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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Thank you, that’s awesome.


My over nite package arrived early this morning, those twist caps are super nice.

Big Thank You to Nicotine River!!


Love those bottles… Going to need some for the mixes haha


Good luck with customs. I had 4 out 5 turned back or 100’s $ worth of duties put on for very little product. One time dhl asesed 34$ duty. I paid then it was still shipped back and i did not get my duties back.


Flavors are too expensive I’ll stick with bull city


Nicotinerivers flavors are too expensive???
did you really just say that???



Grant, I just received my most recent order. I love the new bottles man! Thank you…I feel like you going to these new bottles is a special gift to all of us and I for one am very grateful!


Here’s my order from NR -
3-60ml Capella. @ $7.50/60ml bottle that works out to 12.5 cents per ml
7-60ml FA @ $6.50/60ml bottle that works out to 10.8 cents per ml

At BCV (I do like them, but let’s just be honest one bloody second here) the cost is

Capella Vanilla Custard V1 - $2.50/13 ml, or 19.2 cents per ml, but if you get the 4 oz at $12.99 (118 ml) that comes to 11 cents per ml.

FA Fuji Apple -
10ml is $2.99, or 29 cents per ml, you can get 30ml for $5.74 or 19 cents per ml, or you can get 4 oz (118 ml) for $17.99, or 15.2 cents per ml.

Math is your friend.


I would have to agree in certain situations as It depends on the individual order , if you need a larger quantity Nicotinerivers prices are unbeatable.I still use BCV when buying new flavors that I am not ready to commit to buying in bigger bottles.
I am getting to point that I am trying to cut back on new flavorings and buying larger quantities of the ones I like.I will be using Nicotineriver more and more.


You are very welcome my friend! We are switching the 150ml’s bottles to the new 120mls bottles just like the 60mls starting next week. We will be reducing the price to give the same discounts for the 30ml decrease in size. Thank you for everything!


We appreciate that my friend! We are trying to streamline everything we are doing and then our next mission is to focus on the smaller sizes :slight_smile:


I appreciate your willingness to get on this forum and help with questions or concerns that we have.Anyone can clearly see that you are going above and beyond and that is great for everyone!


Of course! I will always try to adapt to everyone’s needs. Thank you again and have a great day!


I bought from Nicotine River before they got into flavors and was happy when I saw they were getting into them. I recently bought a few flavors and some nicotine and a couple of gallons of VG and was happy with the entire transaction. I like the new bottles and I think things are looking up for us DIYers thanks to Nicotine River.

My first post on ELR by the way and I’m really glad I found this thread.


Part of my above post was a lie. I have posted before. Sorry bout that.


Thank you for that my friend!


Well, I just made my first order from Nicotine River this weekend, and just got a shipping notification. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ordered from a company that doesn’t offer free shipping, however, they do offer good prices on quite a few of their items. To be honest, I didn’t order for the longest time because with the shipping cost, the prices are not quite as competitive, as well as 60ml being their smallest size offered on most their flavorings. And for just myself, a 60ml on most flavorings will last me way past the expiration dates. But, after all the excellent recommendations and reviews I have been seeing lately, I decided even if the cost is slightly more on certain items, as a whole it’s very little difference, and I’m willing to pay a little more as the level of service and quality has to figure in as well. So, I can’t wait to get my first order, and I hope everything goes well and I have a long future with their company! Thank you all for making time to give reviews and feedback on vendors, it is very very helpful, and I realize it takes effort and time away from your families. I am very appreciative!


I received my order today from @Nicotine_River, ordered 100ml nic and pg and 25 Unicorn bottles. Very fast shipping, they sent that order out right after I placed it. Great job guys! I will definitely be ordering again.


Good afternoon my friend!

I genuinely appreciate that and we are working on smaller sizes :slight_smile: what is your order number? I would love to make sure your order flows through perfectly.

Thank you!


Thank you very much, my friend! We appreciate your business and have a great week :slight_smile: