Nicotine Labs

So has anyone ever purchased from Nicotine Labs? I’d love to hear if they have flavors that beat out the competition!

@ringling says they change names fairly often :stuck_out_tongue:

He might know more :smile:

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Nicotine Labs is Vapor Shots Jim. They have changed name from Vapors Shots, to Flavor Envy, To Nicotine Labs, and in the last 6 months I believe as well. I started out using Vapor Shots flavors. Without a doubt they do have the best Watermelon, Honeydew, Mocha. Many other flavors are nice as well. I buy only the Watermelon and Honeydew these days because their costs are too high for a Vape Shop. Those two flavors I can not replace anywhere else…

By the way @Jimk , don’t buy their nicotine. And you thought WL Nic was bad !!!


Wish I found substitutes but did not. It tastes like the real thing and everything else tastes like the candy…

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Thx! I wish I was a melon type vape lover, but just never got into the flavor in a vape. So, stay away from the Nic! Got it! I might have to do some more checking around to see if any of their other flavors are vapeable! Google here I come!

Thx for the lead. When I searched for Nicotine Labs, nothing came up remotely close to your posted link.

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kinda sketchy changing names… no?

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Could be company B bought company A, then company C bought company B? Who knows???

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I think you’re on to something there. Technically their flavors are “Delosi” but that’s just a name owned by Nicotine Labs. Might be they’re separating out the flavors and the nicotine/liquid in the even that regs shut down that side of their business…?


They have a few good ones. Strawberry, banana, lemon, ry4 , honeydew and watermelon is what I really love from them. I have had their cake batter it is better than capella’s to me.

Their fruity pebbles taste like chemicals as well as their fruit punch.
Also their nicotine is worse than the bottom of the barrel as Ringling has said I have had it thank goodness it was only a small 60 ml bottle. Terrible stuff.

Their website isn’t that great either on a iPhone.

This is their current sale since they continue to email me even thou it’s been a while since I’ve shopped there.

4% OFF orders of $35 and up!**
Simply use coupon code SAVE4 and get 3% OFF orders of $35 and up!
-------------------------- OR --------------------------
6% OFF orders of $75 and up plus points!**
Simply use coupon code MORE and get 6% OFF orders of $75 and up plus 250 points to use on a future purchase! That will get you a free 10ml flavor and then some!

Ends 8/11


Im definitely in search of a true watermelon and it appears these guys are it accordingly to @ringling & @Amy2 but this is possibly the only flavor I “need”. My very first juice I ever had was a watermelon from a vendor years ago and I loved it! I have been “chasing that dragon” ever since and outside of FA’s I have purschased every other watermelon out there and hated them all…
This appears to be one of my last resorts but (even though it’s hard to believe) I’m set on all other flavors at the moment.
So my question is, is the only option to buy direct? Or are there any other companies out there that carry their flavors, so as to kill 2 birds and maybe make a full order of other things besides just watermelon?
It appears that answer would be a no, otherwise someone probably would of metioned it by now though…
I would just hate to purchase 1 bottle of a flavoe through a company and not reap any benefits of discounts/shipping not to mention risk not liking it, even though I dont believe this to be the case given @ringling review…
I suppose I could just buy a gallon of it then it would feel more like one of my regular flavoring binges :wink:

The only other option I can find is ordering through
Direct…just not sure how the rest of their flavors are


I know of no entity that carries Nicotine Labs flavors other than the company itself. The only way I could make it worth my while to purchase was to buy 8oz bottles. I had no other choice since I have 2 best selling premium juices made with the Watermelon and the Honeydew and no one elses flavors even compare…


Just FYI, Delosi is owned by Nicotine Labs…it’s just what they call their flavors.


It’d be great if they put some type of description for each flavor; for now…nothing! I emailed them and gave them that suggestion! Throw us some kinda bone on what to expect for the money!

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A coupon code for ELR would be nice!


Got a response back from the email I sent to Delosi!

Hi Jim,

We’re working on it. We probably will never say “Strawberry – Tastes like Strawberry” We think that is pretty evident. Agreed on the tobacco’s. The problem is it’s hard for us to describe as well and the people we’ve sent samples to for free to give feedback never returned it, yet bought them.

It’s a work in progress, thanks for reminding us to get back to it.


Offered my services as taste tester and reviewer! We’ll see!


Does anyone know if they are based in Florida? Through the Delosi/Nic labs site it shows Kissimmee, FL which is close enough for me to take a drive up and have a look see but information online about them is VERY limited. Other than a company in Peru, which I’m not sure if that has any ties or not(until I brush up on my Spanish, Quechua and Aymara) it does have office hours and I may give them a call.
I must say what a very strange company with all the name changes, branches, etc and really there is no other information/reviews out there.
If I could drive up and grab a few things that would be so much easier! That’s what I like about Wizard Labs, conveniently close to me :smile:


Yes they are…Try searching Vapor Shots…

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Do they actually have warehouses/product in Florida though? or only their offices and they ship/sub from a different warehouse? If I’m on the correct vapor shots site it shows them in Cali? Bit of a drive for watermelon :wink:
Sorry for all the questions…info is very limited on these guys!

Give me the link please…