Nitecore NFF01 electric mixer vs standard steeping

Hi guys, I’m very new to the DIY mixing scene and need some guidance and tips… I just bought the Nitecore NFF01 electric mixer and was hoping someone can answer/advise on some questions… Let’s say my recipe needs 2 weeks to steep, how long should it be on my mixer? Should I use heat and if I do what is the recommended temp? Open or closed while on the mixer? Any further advise will be appreciated. Thx in advance

I think this would be a good starting point, you should get a lot information from this thread and can then search the other topics regarding magnetic stirring, heat/not to heat, open/closed etc.


Thanks a lot, this helped a lot… Any idea on time spent on mixer versus 2 weeks steeping in a cupboard?

Take the below as a personal opinion, not for granted, but let’s have a look at the pros and cons:

Saves you some time (it takes it off the steeping period)
Looses some of the chemical volatiles molecules so it takes off that chemical taste and harshness.
It blends better then shaking.
Accelerating entropy, molecules move faster… steeps faster.
Heat helps you thinning the VG so it blends better.

The drawbacks:
It won’t save you that much steeping time.
You’ll loose all the volatile molecules (e.g. Strawberry?? gone… most of a strawberry taste is volatile) if you’re keeping the beaker closed (cling film) you’ll also keep the chemicals…
Adding air in the juice degrades the nicotine faster, from my point of view, keep it closed.
Accelerating entropy, molecules move faster… degrades faster
Heat changes the structure of the compound and nicotine, therefore the taste, if you use Nic put it afterwards, and use heat in the very very low range.

As you probably guessed I don’t particularly like MS, but it certainly will help you in blending all the molecules together, but after that, if you have to let it sit and steep anyway.

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Thanks for the feedback I appreciate any and all opinions and will take all of it in count, I think I’m going to do a few different methods on the mixer and give some feedback.
One test that I want to try is to make a one-shot of the flavor and mix it with the pg for about a hour on the mixer, then adding the vg bit by bit over a hours time on the mixer and finally adding the Nic but using no heat

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Just wondering why you would split it up. All components have to meld including imo the nic. By splitting them it seems you are extending the process rather accelerating the blending.

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So many times I’ve seen many attempts at speed steeping… including myself. My thing was the Heated USC method.

What I have learned is there are no shortcuts to getting your mixes to a final steeped state… but time.

If I was to offer any advice to anyone about steeping it would be “shake it up and put it away until it’s ready”… You stand a lot more risk at ruining a mix with attempts at speed steeping, than letting time do the work for you. So save your money and let time steep your mixes for you.


I never really understood the wanting to speed steep. There are so many good flavors for snv to vape while you wait plus the bonus of using presteeped bases that you can just add your fruits to.I guess I am just patient and prefer to let time do its thing.

Hi guys, thx for all your feedback and comments, believe me I do appreciate it, as I’m very new to mixing my own juices. The reasoning behind the splitting it up during the mixing process “in my mind” (remember I’m a newb) is to comibe the flavors with the PG, as the PG is not as thick, in that way it blends together quite quicker, by adding the VG little by little as it rotates on the mixer is to blend it better together because of the thickness of the VG… My thought for adding the Nic last is so that the Nic does not destroy the flavor. I must honestly say I have tried it this way and my mix had more flavor, it was a lot sweeter but could be all in the mind… This does not take away the steeping process but rather brings out the flavor to give it that nice “pop”, maybe give it a go and see for yourself…


Hi Martin,
I just joined the site, and do not currently mix ejuice, but one thing I am absolutely certain about…vape juice with nic…heat is BAD. Ultraviolet light and heat change the chemical composition of vape juice and nicotine. Try putting a bottle of juice with nic on a window sill, even one that is always cold (if you live where it snows). Leave it there several days or a week. Even with just 3mg nic, the juice will turn brown.
Now put a bottle of juice near, not in front of or on top, a heater vent or wall heater. Even a few feet away is close enough. Several days later, the juice turns brown and does not taste anything like it did before it was near the heat.
We keep our liquid nicotine in the freezer, or the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet that is seldom open.

Note: there are many vape distros, especially the cheapo ones, that do not climate control their warehouses. IF you ever buy juice with nic in it from a distro, and it is unusually darker amber or even brown, send it back. It was not properly stored.