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Nicotine River (River Supply Company) Concentrates - Tasting Notes

Nicotine Rivers new line of concentrates. 14 of their flavors listed here. Will add more as I acquire!

All concentrates mixed at 4% at 50/50 pg/vg. Tested on a Drop with dual coil Ni80 .3 ohms at 55 watts.

Will be updating as flavors steep.

Vanilla Milk Shake

“Creamy Milk and flavorful Vanilla work in perfect harmony bringing your tastebuds an experience that’s nothing short of spectacular.”

Shake - Light, creamy, milky, vanilla-y. This one is good. Definitely a vanilla milk shake almost spot on. Would be great for any ice cream or shake recipe. The milky aspect would play well with cereal. Basically any dessert recipe, this is gonna be good. Definitely could solo this one! I’m sure a good steep will make this really great.

1 week - Less milk shakey. More like a vanilla bean ice cream. It’s a lot thicker. More heavy. Heavy on that vanilla bean. Not sure I’d solo this one at this point. Still would be great in anything you need ice cream or milky creaminess for.

Blue Raspberry Taffy

“A tasty candy that is sure to satisfy! Blue Raspberry with a delicious twist!”

Shake - This is straight up blue raspberry taffy. Amazing blue raspberry flavor with a light candy, definitely taffy feel and taste. Where other companies have failed with blue raspberry, Nicotine River shines here. Definitely can solo, definitely can shake and vape.

1 week - Flavor hasn’t changed much. Still a blue raspberry taffy. Flavor has faded slightly. Still good!

Lemon Muffin

“Fluffy muffin notes with a sweet and smooth Lemon background. One of a kind is an understatement!”

Shake - Hmm…Not sure I agree with that above statement. No lemon detected. Is that muffin? A bit. Very slightly. Almost tastes waffles with syrup like. It’s not bad. Just not lemon muffin. Maybe a steep will help. Definitely has it’s applications, so not a bad flavor by any means.

1 week - Pretty much the same flavor but extremely faded to hardly any taste. Not sure I could find much use for this one at this point. A bit disappointing.

Fruit Crunch

“Reminiscent of a fruity rings cereal with a strong fruity follow through! Unique from start to finish and full of flavor!”

Shake - Definitely not a fruit rings cereal. It’s fruity, but not cereal fruity. Just a mix of fruits. Slightly creamy, and I mean slightly. A bit floral. Almost soapy. But not terrible on the soapy floral note. Maybe use lower. Not a bad flavor, definitely would have uses. I personally wouldn’t solo, but it definitely could be. Could be shake and vaped as well, but maybe a steep will drop those off notes.

1 week - Oh jeez. I can’t do this one. Those floral notes only got stronger. Tastes like vaping a shampoo or a body wash. You could maybe use this one at a low percentage (0.5 - 2) in a recipe that you want floral notes. At this point though, I don’t think any recipes I will make could use this one.


“Juicy and refreshing Watermelon flavor. Well rounded and an absolute must have!”

Shake - Juicy? Yes. Refreshing? Yes. Absolute must have? If you like watermelon, than absolutely! Wow. This is good. Definitely artificial. Reminds me of a popular watermelon beverage. If you like watermelon, don’t hesitate to pick this up. Solo? 100%. Shake and vape? Absolutely.

1 week - Less artificial. More realistic. You get the whole watermelon, rind and all. Not as much flavor either. I’m a bit disappointed with this one. I loved it off the shake, but now I don’t think I’d solo this one. For sure would be great in a watermelon, melon mix, or fruit mix.

Blue Raspberry

“A delicious Blue Raspberry with light candy notes!”

Shake - My god. Nicotine River, you have outdone yourselves. Amazing blue raspberry right here. Exactly what you would expect from a blue raspberry flavor. Nothing short of perfect in my eyes. I don’t get much of the candy aspect, but I could care less because this is bangin’. You are gonna want to solo this one. It’s that good. Mix with blue raspberry taffy for more candy. Mix with fruits or drink recipes to give them a blue raspberry twist. Real shake and vape right here guys.

1 week - Pretty much the same flavor, but a bit faded. Still good!


“Refreshing Honeydew is truly something else!”

Shake - Refreshing honeydew this surely is. It is sweet and delicious. A cross between real honeydew and artificial honeydew flavor. Will be great in your melon and fruit mixes and can absolutely be solo mixed, I love this flavor. I really love this flavor. If you like honeydew, you will too.

1 week - This one has been my favorite out of all the flavors tested here. Basically the same as it was off the shake, if a bit slightly more realistic. Really diggin’ this flavor.

Golden Eye

“Sour and sweet Mangoes mixed with delicious fruits! The perfect combo for any fruit lover!”

Shake - Not too sour, not too sweet. I’m getting ripe mangoes here. Slight citrus notes. Even slighter floral notes. This is a good mango guys. If you like mango, go ahead and solo this one. I’m not a huge mango fan, but I could solo this. Alright shake and vape, maybe the steep will drop those floral notes.

1 week - Same flavor here. The slight floral notes are still present. Maybe a lower percentage to get rid of those. I think the citrus notes are completely lost.

Glazed Doughnut

“A sweet fluffy Doughnut with a glistening glaze that is a dessert lovers dream!”

Shake - Slightly grainy. Not really getting much of a fried donut taste, but definitely some sort of baked good. Not much in the way of glaze either. Will definitely add layer to your donuts or other baked goods recipes. Don’t think this would make a good solo. Maybe a steep will make this more donut like.

1 week - Less to no grain here. It’s sweet, I think that glaze has come out a bit more now. Tastes like a very light glazed baked good. Still no doughnut flavor. Still think it would make a good addition to baked goods or doughnut recipes.


"“The new kid in town.” A delicious blend of Kiwi’s, Strawberries, and hints of other fruits! Synonymous with perfection, Kigola is a blend that will have you craving more! Perfect by itself and with other concentrates this all day flavor is a must have in your arsenal. "

Shake - This is definitely a strawberry kiwi, no doubt. More strawberry than kiwi. Tastes like a candy or a drink, so definitely artificial. But very good. Slight floral notes. I would solo this one. Shake and vape? Hell yeah.

1 week - Not much has changed here at all. Same as I got off the shake.


“Just what you’ve been looking for. This unique mixture of fruits is superb for any blend your taste buds desire. Especially great with nuts and creams, Kilanca will leave you with a smile.”

Shake - The picture on the bottle shows a fruit bowl. That is what this is. A delicious bowl of mixed fruits. You took a piece of every fruit on your fork and ate it in one bite. Yum. More heavy on the berries here, but that’s not bad. Delicious. Solo? Yup. Shake and vape? Yup.

1 week - No changes. Still the same here with this one as well. Fresh delicious fruit bowl!

Cookie Snaps

“Crunchy, yet delectable Cookie Snaps! Truly a desserty paradise!”

Shake - Not much cookie, but it’s here. Definitely bakery notes I’m getting. It’s heavy. Like a molasses cookie. Not as strong though. Am I tasting caramel? I believe so. Should add a nice touch to your cookies and baked goods. I think a steep will bring out that cookie more. I like this one. Solo? Probably not. But maybe for you!

1 week - That cookie has showed its face! But slightly. More biscuit like. Less heavy on that caramel and molasses. A bit faded I must say, but I think it would be a nice addition to cookies and crusts here.

Summer Breeze

“A beautiful blend of Melons that will leave your taste buds reminiscing of a relaxing summer day! Great alone and with other fruity blends!”

Shake - I like melon vapes. Take that back. I LOVE melon vapes. And if you do too, look no further. This is the perfect mix of melons right here. Honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, they are all there. And they blend together so well. It’s hard to pick one melon out of the mix, yet easy to distinguish at the same time. Sweet, juicy, yum. Solo? Yes, yes, and more yes. Shake and vape? Absolutely.

1 week - Same flavor here. Nothing has changed except it is a bit lighter. Still very delicious.


“A unique blend of tasty Marshmallows and other dessert flavors. Great as a base for desserts or a background! A tremendous flavor to build on with fruits, cereals, and more!”

Shake - Woah. Nicotine River, what have you done here? This made my tastebuds go bonkers. This stuff is good. Really good. It’s thick and creamy, a bit custardy, and slightly toasty. You can taste that marshmallow here. You really can. And I think I’m getting the very very slightest bit of fruitiness here? Can’t really tell. Either way, this stuff is a dessert enigma and in the best way possible. Vaping this solo will not disappoint. Worthy of a shake and vape? Very surprising for a dessert, but absolutely. With how good this is off the shake, I can only imagine that a steep will do this wonders.

1 week - Still thick and creamy. Not getting as much of the custard notes here. Very toasty, in a very good way. Marshmallow is very present. A lot of people say they can’t taste marshmallow much, but you really can here. This is going to be great for anything that needs a nice toasty aspect, or marshmallow aspect, because both of those are quite prominent here. And this is still good enough to solo.


Welcome to the forums @Frostyjayjay!

Appreciate the notes, and thank you for sharing.


Yea, thanks for the info. Now that vaping is legal here I can order from places like Nic River and get all kinds of new goodies.


Welcome to the community! That’s one amazing review. I haven’t found any flavors I can rave about to that extent.


Thanks for the kind words guys! Been mixing and making recipes for a few months now. Nicotine River was promoting their new line by having a sale on them so I picked up a bunch. I have tried many different flavors and have never found a single flavor that is as good as Nicotine Rivers. I was extremely impressed with the quality of their concentrates.


That is high praise.


I was honestly blown away by their line of flavors. The bakery type flavors weren’t exactly what I thought they would be, but I can’t really judge yet as they haven’t steeped. But their fruits, were amazing. They nailed it there. I’ve personally never solo mixed any flavor, nothing stood out enough to me to do so. Out of the 14 Nicotine River flavors I got, I would solo mix 9 of them. I absolutely love melon vapes, and their Honeydew as well as Summer Breeze concentrates are two of the best melon vapes I have ever had. The watermelon is quite good too, if you like candy watermelon.


And now, I found the next company line I am going to tackle. Your notes are detailed and througho. I liked the way you compared their definition to what you tasted Thank you for the notes!


Great fist post @Frostyjayjay, and great review of a load of NR’s flavors. Can’t wait to see how they change after steeping.


Thanks for all the love guys! I have been sampling the tests here and there which I said to myself I would not do until the 1, 2, 3, and 4 week marks but these flavors are just too damn good. If you are thinking about ordering some, don’t hesitate and just do it. They are tasty!


Now you know how it’s done!
Welcome to the forums.


@Frostyjayjay…and 9 hours later that recipe is still sitting there. Please take a moment and delete it.


Thank you for the notes here. Nic rivers flavors are very fine and they have really outdone themselves with their new line. Going by your notes, looks like I’ll have to make another order


Amazing review @Frostyjayjay! :slight_smile:

We appreciate the feedback immensely! :tada:


Wow, that helped a LOT. Thanks so much… the Bliss and the Vanilla Milk Shake were both on my ‘eh, could be interesting’ list… I’ve got em both on my grab asap list now, though they’re out of the Vanilla MilkShake right now. I’ll pick em up as soon as i can though.


The one week update notes are now up there! Some of the flavors faded quite a bit. Some changed a bit. For the most part, they all stayed fairly the same as off the shake.


Don’t write off the faders just yet, many come back after another week or two. I test everything up to 8-12 weeks.


@Frostyjayjay Re: Bliss, Yeah, there’s fruit in there! I’m not 100% sure, but to me tastes like… cactus and honeydew? Cactus and some sorta melon, anyway… I think its Honeydew because there’s a flavor underflavor that reminds me of a Honedewey Bubble - Tea recipe that I got the flavors for and found flat out unvapable because it was way too strong.

However, Bliss is DIVINE… Totally a stand alone flavor. A bit too ‘zingy’ with the fruit right after mix (I mixed at 3%, which is the top of the spectrum) but after 3 days and a number of hot baths… Woah. Totally creamy, marshmallowey (and you’re right, its almost that fluffy, firm marshmallow that’s rolled in powered sugar, flavor?). The juicy zingy melony flavor has blended a bit and mellowed out, and its just lovely. I haven’t gotten the toasty notes yet, though.

As a totally random aside, I’ve not played with any recipes with Bliss, yet, but randomly mixed 50% of a Bliss single flavor juice at 3% concentrate in a squonk bottle with 50% steeped Kreed’s Custard. That is freaking amazing, and definitely bears some more experimentation.

Since they were out of Nic River Vanilla Milkshake, I also grabbed Nic River Sugar Crunch to play with. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


Is this where all the Nicotine River flavor reviews should go or is there a thread dedicated to it? Don’t want to impose on @Frostyjayjay fine review.


I’ve been wrestling with this myself.
Typically our notes threads are found using “tasting notes”, and review threads were kind of given “the respect” of being a one-off thread based around the OP’s post and opinions.

The closest I was able to find for Nicotine River was NicotineRivers new line of flavors but it never gained traction (IMO due to the uncertainty at the time as to whether or not they were going to go with Purilum or Nicotine_River as the brand…)

Given they seem to have opted to keep both… And we already have a Purilum Tasting Notes thread… My vote would be to re-title this thread to “Nicotine River Tasting Notes”.

This would preserve the ease of finding such threads by continuing to use “tasting notes” as the key phrase. JMHO