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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Grant is there any kind of deal people out of Canada can get when ordering for shipping. I know it’s a long shot but told this Canadian DIY group I was in about your company and was hoping there might be something? I put in for the 6.50 on Nonna’s Cake for a friend the shipping came out to 10.45 … so maybe an order of so much to get reduced? I don’t know thought it was worth a shot to ask though. Here’s the FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/689324491078456/permalink/1133285143349053/?comment_id=1133312270013007&notif_t=group_comment_mention


Your very welcome :slight_smile:


Good morning! Canada is tough for shipping, no matter how small the item is the shipping is always still astronomical. The only solution would be to order a high dollars worth to have the shipping make sense.


I’m putting in my vote for you to carry Inawera as well. I’ve been wanting to order from you…but sucks to shop at 2 different places and pay 2 different shipping fees. Just at some point in the future of your continued expansion! Congrats on your growth and continued success. Sounds like your customer service is responsible!


Thank you very much my friend! What bottle sizes do you suggest we carry?

Thank you!


Wellllll :wink: I would like to see you get 30ml sizes in on all flavors as I don’t use it fast enough to keep it fresh. However, I would personally buy the 60ml if that is the smallest offered. Thank you for polling :slight_smile:


I second what @MysticRose said. I’d love 30mls. I only mix for myself and I have very little room so I usually don’t buy anything bigger than that. But, I’d buy 60ml Inawera if that was what you offered. :slight_smile:


I decided to try Nicotine River for the first time over the weekend since they had the much hyped FA Nonna’s Cake in stock. I must admit when I went to checkout I almost cancelled the deal due to $16.00 shipping charges.I am so used to getting free shipping from most vendor’s it sent me into shock.
I started adding up the same cost from my usual supplier at Bull City Vapor and found that if I ordered larger amounts of the flavorings it was cheaper at Nicotine River.I can see why NR is liked so well by those that mix larger quantities or use large amounts of certain flavors.
I am now trying to figure out how to use 150ml of Nonna’s Cake!


Single flavor recipe? :grin:


Well , I have seen where HIC said at 3% it makes a wonderful standalone!
Hmmmm how much would 150ml make at 3%…


5 litres. DO IT!! :grinning:


I ain’t skeered! buuuttttttt…
I probably should be when I see that I now have 180 flavors and only about 20 that I actually use!


Are there any promo codes for this site ?


according to the list at http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources you can get 10% with “ELR”


4995ml lol


I just received my order today 3/29/16 and there was no twist tops with the order. I ordered 5 60ml flavors and no twist tops where to be found in the package. Whats up with that?

I also ordered Flavorart Black Cherry and was sent TPA Black Cherry.


What is your order number? I will have all of this priority overnighted to you now.

My apologies my friend!


Thank you!! :grinning: My order #8355

This was my fourth order from Nicotine River and it wont be my last. Customer service is the best.

PS: Please get some butter pecan, peach, and vanilla cupcake Flavor West PLEASE!!


Just got off the phone talking to Wes from Nicotine River, Wes called me to confirm what was wrong with my order and to tell me he was over niting the items.

Now that’s what I call 1st Class Service. :grinning: Number 1 in my book.


Just ordered those from Flavor West. They will be up on the website by Thursday.

Thank you!