- anyone tried it?


anyone tried nicotine from ??


I haven’t tried the Nicvape, however, these guys are at least close-ish to you:

You might look around online to see if anyone has good/bad things to say before ordering from them. They say worldwide shipping on the website???

You can order Nic base from Inawera as well. :wink:

Good luck!


Yep, my nic is from Nicvape. Seems pretty good to me, but Nicvape is all I know so I can’t compare it to any thing else. I have had 1 bad batch tho (but lots of others were having nic issues at that time also). To their credit, Nicvape immediately replaced my nic, incl postage to Australia, at no charge. So, 1 thing I can say with certainty, is that their customer service is very good.

Made an order from them.

By the way, nic is legal in Australia ?

Just before Black Friday last year, I purchased my fist DIY kit from NicVape. I got all their flavorings, 100mg/ml nic in PG, and VG. I’ve whipped up a couple recipes of my own creation so far, and they have been good. Their flavors seem to be very high quality, and you typically need less than equivalent flavors from TFA/TPA or Capella.

My first go at a root beer float was just about spot on, but was a little too heavy on the “Cool” flavor. The second iteration was great. One of my local vape shop owners tried it and he really liked it, and he said he does not like root beer. I also created an apple pie that was vapable, but was a little too heavy on green apple and cinnamon, so I’ll have to dial those back a tad on my next go for that mix.

Yes taste like black pepper IMO

Technically, yes, unless you have a medical certificate. I don’t & I don’t believe anybody does - the authorities seem to turn a blind eye …for now.

What am I saying??. No, nic is not legal. Sorry- misread you …it was late😴 The rest of what I wrote might make more sense now.

This is were i get my nic :wink:

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Meh… no issues with reviving old threads. Might be of use to someone for bumping this one. :wink:

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liquid barn is really good imo!

that was my last choice will buy again!!!

I have excellent luck with NicVape:

my previous post on it:

I was just going to say, that I knew a fellow who has had good things to say about NicVape Nic. :grinning:

Have you ordered that 55 gallon drum yet? :rofl: