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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Thank you sir for the explanation. Good stuff. So, the blends you rolled out under the River brand, will those continue? Are they still going to be mixed as they were prior to release or reformulated by Purilum?

Looking forward to the ride with NR in 2017!


Purilum is reformulating them based off our previous recipe they will be identical :slight_smile:


Nic River, I recently ordered some nicotine salts liquid from your site because I am wanting to get a higher nicotine hit without the harshness I get from anything above 6mg e-juice made with freebase nicotine . I live in Canada so I had to order the 48mg/ml option for international shipping . Do I basically use it the same as my 100mg/ml freebase nic ? and go for my 6mg target that I already use or maybe a 9mg because it won’t be as harsh now ?



Double Chocolate (CAP) not v2 if the original is available
Toasted Almond (CAP)


Wanted to try and help you out with a few things…

The best way to try and get an active member’s attention here is to “tag” them by using an ampersand, and then use the drop-down menu to select the member name (ie: @Nicotine_River). This puts a notification icon (the blue circle on the upper right over your user name that you see if someone likes a post you made, quotes you, tags you, etc).

Incidentally, if you see a green circle on the upper left, that means you have a PM (private message) or a new post on a private thread you may be involved in.

Most importantly, wanted to clear up the misunderstanding between freebase nic, and 100mg/ml nic.

Freebase nic (as I’ve always understood it) is pure nicotine, or 1000mg/ml (1gram).

1000mg nic has been “cut down” (usually for safe handling) by having been added to PG or VG (for our purposes/intents) to end up with 100mg. while 100mg is still ultra strong, it’s still potentially hazardous.

Regardless, I’ve been in some shops that use pure nicotine (aka freebase nic) and were you to ask for freebase nic, they might assume that you know what you’re doing, and make the mistake of selling it to you, not knowing that you’re thinking is only 100mg. You can see the inherent risk I’m sure, in just such a scenario…

At any rate, from a safety standpoint, and because things like this have happened (I’ve read on ELR, and elsewhere that folks unknowingly bought freebase…), my personal take is the onus is on you for that extra layer of safety! YOUR safety (or a family member, roommate, pet… ). But you can’t know if you don’t research, or someone doesn’t say something.

Anyways, NicotineRiver is awesome about responding, and phenomenal customer service, so I have no doubt you’ll get guidance.

But please don’t take my long-winded post as anything less than wanting to make sure you stay safe in these new endeavors!

Hopefully this helped!

Help with Proper use of Nicotine salts in DIY

At sign, not ampersand. Ampersand is the and sign. :stuck_out_tongue:

To add to what you said, this is a really old thread. They’re more likely to pay attention to their vendor thread:


LMAO! I st&nd reminded!
Thank you ma’am! :hugs: :thumbsup:

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Hey @timmybear1

In regards to mixing the salts, they are mixed the exact same way as normal Nicotine. If you simply plug into the ejuice calculator that your desired strength is 6-9mg and your Nicotine strength is 48mg the calculator will work it’s magic and give you the same results as if it was 100mg. In regards to the Salts themselves they will deliver a smoother hit even at 6-9mg however, the higher strength you go the smoother the vape!

*45-50mg is our suggested Nicotine limit for Salts/Normal Nicotine and we do not recommend anyone going above that strength as it can be lethal or dangerous.


Thank you for all the nic info and tips on tagging people, I’m still a newb on this forum and haven’t had the chance to learn all the ins and outs yet . The freebase Nic diluted to 100mg/ml whatever is what I meant . I don’t want that level of safety concern when mixing pure stuff . I definitely appreciate your post regarding personal safety and only took it as such.



Thanks! That helps


@Nicotine_River can you please! Add inw cherries to your selection… You have INW cherry and it is different from INW cherries…the consensus seems to be that the “cherries” is far superior than the “cherry” Thank you! :smiley:


Hello! This is being looked into by the Flavor Manager and should be ordered shortly :slight_smile:

Expect it to be up on the site within 1-2 weeks! :tada:

Thank you for informing us of this!


If anyone believes we should carry a new flavor please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate! :slight_smile:


This is why i love @Nicotine_River and it has become my go to for all my needs! Plus your larger sizes come with proper PET bottles and twist caps. I recently had to order a shwack of bottles to replace the low quality LDPE bottles i recieved from other vendors…keep up the amazing work!


Of course! We appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

We’re always here to take care of our customers :relaxed:


Any plans to add any more wonder flavors? There are a few i would like to try and minmun on their site is a 16oz! Oatmeal cream cookie? :wink: hmmm lol


@Nicotine_River as you continue to be my flavorite one step shop for everything DIY i humbly request the addition (whence the big move is complete) of Molinberry flavors, specifically pink raspberry, funky pineapple and big watermelon, there are many other good ones too but these i would order in large bottles. Hear ye,Hear ye, a little encouragement from my fellow mixes might be helpful please and thank you :wink: