Nicotine storage and suggestions

Hello everyone! I’ve been diy’ing since November of last year… Just about every 3 months I go through a 120ml bottle of 100mg vg based nicotine from Carolina xtracts. With the climate of the regulations I’ve been wondering about possible spikes in prices or if the time will come sooner than later where we won’t be able to order nicotine without a special license or even worse not at all. So I’ve been considering biting the bullet and ordering a whole liter which should be around a 2 year supply… Now I’ve read keeping nicotine in the freezer is the best idea… But I’m wondering when I get it should I split it up into smaller bottles, keep them in the freezer and just use them one at a time… Or would it be better to just refill one bottle over and over? Which would be better to keep the oxidation to a minimum?

And lastly, I remember a YouTube video saying vg based nicotine can have hot spots. Would freezing cause that moreso than not? And if so should I let it thaw and give it a proper shaking before transferring???

I sure hope this is somewhat coherent lol

Thanks everyone!

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split it down into 120ml amber bottles freeze them and just use one at a time .

@PirateVapes has some information about storing nicotine base on there website


Yep, it’s already happening. I think it’s wise to stock up.

The fewer times you open any given bottle, the better. Personally, I’ve bought smaller bottles (250ml) and have kept them factory sealed and stuck them in the deep freeze. But if you’re buying larger bottles, definitely split them up into amber bottles like @anon88729607 suggested for long term storage.

It can have more hot spots because it’s thicker. If you already have some in the freezer and you’re wanting to split it up, then yes. Thaw completely to room temp, shake really well, and then transfer.


I shake mine well before freezing and I pour out 100ml at a time as I need it. I never have "hot"spots and my test strips are always on target.


Don’t worry about it too much for at least 18 months… there’s a lot of lawsuits over nicotine going to be coming before the courts. I’m not sure the FDA will win all these battles.


Thanks everyone for the replies!!! Also what’s shelf life for pg based flavorings? I’d imagine it depends on the flavor. I’ve heard 6 months but I have some I’ve had since November that I haven’t noticed much change with

Depending on how you store them, 9months to a year but with PG being an anti bacterial it could be a lot longer

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most of my bottles say 12 months

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just now found this thread again and figured i should toss in something that really works. a self sealing plug. no more messes ever, no contamination, no leaks, very easy draw. i take another large syringe and suck the air out of the bottle when finished to keep the nic very happy. if you use this, you will need a normal flat cap because the cone type sealing cap will NOT fit with the plug in the bottle.