Nicotine River - Updates

Went through all that to get it and I guess since I bought a couple of your discounted flavors, it won’t give me the veteran discount. All is well as long as i get this in a reasonable amount of time.


I will PM you and get this taken care of. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! We’re having a labor day sale from now till 09/3/19 @ 11:59PM PST!

15% off all flavors! Code: LABOR

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I need VG. Does that count as a ‘flavor’ ?
Edit: Nevermind. Code didn’t work.

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Got shipment today. The quality of the flavors are excellent again. I have to say NR flavor quality is always the best.


Ordered nicotine yesterday.


Thank you for your order! :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say, as it’s no secret or anything my shipping with NR during the sale. I got 29 different items which takes about a minute to scroll through with my mouse including a galon of VG. Shipped 2 days later through Fedex. It should have been here today as it literally missed the dropoff by an hour.

Went through them before without isssue and it was my first place that I hit 4 years ago now. We’ll see if everything is correct which I would be impressed as ecigx as messed up a few times and so far NR and Bullcity have been flawless.

One question, I see you rebottle chemnovatic nic. You know vapertek’s nic, as that nic is the best besides Carolina, do you have the batch number along with other info, and then what is the bottle like?

Edit: Should say that order was placed on the 1st, shipped on the 3rd, and will get it on the 9th. So for all the haters, even on the sale, they were on top of their game. The days of being late are rare now but it still is ingrained in a lot of people’s heads and I’ve seen people on a DIY youtube chan talk about how they won’t go here because of bad experience. I think there was in isssue with the caps, which I got hit 4 years ago but that was fixed too but Gremlins was worse with their plastic bottles that the juice leeched through, I had a bottle with probably LA Watermelon (red) and it was the craziest thing.


Hello, thank you for placing your order with us. :slight_smile:

Regarding the Chemnovatic nicotine, we bottle it in white opaque plastic bottles similar to the image on the website. The styles can vary depending on the size of bottle that is ordered (500ml is the bottle on the site, 150ml is similar to a large pill style capsule). We retain test samples of every batch of nicotine made as well as creating our own certificate of analysis with every batch.

We definitely have had a past of delayed shipping. We have worked diligently to improve our fulfillment speeds and will continue to do so! We appreciate the honesty and the feedback! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River I ordered 6 days ago ( Order #153847) and my order still hasn’t been shipped, so I’m wondering if there is a problem?

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@benjy337 Hey, I just reached out to shipping regarding this order. We generally have a 1 - 3 business day lead time so at the latest this should have shipped yesterday. I have notified them to get this out ASAP and it’s expected to leave today. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else!

I have also PM’d you your tracking number.

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Hey everyone, we just released oil soluble flavors on our site! Although they are not intended for vaping they are mainly used for CBD applications like tinctures, creams, candies, etc. Feel free to browse around our selection, which is expected to expand soon! :slight_smile:

Also, we have received a few concerns regarding the recent news within the nicotine industry and why we would begin to offer oil soluble flavors in these times. Below is a response to that question/concern.

Statement (Below)

These flavors are mainly for CBD related products as the nicotine and CBD industries are closely linked together. On all products labels, web pages, collection pages, emails, and etc. the flavors clearly state that they are not intended for vaping. Oil soluble flavors can be used for a large variety of products like candies, aromas, tinctures, creams, etc. and for Nicotine River to miss out on the opportunity of diversifying its selection would be a huge mistake. Although we mainly service the vaping industry diversifying our selection in this time, especially now that Nicotine is under scrutiny, is quintessential for our company to remain healthy.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River, I can understand the need to diversify, especially in these times, and I did see the warning on the top of the page…

I was actually in the process of loading my cart, searched for Vanilla Custard, and sure enough, the TPA VC (OS) was the one I clicked on, and added to my cart. Saw the OS, didn’t really pay attention. I do see you have another warning on the product page, and oil soluable on the labels. I just hope others don’t make the mistake I did.

Like you mentioned, probably NOT the best time to be introducing anything oil soluable for sure, especially on a site where (for the most part) we have been shopping for vaping related components. It’s too bad you couldn’t have a sister site JUST for the NON-vaping related items, for zero confusion, but I’m aware of the added costs, hassles involved with that. I wish you guys the best of luck.


Thank you for your feedback and understanding our point of view within the situation. I will look into separating oil soluble and water soluble flavors even further on our website regarding searches. It may not be possible, but it definitely is a good point that you bring up! We will continue to expand and separate nicotine vaping related products and CBD related products even further once our new website launches. :slight_smile:


Like @SessionDrummer, I noticed the warning in red on the flavor page. What I think NR runs the risk of happening is someone accustomed to buying from you who orders (maybe they had 1 too many Coronas) then blindly mixing with an OS flavor and then becoming very sick. Sure, you might win an argument in court, but why even take that chance. Murphy’s Law.

I suggest you make a separate section. Call it something like TOPICAL USE AROMAS or something. Then upon opening the page, a disclaimer stating the person understands products are not intended for inhalation. Gotta click to proceed. Then make the warning in red but much larger. The point being to force shoppers to realize they’re perusing items which could pose health hazards.

Better yet, create another website and only link to it from the main NR one. I don’t think enough can be done to protect the consumer on a site that has 99% products intended for vaping. Otherwise, if a retooling of the business model is on the agenda, start from the ground up.


EXACTLY @SthrnMixer. That is EXACTLY what ALMOST happened to me, and I just wanted to STRESS that to everyone. How many times have I ordered from @Nicotine_River ?? A shit ton. So, I’m going through the motions, and didn’t feel like navigating all the way into the flavors, brand, looking for the flavors I needed, just searched for VC. 4th hit, click, add to cart. I DID notice the (OS) in the name, BUT, that didn’t stop me from click, click, clicking and adding more flavors to the cart.

Please don’t misunderstand everyone, not banging on NR, clearly (maybe make them ALL in red maybe, or bigger), they have warnings on the OS landing page, the individual product page, AND (DUH) it says (OS) on the label, so double dumb ass on me. NR IS smart to start diversifying for sure, and I don’t blame them. I was just afraid they might have other, ummmmm, … errrrrr, SHARP customers like myself, that MIGHT get themselves into a pickle.

Nailed it Robert. Thanks out to @Nicotine_River for emailing about this new line, adding warnings, and label changes. To be FAIR, I guess the same (Duh, I wasn’t paying attention) argument could be said about buying NIC. You can’t just go click, click, clicking, adding things to the cart, wondering why your 12mg NIC is making you sick, when it was ACTUALLY 100mg NIC !!!

Be smart shoppers/clickers, and watch what you put in your cart.


I did just that at NR on one of my latest purchases, buying PEG instead of PG. If I didn’t find it offensive to my delicate sensibilities - ahem, fodder for you jokester effers - I may have never noticed. But I found PEG exceptionally harsh and unvapable. So I trashed all of it and ordered more carefully next time. In this case, no harm no foul, and it was all on me for not paying more attention. However, the person who vapes OS flavors will probably do so out of ignorance or, as we’re discussing, force of habit from buying off NR for so long. Yeah, the argument can be made that if one has a history of purchases that the warnings should be painfully obvious. However, not so sure those would stand up in court.

And I too want to say - not hammering on NR. Not in the least. I only hope our words of caution serve a greater purpose.


And THERE it is …


Hey guys @SessionDrummer @SthrnMixer thank you for the feedback. I have made adjustments to the site and appreciate your constructive criticism! Please see below for the changes that have been made,

When checking out, if any Oil Soluble (OS) flavors are in the shopping cart it will display a warning before the customer is able to proceed. The box must be checked “Ok” or the customer will be unable to purchase the items in their cart.

Another minor adjustment is that Oil Soluble flavors in the navigation menu have been separated from the original water soluble flavors.

We expect our new website to be live soon, which will be incredibly smoother, more responsive, and will also give us more power to edit and separate the site for products like these. Also, there will definitely be some changing within the branding as well to accommodate for the diversifying variety of products we will begin to offer. The changing of the branding will help ensure that customers understand not all products we will begin to offer are strictly vape/nicotine related. Currently I am limited with our old site in regards to creating such separations, but we hope to expand on this once our new site is active. :slight_smile:


Nice work @Nicotine_River great response.