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Nicotine Rivers growing flavors and how you can help


http://flavourart.com/en/ :slightly_smiling: Don’t know if they ship to US though, but I think they do…


I’ve been mixing a while now. First started about 5 years ago but got serious a couple years back. But let me just say this. I’m old school. Word of mouth is my main influence for purchases, and I take my friends’ advice 99 times out of 100. @Nicotine_River selling flavoring was recommended by a friend here, so I bought. by the way Grant, if you’re reading, I bought a couple more flavors and a gallon each of your PG/VG. I’m a man of my word! But let me tell you if I found out NR or any other company was cutting their flavors that would be the end of our relationship. And it wouldn’t stop there. I would blab my big mouth about it to anyone who would listen. I think many of us are like that…ready at a moment’s notice to share the negative. But to old school dudes like myself, a positive report goes just as far. So yeah, I’ll stick with the personal touch people like Grant provides and who actually cares about my business instead of being just another schmuck one of the big companies don’t give two dead flies about.

Whew, that was a mouthful. Now how about sharing who the resellers are who have sold you cut flavors so we can know who to watch out for.


I feel that shoulda came out his mouth as soon as he opened it…I wanna know as well!


I am quite interested to know as well!


He’s gone…like a fart in the wind


Oh hey Grant, I mentioned your company to a few people in reddit…they’d never heard of you…ever thought about getting your name out there?


Honestly man, I have been pretty weary about jumping on there posting stuff. They have annihilated me before for not reading the rules properly haha.


I hear ya…definitely different caliber folks than us forum folks…
would you rather I not mention your company there? Or is an occasional mention in the clear?


Just message the moderators and mention in your post that you got an OK :slightly_smiling:


Well said!


These are the Capella flavors I will be adding this week,

Blueberry Flavor Concentrate
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Flavor Concentrate
Cinnamon Danish Swirl Flavor Concentrate
French Vanilla Flavor Concentrate
Graham Cracker Flavor Concentrate
Harvest Berry Flavor Concentrate
Juicy Peach Flavor Concentrate
Lemon Meringue Pie Flavor Concentrate
Raspberry Flavor Concentrate
Strawberries and Cream Flavor Concentrate
Sugar Cookie Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Guava Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Lychee Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Mango Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Strawberry Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Tangerine Flavor Concentrate
Vanilla Custard Flavor Concentrate
Vanilla Custard v2 Flavor Concentrate
Sweet Cream Flavor Concentrate
Dragon Fruit Flavor Concentrate
Super Sweet Concentrated Liquid Sucralose Sweetener
Butter Cream Flavor Concentrate
Golden Butter Flavor Concentrate
Blueberry Jam Flavor Concentrate

If there is any others you guys would like to see please let me know and thank you very much for everything!


Just one I can think of right now - Toasted Almond.


I am soooo curious: what sizes will you be offering?? And I ask this with one flavor in mind: CAP vanilla custard


V1 or V2? - I will be carrying 60ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1 Liter


V1 for sure! I love love that flavor and use it a LOT…its a flavor often not in stock.
Its a fav among many a forum member


And thats awesome that you will be carrying it your usual sizes! Your sizes and prices are completely untouchable!


I will make sure to always have those flavors in stock!


Did any of you guys get the email that they lowered all TFA prices? Some of the 60ml bottles are $4 now.


Yes, I got it too. I’m excited for it as that’s a lot better pricing than flat rate. Now to wait for the Capellas to be in stock so I can get back to my failed project because the TFA flavor just wasn’t quite right.


Hey, Grant…I went to your site, looking at Capellas and saw 150ml bottles were the biggest…did I miss something or are bigger sizes on the way?