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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


@Nicotine_River I just received my latest order today. I’m loving the 4oz PET bottles. Thanks for the great pricing, packaging, and for including the twist tops for everything. You guys rock!


17 oz but no free shipping @Nicotine_River ?


Usually when I run into this I just add a small bottle of nic and it kicks in free shipping. I’m thinking the way it’s calculated that an ounce of volume isn’t necessarily an ounce of weight… I may be wrong though :slight_smile:


with the weight of the bottles it should be at least a pound , even without its over a pound


Just shoot a message to customer care…they will handle it, I promise you


Email wes@nicotineriver.com with you first name, last name, and your order number. We will look into this and find a solution ASAP! Thank you!


Day late dollar short… just added another ounce (or 2). not a problem, I wanted to try FA Red Touch Strawberry anyway lol thanks for the response though @Nicotine_River (and others).


@CallMeTut when you find the percentages of each of those combined to make the perfect strawberry , please let me know! :yum:


Actually 2 of the strawberries are for my step-daughters adv (and by adv I mean it is the only thing she vapes, no matter how much I keep trying her to at the very least try something different) a very simple mix of that I call “StrawTips”:

6.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
5.00% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
5.00% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)

She did vape one other thing that I had, had Strawberry Shisha (INW) in it also but I believe it was just a different version of the same above recipe.


I have not heard of the Strawberry Biscuit before but it sounds good!


is that the rose


Yes. Each one is hand drawn, so each is unique!
Thanks for noticing!


I have the strawberry biscuit…just mixed up a tester a few days ago and it has promise! I started a thread for the new line of NR flavors. Check it out!


I see where you are going with this ! Love it![quote=“Whiterose0818, post:305, topic:41215”]
I started a thread for the new line of NR flavors

Will do!



Grant, I’ve been picking up your flavors (River) and now Purilum. Questions -

Are these flavors you’re having made or that you make that are unique and genuine or are they mixtures of other flavor companies’ flavors? Or perhaps is it a combination of that? I would be interested as I’m sure others would as well to know more about what you got cooking over at NR.

FYI - I LOVE Kilanca. Made a Kilanca Custard and can’t put it down. All of them seem very nice.


i asked same question not to long ago answer is post #512 over on nicotine river update & deals thread sorry i dont know how to copy from phone


Thanks man! Post# 512 is here.

As for the Purilum brand vs River, I didn’t find anything searching so perhaps @Nicotine_River can give some background. I did find this post from @DarthVapor and the logo is the same so there we go. Now just to get the 411.


i think RIVER is the old name


after seeing that post from darth i see what ur asking now and why


Good evening!

November and December have been insane so I personally apologize for being a ghost lately. There are TONS of things that are we are changing and adding for this coming 2017 - all for the better. First thing to discuss is,

1. Purilum - River Flavors

River flavors was initially something we slowly wanted to move in to. The trouble was that the first couple flavors we created were not built from scratch or in other words from a molecular level. To be honest this bothered me and the team because what we were doing wasn’t that impressive. Upon going through this I can tell you guys that I can guarantee that 95% of the people in this industry that say they manufacture their own flavors are whole heartedly lying except for the name brands. If we could of done it we would of hahaha! Now where does Purilum fit into all of this? Purilum is company we have been working with very closely for a long time. They have a extremely large and sophisticated flavor house in North Carolina. You can check out a video of there business HERE

We believe that there is still a ton of gaps left in this industry when it comes to flavors and we want to bridge them to the best of our abilities. So long story short - on the website they now say “Purilum” instead of “River Flavors” because that is who manufacturers them from scratch. We have no desire to lie and say we do them in house because 1. We no longer do and 2. We want everyone to know the level professionalism that is going into these. All flavors are free of all the bad chemicals and are exclusively sold at Nicotine River :slight_smile:

2. Nicotine Salts

This product will be launching mid January. People have been asking us to carry these products and we are in the final stages of our formulation. Also, this product will not be outlandishly expensive like most people out there are selling it for :slight_smile: It will be relative to our current nicotine prices!

3. NicShield

NicShield is very similar to another product on the market that I am sure you all have heard of that is not carried by us :slight_smile: this product is again our way of putting things into perspective that not everything is worth breaking the bank over. This product will also be released in the middle of January :slight_smile:

I will have more updates come soon on some even larger matters! Feel free to ask any questions as I have now finally caught up.

Thank you all again for everything!