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Nic River Shipping


Anyone else frustrated with the slowest shipping in the industry from Nic River? Think I am done with them! I’ve only ordered a few things from them for this reason! I have ordered from Chefs Flavors in England and received my products quicker!


Iv never used them ,but slow shipping makes me crazy :dizzy_face:,Thanks for the info,i will not be using them!


Really? I’ve never had a problem w them. Even during their sales I’ve always gotten stuff quickly. Maybe depends on your items?
Idk maybe I’m just lucky


I hit their recent 25% off flash sale last week. Ordered on a Thursday and had it cross country delivered regular shipping to NC by Monday. First time ordering from them. Seemed pretty quick to me. :grinning:


Really? Not even one time? Based on one post on the internet?


No, im in Canada ,my stuff comes from 25 miles away.and is here tomorow if i order today…But if 1 person complains i probably do pass on a company…


Nope , I never am in a rush …especially if I get the free shipping , it seems recently they have been doing pretty well … Ive always felt if I get my stuff in a week or so im good .


Ya i wouldnt complain for a weeks wait…but that would be about my limit…


@atssec97 hey good to see you again. FWIW I’ve ordered from NR in the past and always had slow shipments. It’s too bad no one else sells Purilum.


I’ve seen recent posts showing they have improved. Care to share order dates?


Don’t be too quick to judge a book by the cover…

While there have been some growing pains, Nicotine_River is still very well regarded in many respects. And further, they’ve been improving their shipping times lately (according to several well-known members here).


I’ve usually gotten everything in a week. I do always buy nic with an order though so it has to go ground. If I can’t wait a week for an order, how am I going to wait 4 weeks on a steep?


Thank you Brother! I have been lurking and on the recipe side occasionally.

Placed order on the 11th, created label on 13th, arrived at post office on 18th. The mail service shows it in SC at the moment. Maybe I will get it Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps Im impatient.
In contrast I ordered a new aegis legend kit from 8vape out of Vegas the same day, paid same amount for shipping and got my new mod in 3 Business days!
I expect slower times when ordering from the left coast but come on!








Love it, thanks! :smile:


I have a question … Its kinda an asshole question , but a serious one , i ordered from BCF on Saturday and my order is still unfullfilled when does is it become too long in everyones opinion ??? For me personally its not a problem , but ive seen posts about same day fulfillment and 2 days receiving … I’ll tell everyone right now i wont receive my product until Thursday at the earliest if it was NR people would flip…


:thinking:Tho knowing i am content with service at NR but directed at me, ill try and relate my thinking. I do make orders past what most vendors post as hours of operation for getting orders out that day and on weekends but i never expect any progress till the next day or come Monday on weekends. Recently i placed an order on saturday night w/ Illumn and label created sunday night. Now i was shocked and got me thinking of the poor sap that has to work on a sunday. Perhaps he/she has to, enjoys it or need the extra cash, idk. This was great for me but not expected and certainly not something that couldnt wait till monday to be processed.
I suppose anything fulfillment expected would have to be researched for each vendor. NR posts an average but no guarantees : “DELIVERY : Any shipping dates given in advance of actual shipment are approximate and not. We generally ship all ordered within 2-3 business days after the order is placed. Our 2-3 day lead time is not guaranteed and this policy does not change no matter what shipping service is selected.” So safe to say id be tapping my foot after 2 but again no guarantee.
Although i do watch my orders progress and am ancy no matter what i ordered, if it is something needed and am out of then thats all on me that i didnt order it sooner.

Funny pic but am sure vendors find it horrifying! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wanna hear about some fast shipping? Placed order at 1252pm for 4 Molicel/NPE INR-18650-P26A 35A 2600mAh Flat Top 18650 with Liiion wholesale batteries. Got notification that they shipped 1:50pm. I believe this means label was printed and ready for pickup. Keep in mind the carrier might not pick up that same day. Also, once the package ships, it is out of the sellers hands. It could get left on a truck, sent to the wrong location, etc. If a package takes a long time or is lost, see if the seller can help. BCF has been great in dealing with lost shipments. My mail carrier sucks big time and has delivered to the wrong address. I was offered a free replacement but the package showed up.