Norseman's Review on the Goon 1.5 from 528customs

I received this RDA free of charge from for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

As with the OG Goon, this one comes in a black pouch with the 528 Customs logo printed on it in white, along with what color RDA is in the pouch.

In the pouch you find the RDA and a goodie bag containing extra o-rings, extra grub screws, a BF pin (squonk) and an allen key to use for the BF pin.

The Goon 1.5 is a 3-piece rda with side airflow that can supposedly be used for single coil and double coil setups. It comes in 4 different colors, black which I received, SS, gold and rose gold. I can’t speak for the other colors but the black does look really nice, and the flat black color makes it look good on any of my flat black mech mods. It kinda helps by giving the whole setup a murdered out look.

The machining is really good and the whole RDA says high quality. Everything fits together as it should and the o-rings are maybe a tad on the strong side when they are dry, but as soon as they get juice on them they work just fine.

There is no knurling on the top cap to help you turn it, but I must say that it works just fine despite that and setting the airflow anyway you want is no problem. The afc-ring has 2 big airflow holes on it and on one side the Goon lion sits fairly deeply engraved. That’s it…clean is the name of the game here.

The deck itself has the deep juice well we are used to seeing from the OG Goon, along with the same type of posts with clamps that made the OG Goon so popular amongst builders in the vaping community. The posts and clamps are a smidge different from the OG, but nothing major.

As with the OG, this one is also a breeze to build on and can accommodate some big fancy builds if that’s your thing. It easily holds round wire builds as well, without any issues.

The posts seem to be made out of SS and there’s no gold plating to be found - at least not on the black one. Whether this is the case is on the gold and rose gold is something I cannot answer, as I haven’t laid eyes on either of them.

There is one thing that keeps bugging me with it though - you can’t close of the airflow enough to make it restrictive because you reach a point when you close the airflow off where it starts to open up again. If you are using it with a single coil and close it more than half, it yet again starts to open up.

This tells me that the airflow is badly designed and instead of settling on this and not accomplishing what they intended, it would have been better to sell it with 2 top caps, 1 intended for single coil only and the other for dual coil. That way users would be able to set the airflow any way they want, without having any issues with it starting to open up on you again and not allowing you to set the airflow anyway you wish.

The Goon 1.5 is a well built RDA and is on par with the OG Goon without a doubt. Vaping on it gives you really great flavor along with dense, rich clouds. As with the OG, you can pour your juice right down the drip tip and it will disperse just fine throughout the juice well, reaching your cotton on both sides. It will most certainly give you a really nice vaping experience and I’m sure you won’t regret that you went out and bought it.

Can i recommend it to others?
Sure thing, no problem! It’s a well made RDA with really good flavor. The pricing isn’t on the low side, but it is possible to get it for a fair price online.

Build Deck
Quality O-rings (snug fit)
Squonk ready
Protruding 510 pin (hybrid safe)

Airflow restrictions
Price (can be on the high side at some online stores)

Diameter: 24mm
Height: 24mm without drip tip, 31mm with the drip tip Thread: 510

Package Includes:
1x Goon 1.5 RDA
BF and non BF 510 pin
4 extra grub screws
1 allen key for the BF 510 pin
Extra o-rings

You can get your hands on it here: for $31.99 at the time i wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Cheers mate - means you would have a Russian goon if you put it on the spanner. Thanks for the info :+1:


Since the Goon has been stuck on the black Spanner since i got it we can now refer to it as the Russian Goon :wink:

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Nice review, man. That flat black looks sharp!

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Thanks Dear. It looks really good on the Spanner.

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nice review man, if it wasn’t for the af i’d get one but as it is there’s just way to many better ones out there

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Thanks Brosef, it is a design error for sure but i haven’t had it closed as much that it have disturbed me. For the most part i have rocked it at least halfway open and at that point you don’t get the issues.

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Sweet review man, great drip shot :ok_hand: I just cant get on with 528 after all that shit they pulled which is a shame as I know a lot of people think the same way.
Nice job man đź–’


Right?! I was thinking the same thing. I want @Norseman to take my review pictures for me! :laughing:


Thanks bro, and as always much appreciated.

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Thanks dear you are too kind :blush:


Thanks for the review.
I doubt this version of the Goon will turn heads as much as the original did. IMO, they dropped the ball by messing with the airflow and not including the smaller drip tip which offers a step up for flavor.

I like the beefier build deck though, better clamps and better screws.

With really good RDAs now coming out at about half the price of this one (like the Aura and Dead Rabbit), I don’t see why you put price as a pro.

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Because it is a pro paying $32 is most certainly a pro (if you are in the market for one)
Here are two reasons i found in 1 minute


Oh dang, my bad… didn’t see that price. I’d been staring myself blind on the ± $60 prices

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As @woftam already stated the price is a Pro since it is as low as it is, being an authentic and all.


Just an FYI for the European readers, cigabuy doesn’t ship to us but fasttech has it for a similar price with free shipping.

They did ship it to me and they do have a European storage location they ship the stuff out from.

Is something wrong with the site then? It doesn’t calculate shipping costs for me for the UK but it does for the US

Ah, now it’s working, in another browser… maybe my cache is messed up

Just ignore me, both my pc and my eyes are not cooperating today :dizzy_face:


Great review petal! :+1: