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I find myself quite displeased with Wizard Labs. I keep my nic liquid refrigerated so as to minimize the effects of light, heat and oxygen exposure. However, this is the second time I’ve decided to throw out a good amount of what’s left in a jar as it takes on a putrid smell after a while and it turns my mixes into junk. It almost happens over night. So…

I spoke with a guy who owns an e-liquid company and who I trust. He recommended Nic Select

And unlike Wizard Labs, this is not a synthetic nicotine but it’s naturally extracted from tobacco. There goes my argument that e-cigs aren’t tobacco products! :slight_smile:

They will not sell to private individuals only vaping industry businesses. Actually they may sell to any business - they ask for your FEIN# when setting up an account which I have but I’m in transportation, not vaping business. However, I did manage to find one of their distributors and ordered from them. For 500 ml of 100mg/ml pg I paid $46.24 which includes $11.24 shipping via FedEx. Not a bad price really and to be honest, if it performs as expected that’s kinda cheap considering the 300 or so ml of WL nic I’ve thrown away this year. Got it here - They’re out of California and I have my doubts they ship internationally but for my US buddies, I’ll provide a review once I’ve received my liquid and used it.

I think you’ll find that most of us recommend not using Wizard Labs. I recommend Heartland nicotine when asked and many others here on ELR, just ask them !!!




I called Heartland today. They are one of the 3 distributors listed on Nic Select’s website and so you are using Nic Select whether you know it or not. Unfortunately since I did have 3 to choose from and the fact that I was getting bounced around a bit on the phone when I called Heartland, I went ahead to the next one which was Nicotine River where I bought from. By the way, if you need to call Heartland their number is 866-282-8273.

The other distributor (first on their list) of Nic Select is Vermillion River. I contacted them first but they are like Nic Select and won’t sell to individuals.




I’m looking at right now. Vapor World, Nicotine River, and Vermillion River are shown on the website. Something is strange here…

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Oh I’m sorry @ringling and everyone else. That was bad information.

I spoke with Nic Select directly this morning and they’re the ones who told me about Heartland. I apologize for the error…been a long day!


Heartland is also much better in price. I have no problem if it is NicSelect nic. I will keep buying from heartland because it’s good nic and their price seems best regardless of origin…

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No Problem, it happens to all of us. Do think you should reconsider Heartland. It’s a VERY good source for nic. You can also get some flavoring there too if you like…

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I may get some next time I need it. But really it’s what I’m buying from Nicotine River anyway…Nic Select repackaged with Heartland name on it. I don’t know if Heartland would cop to that but if you call Nic Select they’ll tell you. One thing about Nicotine River is they show right on their website you’re buying Nic Select. I like that.


I looked in Nicotine River before I ordered Heartland Nic. I did a little research and came across some mixed reviews. Some say the nic is good, but their customer service suck… so I didn’t chance it.

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Oh yes, reviews. I read that too and also found negative comments about Heartland. If I have a bad experience I will let you know, but all I wanted was the Nic Select so I don’t care if it comes from Heartland, Nic River, or if they had it at the Dollar General store :smile: Po tay toe, Po tah toe


It’s all the same nic as you pointed out. I didn’t know if you avoid poor customer service. That’s the only reason for the post. Not everybody objects to their NR experiences. You know we strive to make sure all are informed.

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Yes I do, and thanks for that. I saw the grumbling threads yesterday about their “free samples” thing but chose to ignore it due to Nic Select’s obvious endorsement. You know when someone has what they view as a bad experience, honesty in reporting sometimes goes out the window when revenge is the motive. But I called them before ordering and perhaps they have stepped up CSR because it was a good experience. And as promised I received same-day shipping and a FedEx tracking … so far so good.

PV…has anyone ever told you that YOU ARE THE MAN?!! Thanks for everything brother.

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Just revisiting this thread and was wondering about Heartland Vapes nicotine.

This reply from Ty Miner at Heartland after I emailed today them asking about their nicotine.

Sorry we dont reveal our source for nicotine.

On May 6, 2016 4:28 PM, “Info” wrote:
Name: Jim
E-mail: Jim

Comment: Just curious if the nicotine you sell is NicSelect brand?



I have another email out to NicSelect to see if they will offer up a list of US DIY vendors of their nicotine. :thinking:

Sorry about all the bold type…my phone is doing some weird crap!

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Thanks for that info @Kinnikinnick

When I first wanted to use Nic Select I went to their website which prominently shared 3 distributors names. I chose Nicotine River and now I’m glad I did. If a company refuses to reveal the source for their nic, I want to know why it’s a secret. I can’t think of a reason that makes sense :slight_smile: So IMO - screw em. I’ve enjoyed Grant’s service over at @Nicotine_River anyway.

Oh, and I’m glad you revived the thread because I said I would review once I used it. Here’s my review.

Nic Select is great nic liquid.
Nicotine River sells Nic Select
Buy it from Nicotine river.

Buy it with your money -


Good afternoon guys and gals! Just a heads up, Heartland 100% does not sell NicSelect nicotine and are very uncomfortable divulging who they do use for obvious reasons. They are either using a Chinese nicotine based out of Schenzen, China or BGP Healthcare Nicotine. Reddit is a tough group of people to keep happy sometimes and alot of things get skewed in there. I personally try my hardest to go above and beyond to help anyone who has issues with us. We will always be around in this group to service everyone we can with as much information as possible :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. Any idea how the new FDA regulations will effect us with purchasing nicotine after the new rules become effective on August 8, 2016?

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To be very very honest - We are not stressing one bit. Nothing on our end is changing and I don’t see this effecting the DIY based market once so ever. The bigger juice companies we distribute to definitely have a fight on their hands. There is way to many of us (Consumers, DIYers, Big Businesses) that will fight this month after month until they come up with better solutions. Think about it like this - You have Coors, Budweiser, Bud Light, and in this situation that would be Ruthless, Space Jam, Cosmic Fog. There are literally thousands of microbrew companies that exist beneath these giants and everyone gets to build there dream companies and play. Why should this industry be any different? People will fight this until the end and it will be a constant revolving battle. Nicotine River will adapt to every situation they throw at us and make it work. Don’t stress - Fear is what they thrive on.


Like the old saying goes, you can’t please all the people all the time. That being said, I have had only one issue with Nicotine River and I think Grant hurt himself bending over backwards to please me. These guys are the best. Super good service friendly, professional and sincere. I just can’t say enough.