Noisy cricket lie

Forget the post. I lied

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And please wait for a response. In one of those modes you will be getting 8 plus volts straight to the coil. At .1 ohms the vape will not be pleasant at all. It will make you talk to god.


@woftam do you have the NC or is yours the NCII?

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Sometimes i get a feel that people should read up a little on ohms law and stuff like that before they just go around and do things. A lot of questions and a lot of accidents would be avoided if people did that.

I for one wouldn’t put an atty with a 0.1Ω build on a cricket.


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It’s the v2.
I didn’t put the build on. The shop did. I have steered away from these and finally after two years bought one.

Cricket v2

I have vaped for 2 years. I’m here for help. Not criticism. I want to be safe. I’ve always had regulated vapes


I have both - i will say that a build that low will put a big strain on your batteries and aside from probably being most unpleasant i would say it is not safe.

But rather than me just telling you that it is not a good idea - you need to fully understand the mod and do a little research what Parallel and Unregulated Series mean. In either mode that build is imho an accident waiting to happen.


Fully agree. 0.1Ω is close to no resistance, close to getting a short and on an almost mech mod that is just asking for trouble. If you’re going to do these things, you need full understanding of ohm’s law, properties of your batteries etc etc.

It’s good that people want to learn, but safety people, always comes first! This is not like e-liquids where you can just chuck it away if it turns out to be a disaster.

Not a truth at all if you ask me. If that would be the case i’m overdue on trouble by now since i only vape builds that Ω out around 0.08-0.11 on my tubes.

It all boils down to knowing the limitations on your batteries, build and whatnot. Going over that limit though is asking for trouble.


If you read the rest of my comment, you see that is what I mean.[quote=“Jake31, post:11, topic:137709”]
If you’re going to do these things, you need full understanding of ohm’s law, properties of your batteries etc etc.

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Here’s a good write up.



I will keep my comments limited to my own personal usage - purely academic. If you think I’m an idiot - well I don’t give a rat’s rear end. You wouldn’t be the first. Let me also say I do have an understanding of ohms law, battery safety, blah blah blah.

First, on the Noisy Cricket II I keep my series builds 0.2 and above. Secondly, I use voltage regulated mode in series with these low ohm builds. Thirdly, I trim the voltage to about 1/2 the travel of the potentiometer dial, which should be in the neighborhood of 4-5 volts. Maybe nearing 6. I adjust this so that I have good hits that are around 1 second in duration. And I don’t chain vape this…well most always don’t. If I feel the mod start to get a little warm I set it down for a few. And I change batteries when I start noticing a bit weaker vape. Typically when I put the batteries on the charger they’re somewhere between 3.55 - 3.7 volts.

Ok, not so scientific I know. But it works for me. That said, safety is paramount, so I won’t make any claims or give advice as far as what you can or can’t get away with. Just sharing what I do…which by the way has already got me fussed at and spoken down to because it is outside the bounds of safe battery operation. Whatever. I won’t blow myself up because I’m a careless buffoon, just pushing the boundaries in moderation.


Never used a NC2 but I do have a couple of original NCs. I use Sony VCT5A batteries and keep the builds to .30 or higher. Research your batteries to find the true specs as manufacturers don’t always provide real world specs. These sites might help you get a foot in the door, but by all means, research ohms law as it pertains to vaping. The only way to be truly safe is to understand it.


These mods offer regulation for safety purpose. Other than that, I prefer to use the rule of thumb of .6 and above for unregulated series mods. This may be old school but, so be it, I don’t mess around with series mech mods.

As for the build, unregulated series mods tend to like a lot of texture, so your SFC is fine (although, I’d choose parallel at that resistance). Kanthal offers higher resistance and might serve your purpose better. Also, using an atty like the Rafale X that offers neutral posts, makes building serial coils very easy.

All in all, what the other members said about educating yourself on ohms law, batteries and mechs, I stand by 100% on safety precaution. I’ll never forget the day I almost set my crotch on fire while driving my car.

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I regularly vape 0.1 ohm builds on the Noisy Cricket V2 in parallel mode with Sony VTC5As.
In parallel it’s the same as vaping a single battery mech mod, millions of mech mod users vape 0.1ohm builds safely with suitable batteries (Sony VTC5As, VTC4s, Samsung 25Rs, etc.)
DO NOT use series mode with 0.1ohm coils ever!


Amen to that.