Nicotine storage?

Just got a nice email about nicotine from nic river…

@Nicotine_River, I like the idea given in the email about storing nicotine @ nicotine river…

To help in the preservation of your nicotine, we offer to divide your blends into smaller bottles to be shipped incrementally and at your preference. By using this method, only a small portion of your nicotine will be exposed at one time while the rest are waiting to be mixed.

Example: If you order twenty gallons of 100 mg strength NicSelect nicotine (in any base) and this lasts 2 months, we will ship out twenty individual (nitrogen packed and foil sealed), 1-gallon containers to be opened and used as needed.

But I have a question ?

Would this pertain to the average DIY who doesn’t go thru 20 gallons of nic in 2months. For example the last time I ordered nic from liquid barn was March 09, 2018 05:57PM. I ordered 250ml of 100mg pg nic… which arrived in two 125ml bottles… bottle 1 is about half full. Bottle 2 is stored in the freezer…


Hello! In regards to the example, storing Nicotine properly is recommend for all size ranges. Whether it be a small 60ml bottle or a large Gallon. Nicotine is extremely weak to heat, light, and oxygen. We just wanted to send out this email and make sure everyone was on the same page with how they store their product as Summer tends to cause problems with oxidation throughout the industry. :slight_smile:


Still curious thou how much would i need to buy and how small would you break it down to be mailed over time…

As my 2yr gets older … she’s reaching higher in the fridge. And other day momma put ice cream sandwiches beside my nic…


Oh I see what you mean, in regards to something of that nature shipping in increments would strictly apply to wholesale customers. We sent this email to all customers including wholesale so that part may not apply to the average DIY’er but the part about keeping your Nicotine in a freezer is definitely aimed towards the DIY side of things! Currently we do not offer any solutions on breaking items down, even on a wholesale level it’s not available through our company. :slight_smile:


Okay, I had to ask. Email got me excited… thought about buying more nic since larger quantities are cheaper… still thinking about it… but need a different freezer… so it can be broken down to smaller botttles


The best method would be to order a Gallon or Liter, and to break the quantities down manually with smaller empty bottles. Although this would initially exposed the nitrogen packed Nicotine to oxygen, it’s currently the best alternative! :slight_smile:


@tartarusspawn If you just regularly order smaller quantities… isn’t that pretty much the same as having them store it for you and ship whenever you need it?

Or just order one of those tiny freezers that you keep near your mixing station, specifically for nic and other mixing needs.


Thanks for the email @Nicotine_River!
I loved the amber bottles of nic shield in 250ml that you had! I’m still in a tizzy about where to go for the same.


Hey Laura, we do still offer this product! Let me know if you need anything else, glad you like what we offer. :slight_smile:


Omg. I thought it was not being sold anymore! Yay! My day is better now!