Nicotine help! please

bit of i problem really need some help i am starting to make ejuice again and purchased 72mg 100% usp grade liquid nicotine from bluestar e-liquid and mixed 100ml juice the make my vape calculator says add 4.17ml of nicotine for a 3mg strength so after following the recipe and calculator i tried the juice and it nearly killed me it is un vape able its that strong its 100% the nicotine as when i mixed the same without nicotine it was fine even if i add 1ml to a mix its way too harsh its like im vaping a 16mg mix or something has anyone got any advice or no where i can buy some nicotine and whats best i only vape 3mg in strength and want to make quite a lot of juices many thanks for any advice also im in the uk so a uk site would be awesome


Bluestar’s got a bit of a mixed reputation for their nicotine. With TPD now there aren’t many places that will sell to individuals as they’re only supposed to supply above 20mg strength to manufactures, not private individuals, reducing most of us to using nic shots. If you’ve only just bought the stuff I’d take it up with bluestar, if you’ve had it a while, sounds like it’s gone off, hows it’s colour? In terms of other suppliers, Dark Star Vapour have a good reputation, and do bulk deals on nic shots, I’m personally using some shots from Flavour Hub (aka Just Vape 247) and I’m sure others will be along with their better advice/recommendations soon


@josh67 your math looks good, for a 72mg starting NIC, and a 3mg target.

I am unfamiliar with Bluestar’s NIC, but it sounds like maybe one of two things (or both). If you did not shake your NIC very, very good, you may have “hotspots” in your bottle, leading to a hot mix. The NIC could be far stronger than you they stated it was.

What is the base for your Nicotine ?? PG, VG or a mix ?? If it’s VG (which can be very thick), you may not have thoroughly shaken it up.


Hell, you can do that with pg. I can attest to that. I didn’t completely shake it up and it threw off a whole batch of mixes. Learned that lesson three years ago.


Just wanted to add for future ref for anyone who’s figured out the search tool; I want to -1 my recommendation for just vapes nic (the rest of the site is still useful).

I’ve been having no end of trouble with harshness in mixes this month. 10x10ml shots are ALL unvapabley past their best only a month after purchase, stored in a ziplock in the freezer. I have some different nic arriving this week that looks promising. I can pm you a link once I know how it works out if you like? I won’t post it on here as it may be a little bit on the non TPD compliant side :wink:


I Buy Liquid Barn’s 100 MG Nicotine and I mix it at 8 MG and it’s always been smooth never harsh even at 8 MG



I also use liquid barn 100mg NicSelect e Liquid Nicotine Solution .
$ 20.99 – 250ml 100mg pg base
its always been smooth and never has been harsh.

just open this bottle of e-juice last night. not harsh and smooth.

notice it was made on 12-09-18

just recently I tried out nicotine rivers PurNic 100mg Smooth Nicotine Salts.
$ 16.99 – 250ml 100mg pg base
extremely smooth and not harsh

didn’t really notice a difference between nic salts and the nicotine solution over the past month But it is actually smoother than the nicotine solution. I found this out when I switched from my ejuice I made with nic salts back to e-juice made with the nicotine solution… and noticed the difference immediately.

(blind taste test) friend commented Blackberry Piña Colada seemed to be a lot smoother to him and he liked it…

so in closing . I’ll say liquid barn nic select is smooth and good . but l will be switching over nic salts. based on the fact of them being smoother and cheaper…


Dark star nicotine is good, personally I use LNW nicotine 100mg but I keep in the freezer


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