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Nicotine River different nicotine lines


Happy to report that my first order of 100mg PurNic (VG) in Nicsheild 250ml bottles is highly satisfactory! My first 30 day steepers are rolling out of the steep drawer and taste much cleaner and smoother than my 36mg Nic Select (NR) ever did.

I bought 500ml (2x250ml) during the 4th of July sale. Shipping was a little slow, but I know they’re working on that, and it was a sale after all. No problem there. The quality is very high on this nic. Crystal clear and nearly odorless.

And, my first time with NicSheild makes me regret that I didn’t go this route from the beginning. The self-sealing topper and the syringe (included with each bottle) make for the cleanest, easiest mixing and is less likely to oxidize. I’m sold!


i agree , i am completely happy and very surprised , i forgot to add any notes to my side by side comparison , but Pur Nic is a great Value


I have to come back to say @Nicotine_River new line is pretty good average decent Nicotine, Nothing out of the ordinary but cheap and workable at 6 mg or less I find it comparable with the last few batches I received from Heartland, MFS, and Nic Select, nothing really off pretty clear and a decent if not better Nicotine than many. If you are used to super premium Nicotine you may notice a difference at higher levels but for the regular mixer I can say its worth it. over 6 it may get a little heavy, but I really don’t mix that high If I do I will use salts.



Will you ever offer a Rush Salts type?

Or can you point me to any thing you may have that might be formulated to offer this option?

I can’t sit around and vape for longer then 5 minutes at a time. So I’d like something to help the cravings faster like this seems to be noted doing.

Thanks in Advance


I’m not NR, but I’d suggest dedicating a tank to a mix (and in that mix, raise your nicotine level).

IE: If you normally mix 3mg, and that’s not doing the job at a particular moment, then grab the custom mix tank that contains 6mg nic (and preferably a flavor that’s different from the rest, so you can identify it by smell, etc… rather than having to spin your head when you don’t want it to, to have to find out if it’s the 3mg or 6mg because you used the same recipe). :wink:


Yes I forget all the time which ones are which nic level. :rofl:

Just wondering if future option might be available since I love the product.

These salts are amazing smooth, so yes it has nothing to do with throat hit. I def DO NOT want to increase that.

Just wondering really if by HIT salts they really mean “throat hit.” (Because I never used Freebase, so I don’t know what a throat hit really is, unless I use a harsh flavor) Or is it more of a spin your head faster type HIT? - RUSH Salts Type? <edit

So I could go from 24mg to 12mg take a few puffs and put it away. Read as: Bath room at work break stealth


Hello, currently we do not offer a version of Salts with the intention of a quicker Nicotine rush. The Smooth and the Throat Hit will offer a relatively similar rush so the only real different between these two is the throat hit.

Currently the best recommendation would be the Smooth Salts, if you’re looking to go higher in MG which may help with a heavier Nicotine Rush we recommend no more than 50mg of Nicotine Strength! :slight_smile:


Wow, very informative.


Hello, NR! Any plans to offer Salts in NicSheild bottles? Starting to mix for a friend who needs 24mg and find those bottles extremely easy to use.

If not, might you offer the bottles with the self-healing top that I can fill myself? I know it won’t be the same as far as oxygen protection, but it sure would be convenient!



Great question! From the information I was told we unfortunately will not be offering the Salts in NicShield form due to low sales of that specific style of packaged Nicotine. However, the good news is the the Salts themselves contain anti-oxidizing properties so the life of your Salts is slightly extended compared to regular Nicotine! We will look into self-sealing septums for our current bottles but I can’t guarantee we’ll find any that fit our current plastic bottles perfectly! :slight_smile:


I’d buy the empty Amber Boston Round 250ml bottle that matches the septum if available.

Thanks for the response!


Pardon the joke NR…

Did anyone else start reading this and automatically go “Star Trek” on it? :crazy_face:

“We will look into self-sealing Stem-bolts…”
Wait. WHAT? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah. It’s one of those days…


Placed an order with NR on the 25th. It looks like they haven’t even shipped yet. What in the world is going on with them now?


It does seem like they would have it together by now. Have you asked them to explain the delay? @Nicotine_River


Hello, we recently have been integrating inventory applications which has been messing with our shipping email confirmations and order list. It’s being fixed as we speak, please let me know your order number though and I can look into this for you. :slight_smile:


@Cooter1 hope this helps


ORDER #128277 heres mine , im only putting it here in case you wanna throw a bunch of samples in it lmao …lol


Order #128132, yea I was an ardent defender and fan of NR. Good thing I am not in a rush


They just sent me an email refunding the order.


Anyone remember the name of the dealer on the east coast? I need to get my Chems in. I need a good nic seller.