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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


Yup. I’m not a big creator either. I have a few, but not anywhere near as many as some of the others. Most of the stuff I vape is adapted from other people’s recipes. So, I try to serve the community in other ways and help out as best I can. Every good chef needs a sous. :wink:

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We have a majority of flavors from FA and Flavorah in stock now. There is more on the way!

Thank you!


When will INW be available? And which flavors?





Ordered 4 days ago and still not processed. Ordered ecx same day, processed and shipped next day in transit now. Ouch nic rivers shipping 32$ ecx similar package 19$


ive been ordering from ecx for years but this last order i placed with them on the 1st took 6 days to process, im still waiting, meanwhile i placed orders to poland for inawera, cali for the perfumers apprentice, and flavora and received all of them :rage: ill be shopping elsewhere for awhile

NR got my flavorart to me with the quickness and at an amazing price to boot, thats how i like it :wink:


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I just refunded you your shipping, it definitely should not take this long and I will look into this tomorrow morning. I apologize for this and your order will be the first one out in the AM.

Thank you!


Having issues getting larger quantities then there pre bottled sizes they sell on the website. Still on the hunt!


shit, brother, looks like you need to do some reading up on the forum!

and then theres always:



right there, brother…that dont work, you just might hafta fly yo ass right on over to Poland yourself!


Wow thx dude! Greatly appreciated


I had issues with my shipment as well John. Grant resolved my problem and went above and beyond into outer space even. @Nicotine_River - Grant, I just want to say thank you. I was a bit frustrated at first, but finally getting my order and the way you handled it was far better than you needed to just to make me a happy customer. I will be buying all of my refills (4oz and up) flavorings from Nicotine River.

As far as Inawera… I think unless you can compete with that Polish site I wouldn’t bother LOL. They have some ridiculously good prices and shipping. But I am sure I will catch hell for even suggesting this :wink:

As for the bottles, I am curious what you are thinking of using Grant. I am starting a thread asking for favorite bottles to dispense and store flavorings in. Everyone has their preferences. I would like to see what everyone prefers.

@Nicotine_River @DonovanECX - I really hope you and the other retailers have made some nice donations to the site here. You and the other retailers have had a unique opportunity here, and I think it is really amazing for a forum to allow this to happen. Every other forum on the planet requires vendors to pay to advertise and communicate on their forum, and the retailers are usually restricted to a particular forum that nobody pays attention to. In my opinion… this is exactly the way businesses and customers should interact.

We need to hand out an award to @daath for giving us this freedom, and another to the retailers that have taken the time to participate here. It has been a really big win win for all involved. Kudos to you guys!


That polish site e aroma does not seem to have a lot of shisha


They have a shitload of Shisha flavors. More than I even knew existed. From their home page on the left under Categories click “Flavors for E-Cigarette”. Then look 8 links below that for the “Shisha Type” link.


Stupid page numbers are on top! Just ordered 30 inw from there and now I got to order again


For some reason, shipping from Poland is reasonable and not too bad…Ive ordered direct from Inawera a few times…never more than 8 days…and I have the assurance the flavors arent diluted by resellers-


That’s true. However, it’s also nice to shop at one location when you can and trust the distributor. I can’t say 100% that NR does not dilute their flavors, but I don’t believe they do because of comparing what I receive from them to what I’ve received from the source. And I trust Grant - a rare thing between marketers and consumers these days.

One thing to consider is with companies like Nicotine River, ECX, BCV and others, we are their primary clientele. They know if they do something nefarious like cut flavors, and get caught, it’s game over. Moreover, since we and they exist in such a unique way (you can’t get FA Lemon Sicily from Walmart) there is the opportunity for forming a relationship that is friendly and personable. You won’t find that with the source apart from spending thousands per month. Your little $200 order twice a year doesn’t warrant much personal attention.

Just food for thought.

EDIT - I should have said our $200 twice a year. I wasn’t singling you out @jacatro

But I will say if your or I started spending $5,000/month at, say, Flavour Art. We would get plenty of one-on-one attention from them and phone calls/emails frequently making sure we’re happy. Otherwise we’re small potatoes to the the big companies and naturally small potatoes sift to the bottom.


I don’t know how long you’ve been mixing, but Ive gotten diluted flavors PLENTY of times…There are a few distributors I trust…OK- one…OneStop DIY Shop…I did get NicSelect nicotine from Nicotine River, but now I’ve decided I like Vaperstek better…
Let’s face it…anytime flavors are bought in bulk and transferred into 10 and 30ml sizes…there’s going to be variations…whether its a ml short, or watered down…or just oxidized…I get my Flavourart directly from FANA…Inawera from Poland…everything else from Onestop…


Are you in the states? How do you buy FA direct?