Nicotine from Central Vapors and Vapor Vapes tastes and smells like a cigar or an ashtray

Ok, so I’ve been using CNT Nicotine since I started making my own DIY E-Liquid. Since Liquid Barn stopped selling CNT Nicotine, I have tried Central Vapors Nicotine both 24MG 100% VG, and 24MG 100% PG. The 100% VG had the strongest odor and taste of a Cigar or an Ashtray. The 100% PG had less of the cigar/ashtray smell and taste, but it was still there. So I ordered 24MG 100% PG Nicotine from Vapor Vapes and it was the same thing. I have all of my Nicotine bottles in the freezer and did the drop taste test on all the Nicotine bottles while still freezing cold. Barely any Cigar/ashtray taste. I drop taste tested on my 60ML bottle of Central Vapors Nicotine when it was at room temp and it had the same ashtray taste. I am used to the peppery taste from CNT Nicotine as it has NO pepper taste in any of my mixes. Just the flavorings I put in there. I am getting very sick of this. Can anyone please help me? Am I doing something wrong? Or is Liquid Nicotine supposed to taste like an ashtray? And does anyone know of a Liquid Nicotine that is almost a clone of CNT Nicotine out there that I can buy right now? Also, has anyone had this problem before?


I’ve never tasted an ashtray so can’t elaborate on that one, but in general liquid nicotine should be odorless and tasteless. If you’re getting the perception of cigar/ashtray from your Nic it could be an indicator of it going bad. The color is also an indicator. Nic should be clear or at most a very slight pink/amber tint. Anything more than that, in addition to odor is not good…IMHO.


First off it shouldn’t smell or taste bad. I’ve had a theory for a while. To get the freshest nicotine, it might be a good idea to get the most popular one. I’m guessing that’s 100mg in PG base. My thinking was, the other solutions might be sitting around for a lot longer waiting to be sold. It’s just a theory and I could be way off base. I’m guessing 24mg in VG base isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes but maybe they dillute it fresh in their lab.

Another theory more recently is that these places are going to start shipping out whatever they got, good, bad, or just plain terrible. The time to get it is coming to an end. More and more people are buying it out of desperation.


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I’m not sure how to add this to the thread. I’m not a noobie when it comes to mixing. Just buying different Nic than CNT Nicotine lol. I have been mixing since last year so I know how to make vape juice and make them really pop. I made some juice with my CNT nicotine last night and it was fine. I mostly vape on menthols during the day and desserts/breakfast flavors at night. I have read about nicotine going bad on reddit but it’s mostly split 50/50. Some people have different smells and tastes with their nicotine. Some say it has a nutty smell and taste, others get a fishy smell and taste, while others get a weird taste almost like mine. Like I said, all the bottles if Nic that I ordered smell and taste pretty much the same. Central Vapors has more of the Cigar Ashtray smell. The weird thing is when I leave it in the freezer it starts smelling and barely tasting like CNT Nicotine. But when brought to room temp, I still get the cigar ashtray smell and taste. So I’m kind of with you on that. Either it’s bad Nic, or I just need to let it steep for a while? Idk if steeping it will help. As for the mixing with freebase, I use DIY E-liquid Calculator. If you’re mixing 90/10 VG/PG 100MG or 10%, 90/10 PG/VG 100MG or 10% whatever your just put it in where it says “Base” and then at the bottom where it says “Target Strength” put 3MG in and it should give you about 2.26 Grams if you’re mixing by weight. Thank you for your responses you guys. It really helps. Keep them coming :slight_smile: And can you guys tell me how to add this to the other guys thread even though I’m not a noobie. I think it’ll help if people start getting the same results with their nicotine


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