NicSelect vs PurNic ( side by side comparison )I

This is only my opinion and nothing has been scientifically tested . With changes at @Nicotine_River i thought id give their purnic a try. Please excuse pictures they are from my poor old phone …

the two products being compared Nicselect 100mg/ml pg base vs PurNic 100mg/ml pg base.

I felt i should use the same juice, so i mixed up two separate 30ml bottles of RFSC Strawberry Milkshake @4pct and am using 3mg/ml strength.

in the syringe i pulled up .9ml of each product and noticed no difference in color they both are very clear …

top syringe is Nicselect and bottom is the Purnic
again sorry for pics.

Im using a derringer rda with a single coil 9wrap .3ohms vaping at 35watts .

these two products are very similar , they are both clear in color and have no order of any kind. We do know that looks can be very deceiving , but not in this case. I first tried the Purnic because i have used Nicselect for so long i know the product and i also want everything to be fresh when i tried the PurNic for the first time. After dripping a few times i am very surprised that the PurNic is as clean as the Nicselect there are no off notes no harshness it seems to be everything NicSelect was/is i would recommend this Nicotine and would say it is equal in quality to Nicselct and holds a little more Value since the price is better … my only question is how will it hold up over a steeping process only time will tell and ill come back to let you know … hope this helps anyone wondering about PurNic … any questions feel free to ask if i can ill answer ty


@fidalgo_vapes Great to know, because I just ordered some. Nicotine River’s self-review said similar, but it’s nice to hear another opinion. Kudos on the process of your analysis. My last liter of NicSelect lasted over a year and was “good to the last drop”, unrefrigerated …but I did portion it all off into 240ml brown glass (with no air) and kept it in the cool/dark. Thanks for this, Brofessor :wink:


No problem , im not much of a review type person , but when i bought some i said i would give my thoughts , i am very surprised . I did go into this thinking that there was no way it would compare. I have no problem making the switch . Hopefully you will experiance the same please let me know


I made the switch at same time u did. I heard of NR no longer carrying nicselect so decided it was good time to switch. At 3mg i cant tell difference but i did try the 12mg i make for my bro where i normally cant take the harshness of 12, w/ the smooth salts i can taste test it.


i havent tried any salts yet , i havent done any research . I did think about grabbing some when Nic Select was discontinued through NR


:man_facepalming: sry I was quick to assume that you meant their salts.


ah ha no worries … i may try them someday …


@fidalgo_vapes This is helpful. Thank you for taking time out of your day to compare, contrast, and make this post. I look forward to reading your findings on how PurNic compares to NicSelect after a longer steep.



ty glad it helped, i honestly think it will hold up , i feel if there was going to be a problem with harshness or taste that it would have been on the tasting test right after mixed, in the past b4 I used Nicselect i would taste/feel the negative stuff right out of the gate, but just to be sure ill test like a Sf immediately, 1 week , 2 week than 30days and report back here after each stage…


So! How’s it looking over the long haul bud?


i am pleased with this Nicotine , it has held up fine and may be a bit smoother than the Nicselectt, sorry that i havent updated my experiance the last couple months have been crazy …


No worries brother! I can totally relate, and I am not not even having to contend with a move! :laughing:

Just curious how things were shaking it with what you made back when (since I figured you did plenty of mixing in preparation for the move). :wink:

PS: was only interested in the regular nic (I have no plans of trying salts). chuckles


Ha I wish i would have prepared for the move , im pretty much out of juice but next week ill be back to mixing … Ive never tried the salts and dont think i ever will , i have no problem with free base nic . I am accepting all and any pre steeped juices lol


That’s the perfect reason not to bother with something else. I do have a problem with the harshness of FB, and have found the salts to be a game changing throat saver for me. If you ever want to ease off the throat hit, salts are all but undetectable, especially at low mg levels.

Nice thread, and good to see the unbiased comparison!


I would also consider Nicsalts IF i had throat hit issues with FB , but i dont … Maybe one day ill try them but not any time soon … Im happy that they have made your vaping experiance better . Do you find your self wanting to vape more ? i have heard a few people say something like that …


I recently picked up some of the PurNicSalt - smooth. It’s VG based. I’ve been using 100mg NicSelect in pg for the past 3 years or so, and thought it was the only thing I’d ever use. After getting this stuff I’m sold. Smooth is not a marketing gimmick. It really is so much easier on my throat and I did experiment jacking up my nic level in one recipe, going from 1mg to 3. I’ve been at 1mg for well over a year so 3 should be all up in my face, right? Nope. This stuff must be made at Hogwarts. Highly recommended.


Not really, but I most definitely enjoy it much more nowadays.


I want to try some , but getting some mixed reviews, one that sticks out in my mind, is that salt will make you addicted to it, Yea I know, Duh !!! nicotine is addicting. but I reckon what he meant was wanting to vape more than what he was vaping. Myself thinking, only me or anybody control how much and what % you want to vape. Does that make any sense. I would like to taste no nic, and get full flavor from concentrates, but than again I might be missing that little bit of throat hit, anyway, I’m just gona get a small bottle and try it !!!


I think the anecdotal evidence is fairly strong for nicotine being only mildly habit forming - that in comparison to the myriad of other chemicals found in cigarette and other burning tobacco products. But yes, nicotine does have it’s own share of addictive potential but really, isn’t it based more on the individual? What may be highly addictive to one person can be a set it down and walk away thing to another. I’ve never been the set it down kind of guy. But will tell you that I’ve been vaping the salts for about 3 weeks now. Not exclusively - I still have other juices made prior to getting it - and I can honestly tell you I have had no more urge to vape than I did prior to getting it. That’s with plenty of days vaping nothing but the nic salt. Today is a good example - I’ve vaped a new recipe all day and I don’t feel cravings or like I’m going to panic if I can’t hit my mod in a few minutes. Take that for what its worth, which probably ain’t much :slight_smile:


im not sure , but im assuming that the individuals that are saying the salts are more addictive are probably using things like the juul, where the mg strength is high … @SthrnMixer what strength are you making you juices with the salts ?? 3 , 6 etc ? most commercial juices that ive seen with salts are fairly high