Nicotine River different nicotine lines

Because so many of you voted using Nicotine River, maybe you can help clear up some confusion I have on the product lines. From what I can gather there is regular ? @ $59.99/L, Nic Shield @ $89.99/L, PureNIC (NIC Select ?) @ $285.00/L, and Salts @ $84,99/L.

That’s a big jump from regular/salts/shield to the PureNIC. The way their site is set up it’s as if the only NIC Select which I’ve heard everyone talking about is only in the PurNIC. Coming from NudeNIC, there regular NIC is only $105.00/L. All of the above were priced @ 100mg NIC.

Can anyone unconfuseify me on Nic River here ?

Their “regular” nic is NicSelect. Not sure about the new offerings since I haven’t used them.

Perhaps Grant or someone from @Nicotine_River can elaborate on any differences (since they are one of our lovely vendors here).


the best answer will come from NR and @Sprkslfly has already summoned them …


Thank you for your questions! I can gladly help you out here! The only Nicotine brand we use and always have used is NicSelect. As for the Nicotine Salts, Nicotine Shields, Pure Nicotine and Regular blends I’ll explain everything.

First we’ll start with Nicotine Salts. Nicotine Salts is created using NicSelect Nicotine. It appears to be in liquid form just like regular blends of Nicotine that would be VG or PG based! However, we add a proprietary blend of certain compounds that make the Nicotine ultimately easier to vape at higher concentrations. For example, with Nicotine Salts you can vape a 36mg with minimal or no trace of Nicotine burn at all! You still will receive a strong Nicotine head rush but without that harsh taste and alteration of the flavoring. Our Nicotine Salts are only to be vaped between 10-40watts and used at 20-45mg.

Second, the Nicotine Shield! The Nicotine Shield is a regular blend of Nicotine in VG or PG containing NO Nicotine Salts. This is simply a base however, the packaging is exponentially different. A Nicotine Shield comes in a Argon packaged glass amber (brown) bottle with a needle insertion under the cap. Nicotine Shields are best for DIY consumers because it reduces oxidation of the Nicotine drastically and is meant to last over long periods of time.

Third is the Pure! The Pure Nicotine we sell just like all of our other products is only from NicSelect. Pure Nicotine generally ranges from 995mg-1005mg in strength and is extremely toxic. This is not recomended for DIY consumers due to its incredibly high strength and harm it could cause to someone. Pure Nicotine contains no base and is untouched and unopened by our staff. Being kept in a freezing industrial food grade refrigeration system to ensure freshness and great quality as if it was from NicSelect directly.

Last, the regular Nicotine blends. This is the simplest of our Nicotine products. We simply take Pure NicSelect Nicotine and dilute it down using VG and PG in our food grade clean room system for businesses and DIY consumers like yourself. You can find our regular Nicotine products in various strengths ranging from 100mg to 3mg.

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River thank you very much, that cleared it up very nicely.


Lmao well played on the made up word


Wow. Very informative!

This was particularly interesting.
One: this reads (to me at least) as though it’s primary targeting is the MTL users out there. (Is that an accurate assessment?)

Two: If not, is there a noted change in perceived efficacy to the nicotine (due to an assumed change in chemical composition)? The reason I ask is because, I started at 18mg on MTL (Nautilus Mini) and even though I had just quit an average of just under 2 packs a day, even 18mg “rang my bell” a few times early in as I was making the transition to vaping. I can’t picture double that, or more… (35-45mg).

Thanks for your continued interaction here (as always)! :thumbsup:




You all know me. I have opinions and don’t mind sharing them! :slight_smile:

I think this should read “not available to DIY consumers” rather than not recommended. If you sell this to the general public, my fear is it’s just a matter of time till ________ (fill in the blank.).


I can answer this no problem! But to be honest I’m unsure of what “MTL” means! Please help me understand :slight_smile:


You bring up a great point! Hopefully someday soon we’ll have implemented on our website some sort of security for purchasing Pure Nicotine so not just anyone can have a hold of it. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening anytime soon but it could be possible in the future if cleared by the boss!

Let me know if you have other questions! :slight_smile:


mouth to lung (restricted airflow) style of vaping.
Where most folks use 8mg to 24mg.

As opposed to direct lung (DL) style of vaping, where the max nic is usually 6mg.


Answering your question yes you can vape this either way. Since there is no chemical burn of harsh taste it won’t tickle your throat or have any bad feeling. Obviously if you or anyone you know is up in the high ranges of Nicotine they must be sure to limit themselves and take minimal amounts of puffs since too many at one time can cause Nicotine poisoning or something along those lines.

All in all, it can be vaped no problem either way but just be sure to set a puff limit for yourself or whoever you know. :slight_smile:


quick one for you, if you were to vape the nic salts at say 6mg it would be pretty much invisible due to the processing/additives in the nicotine and would this be a bad idea why?


The higher the concentration of Nicotine Salts the more effective it will be. For 6mg I recommend just staying with regular blends since there wouldn’t be much of a difference and there is a price increase for the Salts


Like age verification - purchaser would need to enter their FEIN# and business name to purchase the pure nic. Better yet, require the purchaser to call in orders for this stuff so you can verify they’re a business before making the sale.

This is nasty stuff. The LAST thing the vaping industry needs is another news story. One involving pure nicotine would be tremendous fodder for the anti-vape crowd. If it was one that resulted in a death - especially the death of a child - it would result in far more than a news story. I’m talking about US and State Government making a mad dash to ban sales of nic to the general public, and the seller of said concentrated nic being sued into oblivion. So this isn’t about me trying to dump on you in a public forum, this is about us policing ourselves and not making any excuses for lack of a proactive approach and overall responsibility. The time spent now to make some assurances you’re not selling poison to people who shouldn’t be handling it could well save a life, or help preserve our rights or your business. Just sayin.


The FEIN# is a great suggestion! You have some valid points and I will be showing this to the man in charge for his thoughts :slight_smile:

Personally I think that FEIN# is quite a nifty idea, thank you @SthrnMixer !


Attitudes like that take the free, out of a free country. Guns, dogs and now nicotine


FYI … Just got an email from Nicotine River stating they will no longer be selling NicSelect nicotine at all.

"Good evening,

I want to inform our clients, friends, and family that we are unable to offer the NicSelect product going forward. We’ve been awaiting shipment of two open orders of pure nicotine from NicSelect to arrive. However, we were informed last week from NicSelect, they will not be making any new shipments to us, despite their prior promises to do so. After a long relationship with NicSelect, during which time we helped promote the NicSelect brand, we find NicSelect’s actions extremely unprofessional. We believe that in the end we are better off without NicSelect and we will continue to blaze our own trail in this Industry…

As for the other brands of nicotine on our website, expect to see these brands come online in the next week. Brands such as: Chemnovatic, CNT, Amerinic, Glass, and PurNic are just the beginning of our journey. We are well aware of what companies sell these Nicotine products for online and moving forward significantly lower pricing is expected to be available on our site. … "


All hail the chemnovatic nic is is the best, nic select tastes like cigarette butts :joy: