Newport Menthol

Funny, I was thinking the same thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, speaking of tobaccos that have a menthol/mint quality. I was very surprised last night when I vaped on a hybrid mix of Virginia NET and HS Desert Ship. The HS DS seemed to add an ever so faint mint note to the mix? Now, I mixed the HS DS at 8% in the mix; perhaps that note comes out more at higher percentages. I wasn’t too taken with that outcome. :smirk:

Do you get this mint note @d_fabes?

No, I’ve never gotten any hint of mint with Desert Ship. But I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 5% with it.

Isn’t this the 2nd time some mystery mint has appeared in a flavor for you?

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Yeah, the first one was INW Dark Tobacco. :rage: I hate it when I’m expecting one thing and get something way else…especially a mint note.

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I’m like that with floral notes. Instant yechhh for me. My initial test mix of Tuscan Reserve is 8 months into it’s steep, and the floral is still there. I don’t think it’ll get any better after 8 months. I might add a tiny bit to a mix and see if I can still taste the petunias.

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Same here. There are quite a few tobaccos which I have culled from my stash due to that note as well. :smirk: And the more I vape NET, the more I cull tobaccos on the basis that the concentrate just doesn’t taste like a tobacco should taste. :rage:

I have 475’ of cellulose rayon left in the box and damnit… I’m gonna rewick twice a day if it means getting that tasty tobacco flavor from a NET. :kissing_heart::dash::dash:


If a tobacco isn’t good enough to to be used straight up, as a single flavor, I really try and find a use for it, as a complimentary flavor. I’ve been pretty fortunate. I think there are only two off the top of my head, that I haven’t been able to find a place for. FA Black Fire & Tuscan Reserve. I know the Black Fire can be used like DNB, but I haven’t found the elusive % yet. That stuff is so potent.

I want to get back into NET. I need to get it cleaner than my last 2 attempts.

Speaking of NET, how hard is the Flavorah NET on the coils?

I’m having an issue though I can’t seem to locate the correct menthol flavoring to suit my tastes. I’ve know what type of flavor enhancement I’m looking for. When I first started vaping I used Blu E-cigs to start and they have a flavor called “Glacier Mint” this is extremely close to what I crave if not it totally it. All of my E-Liquids come out extraordinary tasting with the exception of the menthol. The Liquid Barn Menthol Flavoring has a peppermint taste to me I can do without the peppermint patty candy effect I want pure menthol!

I’m working on it I’m searching the forum for some much needed advice and tips. It’s still not enough to make me go back to smoking though – nope not an option LOL!

*2 Months Cancer Stick Free:blush :smile: :+1:t5:

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If I might ask, what brand Menthol did you smoke?
For 48 yrs. My Wife and I smoked ONLY Kool Filters. We both quit 2 yrs. ago and I’ve done DIY for 23 months. Maybe I can help?

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If you have mixed a flavor that is close to what you’re looking for, then add TPA Koolada to that mix instead of any of the various “mint menthols”. Koolada gives a menthol effect without adding any flavor. Use it sparingly though, as with most of the additives, which includes Smooth, bitter wizard, sour, etc. A little goes a long way.


For emphasis!
He speaks the truth!!

Swagg Sauce has a flavor called New Port that tastes awfully close to the real thing.

I went that direction anything other than tobacco. As long as it’s a good flavor

HI pap I am a newport smoker and had been vaping a juice for the last 5 years that is no longer available I am really struggling to find a newport. the problem i have with them is they taste like mint peppermint or spearmint. I want to taste the tobbaco and the menthol just like newport 100 I have wasted so much money on juice and am on the verge of going back to the analogs I never wanted to quit smoking so my vape has always been a better way to get my nicotine satisfaction I smoked newport and camel nonfilter and camel crush and marlborough started on reds then camel and newport for over 30 years I am at the end of my rope and really dont want to stark smoking again but at this point if i cant find the right mix I know thats what is going to happen really hoping you can help me find the newport taste or one that works for me I have been chain vaping and the craveing for the real thing is getting to be to much. thanks

Greetings @Rayhawk, and welcome to the ELR forums!

Currently you have three issues to contend with:

  1. “I never wanted to quit smoking”. As I’m sure you already know, this presents a bit of an obstacle, but it’s not so big that it can’t be overcome. I was in a similar situation, and was successful in making the transition. And I feel SO much better for it. So don’t give up!

The other two are vape related (see below).

  1. The part of your quote I’ve italicized, should be able to be dealt with by an increase in the nicotine level. Though I say that hoping that you’re on the lower side of nicotine levels currently. (What are you currently using [mg wise]?)

  2. Help with a Newport recipe. We do have a number of people who enjoy the taste of tobacco (be it cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc). So there’s a chance that someone can help. This is also an aspect that may take some time in achieving your sweet spot.

The main thing you have to ask yourself is “How serious am I about improving my health?”

If you are serious about wanting to quit, you will find a way to power through it! And even if you stumble, you can always try again. There’s a bunch of great people here who are willing to help, and offer support and share their experiences in the hopes of helping you to achieve success.

I hope you keep trying.
We’ve all had moments where we struggle.
But I can also say that one of the best reasons to persevere (aside from the obvious health concerns) is that you will no longer be tethered to your local store or brand of retail liquid to support your needs!

All the best,


I quit smoking over 6 years ago. I vape 24 mg nic in a aspire nuatilus tank with an eleaf istick. I started at low mg nic and was vaping and smoking when i went to 24mg i was able to stop smoking when i found the newport e-liquid i never picked up an analog again… Since i am not able to get this specific juice anymore i have been trying every newport juice i can find and none of them do the trick I have not smoked an analog for 6 years but i now have the craving again since the juice i have had doesnt satisfy me. I vape becuase it is better for me then the analogs

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What was the name of the juice and who made it?


Hey Rayhawk,

Sorry to hear your havin problems, and I’d REALLY hate to see you back on cigs again.

As everyone says, taste is subjective, but I think I have a couple really good menthol juices. Not a fake mint, but good menthol with a some real tobacco flavor. I’m happy to help if I can, just give me an address, your VG preference and Nicotine
level. Also, whether you prefer free base or “salts” nic and I’ll send you some out.

Hang in there !


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Hello Pap Thanks so much for responding and even more so for being willing to send me some of your mixes I really appreciate it
I have been vaping a 24 mg nic at 60 PG 40 VG the nic is a free base I have never tried salts and don’t think my build is made for them

I have been using a aspire nautilus (the original one) and an Eleaf Istick battery

my address is

Removed Address - Woftam

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@Rayhawk not a problem sharing your address but I would strongly suggest should you decide to do it it is done privately in a DM. Cheers mate


I didnt know it was being posted on the forum I do not even see the post I thought this was a direct email to Pap and I do not see how to Dm anyone

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