Noob help please

Hey guys, brand new to diy! I got the liquid barn starter pack(the one with the scale) i randomly picked 10 flavors and my 1st attempt at mixing seems to need steeped (blue raspberry) only trying single flavors for now.

Here’s a few questions.

  1. are there flavors i can mix and vape immediately?
    The B.C. government here in Canada is putting stricter regulations on sales and as a result juice is getting less affordable.

  2. should i store nicotine in the fridge? ( spare fridge in the basement, no kids)

  3. does steeping require heat or cold? (Ive seen conflicting suggestions)

And 4) im considering an rta and have been doing some research but would really appreciate some advice as I’ve never attempted it before.

Thanks in advance, it looks like a great group of people here and I’m happy to learn from you guys🙂





  1. Dvarw MTL FL

Welcome and have fun

  1. Simple fruits and candies are typically shake and vapers. They are usually good enough to vape, immediately after mixing.

Note: if your blue raspberry needs steeping because you think it’s too weak, it may very well be… Keep in mind that everyone’s taste is subjective and you may need to add more or possibly LESS concentrate to taste that flavor well. Some flavors will get stronger as you add more to it and eventually mute itself out once you’ve added too much. Some flavors will also become soapy or flowery if used at too high a percentage. (That’s why so many of us encourage newb’s to SFT.) It’s one of the mysteries of vaping DIY.

  1. You can store nicotine in the refrigerator, it won’t hurt it. If you live in a warm, humid place, that’s probably the best place for it. I, personally, keep it on the table where I do my mixing. However, my mixing area is kept at a steady 65-70 degrees F, low moisture, out of direct OR indirect sunlight, year round.

  2. Heat or cold for steeping is one of the great debates in our little forum family here, along with SFT’s…LOL That is entirely up to you. Most folks will tell you that heat doesn’t do much for your juice except to degrade the flavor molecules and age the nicotine. I am of the camp that agrees with them. When I do steeping, it sits on my mixing table, at 65-70 degrees F, low moisture, out of sunlight, for however long it needs. When I first mix my blends, I WILL put it into a bowl with hot water (about 100 degrees F) for about 5 minutes. That’s only to thin the VG to be able to shake it well enough to mix it thoroughly. (I shake by hand so it has to be pretty thin) That’s the only time I add heat to my finished product, though.

  3. I, unfortunately don’t have much experience here… Based on what I’ve seen from everyone here, though, you can’t go wrong with just about anything made by Wotofo, particularly the Elder Dragon, I think it is…

Sorry for the verbose response. I hope this helps.


Steeping only requires a cool, dark place to store your stash (with the cap on) and patience to wait out the process. Disregard anything you hear about letting the juice ‘breathe’ after mixing. That’s malarkey.

Stay away from any form of heat or quick-steeping methods, unless you happen to own a lab-grade emulsifier. If you are one of those impatient types and don’t mind vaping sub-standard e-liquid, you can ignore this. Many DIY’rs wonder why their freshly made juice isn’t the same quality as commercial juice. Cutting corners with the aging process, among others, is one of the reasons why.


Exactly!! Patience and time!


I do a lot of dessert/bakery type mixes and without a doubt they all require steeping. Mine end up in a drawer in my office, which is the coolest room in the house. Some, like custards, require up to 3 months steep so I give those a little shake every week and check they are not too warm where they are. I never let my juice “breathe” as that seems counter intuitive to me.

Totally agree… unless you have some really cool equipment and are doing enough quantity to warrant it.


Might find a few answers here:


Welcome @Deo


thanks guys!!! all this information is incredibly helpful!!!
I’m sure ill have more “stupid” questions in the very near future lol


I would recommend splitting it up in smaller batches and keep it in the freezer.
You can use one bottle at the time and keep the rest on ice.

And welcome :tada:

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Ignorance is not stupidity.
You can find all the information you need by typing it in the search-bar and people will give you plenty of links of stuff to read.

But we’ve all been Noobs and I definitely remember just having my first order in, eager to start, you know like RIGHT NOW!

You don’t want to plow through over 15 hours of reading material before making your first batch :scream:

So don’t hesitate to ask, most of us don’t bite :sweat_smile:


Not unless we’re asked nicely, anyways!


Definitely no stupid question here. I to am new to DIY and this forum and everyone on ot has helped new so much. There are really good people on here that are ready and willing to help. If your in the US let me know and I can give you my number so you can call or text with questions.


As for the rta if you have never used an rda and dont have experience with building coils I would definitely recommend starting with an rta first. The Mason is a good one to start with or you can get a dead rabbit for pretty cheap and they are both pretty easy to build on.


And check out DIY or die on YouTube those videos have helped me tremendously.