Nicotine River's Liquid Nicotine


I’m pretty sure that I know the answer to this question, but I just want to be 100% sure before I order, as I’m just starting DIY ejuice mixing.
So here’s the question:
I assume that Nicotine River’s 3mg liquid nicotine in 100% VG base is equivalent to a premixed 3mg nicotine ejuice that I buy, just unflavored?
So if I add 20% PG flavoring for example, my final juice will be 80vg/20pg with 2.4mg nicotine?

Sorry for the dumb question.

There are no dumb questions.
here is a top secret URL with your answer, don’t share this recipe with anyone…
I used the recipe side of the site to make your base liquid and you are right.
I suggest getting a little stronger nicotine tho, and buy both PG and VG, start with small bottles and experiment to see if your mixes will work. Some sites suggest buying a base nicotine with PG and VG and just adding flavor, but its more controllable and easier to buy slightly stronger nicotine, and PG and VG and your flavors then controlling with your recipe exactly the nicotine strength and PG/VG and flavor ratios.
Study this URL also
It uses PG VG and 12mg nicotine to make the base.
Note: These recipes will self destruct in a couple of weeks.


Thanks a lot for you reply, but I’m not sure why I should use a 12mg base if I never want my final juice to be stronger than 3mg, and am more than happy for it to be anywhere between 2mg-3mg.
Am I missing something?

You can never get 3mg e juice if your nic strength is 3mg per ml. I suggest buying just slightly stronger nic like possibly 6mg and diluting it downward for your final mix.

Ok, thanks.

Not sure how accurate this is but basic cost breakdown looks about like this… you’ll see a cost savings esp if/when @Nicotine_River does a sale.


Thanks, but the cost is so low anyway that I’m not worried about it.

Ohhhh, while I agree that the cost is low, I am always liking the idea that I am making a good decision with what I purchase. Same as purchasing bottles and such… I can get bottles locally for about a buck, but online for 25 cents… I was traveling earlier this year and a brick and mortar location in NC made me pay 12 dollars for 30 ml of 8mg pg/vg base (no flavoring in it). Just drove me up a wall… lol

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the answer to your question is… for the most part yes. it may be a little less but yes. of course i am assuming you are using it as your base

Thank you.

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If you are nervous using 100mg nic then start with 30 or 60 and get your feet wet with it. I was never really bothered by it but then years ago I had a job where I had to measure some caustic chemicals and got used to the idea of a pair of gloves to work in. Once I get the nic added and the preliminary mix done I feel safe enough to pull the gloves and mix again. and again and again. I’m so anal when it comes to mixing my liquids it’s not funny

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Its cheaper to buy 30 ML of 36 MG and keep cutting down by half with VG because VG is cheap…but VG with pre-mixed nicotine at 3 MG is not cheap

30 ML of 36 MG (Add 30 ML VG becomes 60 ML of 18 MG)

60 ML of 18 MG (Add 60 ML VG becomes 120 ML of 9 MG)

120 ML of 9 MG (Add 120 ML VG becomes 240 ML of 4.5 MG)

240 ML of 4.5 MG (Add 240 ML VG becomes 480 ML of 2.5 MG)

If you bought at ecigexpress, you have 480 ML of close to 2 MG Liquid for $10.50 or so because your cost is $5.49 for Nic and $5.00 for VG (buying large quantity of VG)

If you buy 480 ML of 3 MG Pre-Made Nicotine your cost is $20.00.

(Don’t forget to shake it until your arm falls off though)

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Thanks everyone, I will buy some high mg nicotine.

Just remember to buy gloves with it and you should be fine! :smile:


Nic River sells the Nitrile Gloves as well as a lot of mixing equipment for a very decent price. I always use the gloves. Also Nic River is a great place for Nic. The only place I buy my nic from. Also when you have a solid recipe, great place to buy liquids in bulk for a damn good price.


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Everytime I go to my Dr. he lets me swipe 5 or 6 pair of good nitrile gloves. I don’t think I’ve ever bought them lol

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Have you looked at our recipe side yet. talk about never running out of things to try. if you input the flavors you have in your stash you can ask for recipes you can make with what you have. A cool little toy to play with.

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I’m off to build enchilada’s. y’all behave now.

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