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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


I try and get as much as possible from nicotine river and last night I realized they don’t have Vanilla Swirl from TFA. I emailed them about it and a few other flavors they need to have. To make a long story short I have a scheduled phone call with the owner tomorrow to talk about flavors and brands that they should carry. Now mind you they’re not going to just buy a complete brand line but this is your chance to help me help us all by getting a place to get all our best flavors in one spot and cheaper than most places probably as well. We will be talking about flavorah as well. That’s important to me because they’re supposed to be making all their flavors just for us who make our own vape juice. If you’ve never bought from them I urge you to try the out. Customer service is the best I’ve ever had.

Sorry if there’s spelling errors I’m on my cell phone and my screen is cracked. I’ll update after I get home.

Nicotine River needs some input!

Their customer service might be good, but they still haven’t answered my email/contact form :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry Daath. Anything you’d like me to convey to the owner? He’s a really good guy from the 2 times we’ve talked but he seems super busy as well especially with their promos.


Well, you can tell him that I contacted them, but didn’t receive a response.


I can do that as well. Pm me your email or whatever information he’d need to look you up. I’ll make sure and get it to him as well.


I can always be reached at lars@ this domain name (well minus the forum-part) :smile:


I have always wished for a site I could go buy all of my flavors. I like Wizard Lab’s pricing. But they don’t carry Flavourart. So I buy from ECX when I need FA stuff. ECX only carries Inawera in 10ml bottles. So I buy that from Bull City. None of these carry Flavorah, so I have to buy that from another site like gremlindiy or Flavorah. It drives me crazy to have to pay to ship small orders. So I fill my cart at each stop. This causes me to spend way more than I need to. Tell them to start carrying everything :wink:


I’ve not got any FLV at all this is why I need your guys and gals help. I really want them but I don’t like to spend a bunch on shipping between 3-4 places. FLV flavors you can’t live without and what’s the best they have.


I have yet to use FLV but I am going to order the following soon to make a couple of recipes.According to several reviews these are all very good.
Cinnamon Crunch
Peanut Butter
Rich Cinnamon


I haven’t tried the Butterscotch yet. But the rest I can say are all phenomenal flavors. Their Yogurt is awesome also.


Flavorah favorites of mine:

Wild Melon
Honey Bee
Peanut Butter
Vanilla Custard
Rich Cinnamon
Sweet Coconut
Milk & Honey
Greek Yogurt


Flavorah flavors I use regularly:
Rich Cinnamon
Peanut Butter
Milk and Honey
Orange Citrus


I touched on lots of stuff with Grant the owner of Nicotine River and while I know there’s a lot I didn’t get to, sorry Daath, I forgot. I will be talking with him again soon and I will pass as much info along as I can. I made Flavorah a big point and I’m hoping that happens but I also touched on INW and CAP and a few others. He said that about 20 flavors of so for FA should be in soon so be ready for more FA at a very good price. I mentioned pipettes as well since I’ve topped buying syringes and he’s actually got them cheaper than I paid on amazon by a good margin.

So if any of you look over there and see something they don’t have please let me know, don’t forget it’s free shipping until the coming year too.

So now, I want to ask you awesome people about tobacco flavors. I know nothing about who makes good flavors of tobacco but I know some of you do. Any that you guys love from TFA, FA, CAP, INW, etc that would interest you?


@Jimk is a big tobacco recipe guy… Oh Jiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm ??? Calling @Jimk !!!


Why doesn’t the owner of NR just come here and chat???


I hear ya! :wink:

I’m inclined to stand with a pirate-like quid pro quo response. Should they be so inclined to lock in a permanent 15% coupon code for ELR members, specifically, I would be so inclined to provide them with a selection of good tobacco flavorings for them to sell. The parlay for both parties involved should prove beneficial.

Have they contacted you yet @daath?


That is what I think Daath was asking about. I already emailed him saying Daath here at ELR had tried to contact him before. I also asked about a discount code for us as well since I’m guessing that’s what it was about. I can only imagine that there’s a lot of stuff going on to grow or manage a company. I really don’t know how anyone could do it. I can’t manage my 3 kids to get anything done so something more than that boggles my mind lol. I’d just like a single place to spend my money on vaping supplies. I forget everything as it is so when more companies come into the mix I forget stuff. I keep forgetting to get Cream Cheese frosting from LA and at this rate I’ll probably always forget when I have money and keep remembering when I’m broke.

As much help as I’ve gotten from all of you guys here I’ll ask for a code for us every time I get Nic or Vg and such from them.


@Jimk - Not to get off the subject, but speaking of Tobacco flavors, I just tried my first last night at my local vape shop. It was a juice made by the Vapor Chef line. They have 3 new ones named after Sherlock Holmes characters. http://thevaporchef.com/

I tried the Moriarty. Oh my god, I said. That stuff is the bomb. You really should try them and please please please tell me how to make some! :wink:

Ok, resume topic.


Someone here already got os a 10% discount code: ELR - I asked him for ELRECIPES before the other guy asked, I think - but again, I didn’t hear from him…


oh well I’ll still try and have him message you Daath. Like I said, you all here have been so damn helpful with making juice that I probably would’ve quit trying to make juice by now. I’ve still not made anything I am excited about but I keep trying and I’ll keep trying until I get something right or die lol. eventually one will happen.