Noob Question - Testing Mixes

I am new to creating my own e-juice flavors and relatively new to the vaping community. When I mix a new recipe, I want to test it before mixing larger amounts. Currently I use sub-ohm tanks to vape with. In order to test a new flavor, would you recommend a RDA (dripper) for this or something else?

Any recommendations are appreciated.



Hey G-daddy! Yes, I personally like using rdas to test my mixes. They’re easier and faster to rewick than tanks (in general). I don’t have a very extensive collection of rdas, but I love using my wismec indie duo for nice full flavor testing (they can be purchased for super cheap too, here’s one for $5: ) and my Hadaly with lower watts (for me lower watts = 40-75ish) and a higher ohm coil (for me higher ohms = .3-.5) for super quick rewicking (since its a single coil rda) when I’m testing multiple new mixes in a row.


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yes a small simple single coil rda is great for testing but u can skip to the chase and get a decent dual since once u start using an rda, you will forget u have a sub ohm tank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes, welcome!


These are separate questions/issues IMO/IME.

For testing a flavor, yes, a well-designed rda will maximize the various notes in a flavor (lead note vs side notes).

For testing a recipe, you should probably test it in one of the categories your targeting. IE: MTL user, or DL flavor chaser (tanks frequently perform differently than RDA’s though, hence the need for possible adjustments to the recipe).

MTL users don’t take in nearly as much vapor, so it seems logical that they may need more flavoring to achieve a satisfactory experience. In addition, the amount of nicotine is higher typically, and in some cases may affect things as well (throat hit may need to be accounted for).


I’d add, try to emulate the build and power settings you intend to use with the juice. If you test at a radically different power and setup, it may taste different when you put it in your daily driver. As I’ve come to learn with vaping, EVERYTHING matters.

*Edit, if I’d fully read what @Sprkslfly said, I’d have seen he sort of said the same thing. Sorry.



Power will also dictate what flavors you can and can’t use. So if you’re targeting an MTL recipe, not only may you have to adjust for flavor percentages, but flavor choices as well. Some flavors simply don’t come alive until you hit higher than 40w for instance.

And other flavors will taste burned above 35w for instance.

So many variables…

And I forgot: Welcome to ELR! =)


Pffbbt. I’m glad you did! Because it reminded me of the temp sensitivity point (that’s also highly important in crafting a recipe). :wink:


Well, then, I said it dumber, and I understand dumber better usually.

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Well, yes and no. While testing on a RDA will give you the full taste of an eliquid I think it is more important to test on the intended atty. You can better understand how the recipe will handle the tank and vice versa. However you will have to clean the tank thoroughly and, if it’s a subohm tank, replace the coils in between tests. Trust me, that can be a pain if you have multiple tests to do.

Ultimately it’s up to you. I would recommend getting a RDA simply because some recipes are just better on a RDA and it’s easier to clean out after a test. But you can make do without one.

Since there have been some RDA suggestions I will add some of my own: the Cheetah II and the Drop (cause the Dead Rabbit sucks in comparison). In my opinion those are the best RDAs that came out this year with the Drop being the absolute best in my meager collection.


You can’t emulate an RTA with an RDA (in most cases), its not just about the power you vape at / build you use, the tank / deck / chimney / airflow / wicking (RDA your dripping straight to the coil) of an RTA will differ.

Yeah, but I meant don’t use a .6ohm 20w single build as your tester if you use a .25ohm 80w parallel in your daily driver. And I, well, you know what I meant!!

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Yep I saw what you wrote :wink:

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But I didn’t say to use an RDA to test if you have an RTA as your, oh never mind already.

You didn’t say that at all… But if you want to revise your comment… Cool. I’ll delete my reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m missing what I did wrong man!


You did nothing wrong, I was just adding extra information.

Read your post then read mine again, slowly this time… :smile:

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Your good, you said nothing wrong, I was just pointing out the other differences between RDA’s and RTA’s that affect flavour / output.

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Oh. Well if you added it why would I need to edit my post? No, never mind. What matters is that it’s been added.

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