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Nicotine River different nicotine lines


Well there better be some samples, otherwise customers won’t be very pleased lol.
Every time you get used too something at NR, changes are being made, not sure if I should be happy or just find a complete different supplier. Let’s hope for the best I guess lol.


I guarantee you will like the chemnovatic nic it is almost completely tasteless, its made in poland where inawera comes from, i get it from vaperstek.


Well. That’s just quite the turn of events now.


Interesting, wonder why they would sever ties like that.


I guess reading the fine print would be helpful for me. Thanks for this thread. Never understood the difference between smooth and hit salts. Just assuming it has throat hit?

Here I was mixing the smooth salt at 6-9mg because it let’s the the flavors come through better. Also vaping it at 100w.

Sounds like I might be better off with regular 100mg/ml nicotine solution?


I was searching for answers to this question and found this post, obviously I’m wondering the same thing… I’m looking to make high nic liquid for stealth vaping with pod setups but I still want a bit of throat hit. I’ve used salts anywhere from 3mg (in sub ohm high watt setups) to 50mg (in a mtl pod setup) and the throat hit is barely different across the board. I would love it if the “hit” salts actually had a little bit of throat hit to them. Anyone have any insight on this?


I can only talk about the nic salt I purchased from NR and not any other vendor, so if that’s the one you plan on purchasing or have used then this might be from help.

The smooth salt is like the name says very smooth, most people won’t notice any tingle or throat hit at all. At higher strength it can tingle a tiny bit but not much. Too avoid even that pick VG based and you don’t notice anything at any strength, in fact you might even wonder if you forgot adding it lol

Hit salt does have a medium to good throat hit, tingle and even scratchiness at higher amount, yet its still smoother than free base. Here I did not notice a difference between VG or PG based, it seemed to make no difference at all. Besides that I can’t vape it lmao. My husband tho likes this one and does say its just the right amount of TH.

As usual all of that is subjective and others might experience it differently. But I hope it helps.


Yes that’s helpful, thanks! I am indeed talking about Nicotine River’s nic salts, so with that info I’ll probably try their hit salts and see if that works for me. Thanks again!


Im glad i ordered and still have a bunch. I really like that brand tooo



I am pretty sure it is differing levels of the accompanying acid with the nicotine (more alkaline = more TH)


Me toooo! I’m super bummed. :cry:

Interesting… The accompanying acid is what changes it from “freebase”/regular nicotine to salts, right? (Tell me if I’m way off. Lol) So if that’s true (?) would that mean that the hit salts would be closer than smooth salts to regular nic as far as the blood-brain absorption rate goes?
Maybe @Nicotine_River can chime in on this too…?


Yes I think everything you said there is correct - i would really like NR to chime in as well.


I know that Chemonovatic have 2 different nic salts available (undiluted in cystal form)

NicSalt-B - Nicotine Benzoate 99,999 % w/w corresponding to 999,099 mg/ml
Made Up of
Nicotine content:|57,05% w/w corresponding to [575,053] mg/ml
Benzoic acid content:|42,95 % w/w corresponding to 429,947] mg/ml


NicSalt-S Nicotine Salicylate 99,999 % w/w corresponding to 999,099 mg/ml
Made Up of
Nicotine content:|54,01% w/w corresponding to 540,137 mg/ml
Salicylic acid content:|45,99 % w/w corresponding to 459,863 mg/ml

Now I am not sure if NR are carrying Chemonovatic yet this may also be the difference I am not sure.


Hello everyone, in regards to the Chemnovatic Salts @woftam we unfortunately will be only carrying our brand. We currently make our Nicotine Salts in house with our own formulas and do not resell any Salt based product from any company.

As for the Nicotine Salts and their molecular properties, due to an NDA I cannot speak too much on the topic. The easiest way we found to describe the salts is when comparing them to salsa. Yes, salsa! For example, you have hot salsa (Freebase), medium salsa (Hit Salts), and mild salsa (Smooth Salts). Basically, the salsa is the same or similar tasting except for the heat factor. The same thing goes with the Nicotine we provide! Smooth is as smooth as Nicotine salts could possibly be using the ingredients we work with. Hit is the gap between Smooth and Freebase, which provides the successful smoothness with the freebase throat hit. Then obviously, there is freebase which at too high of an mg provides a powerful throat hit and does not contain any salt ingredients.

As for entering the bloodstream quicker, Smooth and Hit salts are relatively the same.

Kind of a weird analogy but it gets the point across! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else


Good enough explanation for me! I’ll be throwing some of the hit salts onto my next order. Thanks for chiming in!


Thanks for the answer - now if you would only label them as salsa so I could get 100mg shipped down here :rofl:


If only! We will be looking into establishing a solution for international customers such as yourself! I can’t say a solution will be soon as we do have a lot on our plate at the moment, but this is definitely a goal of ours! :slight_smile:


Received today, all ready to give salts a try. I figure this be good time to change since nicselect is no longer available through u guys and dont feel like playing the disappointed game that i heard about w/ other brands.


@woftam I like where you’re going with this !!!


Well I will give you all my true thought on the new nic coming (pur) I am pretty picky about My nic and I have N.N., MFS, nic select, wizard, heartland ( last year) I do mixing for family so if it is not up to standard good clean nic I will let you know. I didn’t like the wizard, and MFS was better than I expected, I was a bit disappointed with Nude, I was expecting better. Heartland has always been kind of standard, but now they carry Nic select. So not sure if it is any better than the last order or the same. Time will tell, I really wanted to place a vaperstec order but blew my budget this week.lol