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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Most of my setup is in 30 ml bottles… so one vote for 30 Mls.


If I only had to pick one of those sizes it’d be the 30ml. 10ml are nice for testers if I’m not sure about the flavor, but most flavors I like I’m gonna order in at least 30ml.


I vote 30ml for known flavorings.
Would love to see a 10 or 15ml option for sampling new flavorings.


i agree with the 30ml


15ml for flavors I don’t know or have a comparable flavor of, 30ml once I see it is something others rate well or I see as something I may want to try with a number of things.


Has anyone have experience with there nic? I haven’t seen any talk about the nicotine in the thread and I see in nicselect. Which I believe I’ve used before but any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Prices are definitely amazing last place I purchased 500ml from I believe was roughly 20 bucks more. So definitely want to jump on the nicotine river band wagon. Just want to get a couple opinions from people that have purchased it thank you


I have (and am currently using) 100mg/mL nicotine from Nicotine River. It slightly was more costly than the nicotine I had gotten from BullCity but the nicotine from Nicotine River I had gotten was crystal clear with no scent and no real taste, I will be purchasing it again, imho it is excellent quality. They (Nicotine River) had ran a special for a free gallon of VG or PG awhile back (when I purchased mine) if your order was over 75 dollars, which enticed me to initially try their other items… flavorings, extremely happy I did, it made me see the cost effectiveness of their pricing of flavorings.


I’d go with a 15 and a 30, I have a few things that I mix that call for a very small amount of certain flavors even a 30 would last longer than a year, probably more like 2


@MasterElixirs They are the best, I was given 3 120 mlbottles of nude armor that I’d trade in a heartbeat for an equal amount or close of Nic River Nicotine. It is the best I’ve used. I’ve tried probably 5 different brands Nic River was the cleanest smoothest I love it.


I personally have only bought the 60ml (unless it’s Sweet Strawberry, then I go 150ml) but for new flavors I would prefer the 30 or 15ml. I’m not one for long commitments :laughing:


Hey @Nicotine_River what do people do with your stickers?


I say we find the FDA company car lot and stealth-stick.


Haven’t used my sticker yet… Might put it on the car, I have that same scale, might do that hah :slight_smile:


Only if we put a very large “CLOUDS BITCH!!!” below it!:smiling_imp:


My vote would be for 30 ml bottles.


It’d be more fun to sticker bomb them like ten or twenty per car. :japanese_ogre:


Keep a fresh one on my Sigelei as soon as its started to fade I’ve gotten another order to replace it with. Looked good until recently and sure enough needed to order VG haha.
I’ll have to get some extra stickers from them these 60ml are turning out great and stash is finally getting and most important staying stocked


Woot woot!


Dang, I told him about that over a year ago. Hey at least it finally came through.