Nic salt, what is it?

Was looking at recipes and saw someone using nic salt from nicotine river. Was interested, but don’t know much about it. Is it stronger? The little I have read said nic hits the blood stream faster giving a more cig like hit. What is it? Think it has a little sodium? In some of my DIY I sure could use a dash of salt for flavor


This thread is a little older, but the links are still good for info

This one is a little newer

And a word of caution, I guess


I ordered some a few weeks ago and have been using it in my " personal bottles " Ive went as high as 15mg with little to no harshness at all but prefer 9mg. Very smooth product, I can definitely feel the nicotine hitting me faster…I no longer have to chain vape to avoid cravings…and it has been an all around good experience with them. The salts actually form naturally in leaf tobacco . From what I have experienced they don’t make flavors stand out more like seasoning foods with salt .


Nicotine river has a great explaination on their site if you go to the nic salt section


I´m confused about the salts. Faster hitting the brain, means faster getting addicted. Kokain -> Crack. Big Tobacco put some ammoniak in the cigarettes. The nicotine now hits the brain much faster, consumtion of cigarettes raises. It was not the fault of the marlboro man. That was in the 70s.

The nicotine in the “normal” base takes a while getting to the brain. The act of vaping and the reception of nicotine is nearly decoupled. It makes it much easier to lower the nicotine in juices, or maybe just vaping without nicotine.

Now some clever people sell us the salts. They say, you can go higher and have a better vape without any harshness. But if you add 1 and 1 together, its all about more profit with making people more addicted.

That are just my german thoughts, i tried to put in english. Thats just thoughts. What do you think?

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Makes sense, why would we want more nicotine??

Do the salts bypass any of the TPD??

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I don´t think they can bybass the TPD with nicotine salts. You only can buy 24mg max. in 10ml max. But if you can vape 12mg instead of 3mg DTL, you have to buy 4x more nicotine.


I dont think so Grubby.

@Weedhunter a little more info for you

There was a study awhile back that i cannot put my finger on atm that related the time that nicotine took to cross the blood brain barrier directly affected the success or failure of NRT. Traditional analog cigs were the fastest, followed by nic salts followed by freebase nicotine. I cant recall the specific time difference but cigs and nic salts were fastest (and very close) freebase nic was slowest by nearly 4x.

Nic salts are no more addictive than freebase from what my research tells me and there is no need to go higher but you can if you require it as you are not limited by the harshness that freebase nic can create.


Is he the winner of the competition"fastest speaker on Youtube"?

I hope i understand most of the stuff he said.

Nikotine salts are hitting the brain faster, nearly as fast as cigarretes with ammonium. Thats the point. That´s one of the things how fast/strong you get addicted to a substance or a behavior.

I´m a bit afraid to test the salts, because i´m the kind of person who will really like it. Then i´m in the trap again and maybe i´m loosing control.

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Salts are probably a great thing for smokers who don´t vape yet. I think for them it is very easy to switch. But i don´t think it´s a good thing for vapers. Maybe for those thinking about smoking again. Salts
definitely better than smoking.


Yeah I agree. As far as I’m concered Nic Salts is history repeating itself.

Back in the … 60’s? (I believe, or perhaps the 50’s) tobacco companies starting adding different chemicals to increase the absorption rate of nicotine, but also to make the cigarettes less harsh so they could increase the nicotine content. Apparently with the purpose of making smoking more addictive.

And now some companies are doing more or less the same thing with Nic Salts. In fact some of the chemicals, are the same that BT has been adding to cigarettes for decades.

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I completely agree with you.

In my opinion, it’s just another attempt at bastardizing a “pure” (and simple) solution to the people’s reliance on cigarettes.

Personally, the “cure” to cutting the dependence on cigarettes (with respect to vaping) lies in managing the level of nicotine in your eliquid, appropriate for, and relative to, the stage (of quitting) that you’re at.

I feel that if you have to have it hit you faster, harder, etc, then you’re just going backwards, and looking to supplement old habits. Not replace, or potentially remove them.

I understand how in extreme cases, they may be useful for someone making the initial switch, but outside of that, I don’t think they’re a good idea at all.
You’re simply opening the door for another potential master to serve. (Much like we did with tobacco for all those years.) And I for one, am DONE with that Era of my life, and thankfully so.


Not sure I want to try nic salt

Was a heavy smoker 6+ packs a day

Smoke enters my lungs and absorbed into the blood stream then. Is absorbed into the brain. Since I was a heavy smoker figure my nic level in my blood stream was rather high

Switched to vaping started with a njoy unit wasn’t cutting it ended up with a dripper tank and 24 nic juice . Still was vaping heavily to keep nic level up in bloodstream.

Fast forward got away from dripper using tfv8 and tfv12 tank down to 6 nic now.

Faster absorption I feel would put me back towards wanting more and more like cigs.

Trying to kill the beast not feed the beast

Lol just hit me what the tanks names were when I finished typing that in