after 8 months. I might add a tiny bit to a mix and see if I can still taste the petunias.

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Same here. There are quite a few tobaccos which I have culled from my stash due to that note as well. :smirk: And the more I vape NET, the more I cull tobaccos on the basis that the concentrate just doesn’t taste like a tobacco should taste. :rage:

I have 475’ of cellulose rayon left in the box and damnit… I’m gonna rewick twice a day if it means getting that tasty tobacco flavor from a NET. :kissing_heart::dash::dash:


If a tobacco isn’t good enough to to be used straight up, as a single flavor, I really try and find a use for it, as a complimentary flavor. I’ve been pretty fortunate. I think there are only two off the top of my head, that I haven’t been able to find a place for. FA Black Fire & Tuscan Reserve. I know the Black Fire can be used like DNB, but I haven’t found the elusive % yet. That stuff is so potent.

I want to get back into NET. I need to get it cleaner than my last 2 attempts.

Speaking of NET, how hard is the Flavorah NET on the coils?

I’m having an issue though I can’t seem to locate the correct menthol flavoring to suit my tastes. I’ve know what type of flavor enhancement I’m looking for. When I first started vaping I used Blu E-cigs to start and they have a flavor called “Glacier Mint” this is extremely close to what I crave if not it totally it. All of my E-Liquids come out extraordinary tasting with the exception of the menthol. The Liquid Barn Menthol Flavoring has a peppermint taste to me I can do without the peppermint patty candy effect I want pure menthol!

I’m working on it I’m searching the forum for some much needed advice and tips. It’s still not enough to make me go back to smoking though – nope not an option LOL!

*2 Months Cancer Stick Free:blush :smile: :+1:t5:

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If I might ask, what brand Menthol did you smoke?
For 48 yrs. My Wife and I smoked ONLY Kool Filters. We both quit 2 yrs. ago and I’ve done DIY for 23 months. Maybe I can help?

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If you have mixed a flavor that is close to what you’re looking for, then add TPA Koolada to that mix instead of any of the various “mint menthols”. Koolada gives a menthol effect without adding any flavor. Use it sparingly though, as with most of the additives, which includes Smooth, bitter wizard, sour, etc. A little goes a long way.