Norseman's Review on the OBS Cheetah II

I received this RDA free of charge from for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

When I received this RDA I had the old Cheetah 22mm in my head and wondered how it would compare in terms of flavor and ease of build. I guess we will find out by the end of this review.

The box is pretty clean looking in the colors yellow and white with a photo of the RDA on it. It also has the typical scratch and sniff, together with information on the RDA such as measurements, weight and package contents. It also states what color RDA is inside.

When you remove the sleeve a darker yellow box appears with the OBS logo printed on top. It’s made like a drawer, which gives the packaging a more exclusive feel. When you open that drawer you find the RDA sitting on the right side and to the left you find a yellow box containing all the spares.

The spares box contains a warning card about atomizer usage, QR-codes and a user manual explaining the RDA, along with a step-by-step guide. It also has the usual set of spare o-rings together with a set of coils, extra grub screws, a blue screwdriver and a sheet of cotton.

It is a 24mm 3 piece RDA with a side airflow design and the one I received is gold plated. The drip tip provided is 810 Goon compatible, which will allow you to use any custom Goon tips you might have. It also comes with a low, fat drip tip made out of PEI.

The top cap has knurling on top making it easier to adjust the airflow and the AFC ring has Cheetah II engraved on one side and the two cheetah heads on the other side. Some say that OBS have taken the Goon tiger or whatever it is, altered it a little and used it on the Cheetah - I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The AFC ring has 2 cyclops slots for air holes and as such it works well and it’s very easy to change the amount of airflow you want. I found that by reducing the airflow you can make the flavor pop a bit more.

The deck itself is gold plated and it looks nice enough. I must say that when comparing the old deck with the new, the post style has undergone a complete makeover. The ease to build in this just makes the whole process fun. It has a clamp system combined with post-holes. The clamps are the lowest ones and when you unscrew the post screw the clamp goes down, making it a breeze to put a coil leg in and to tighten it up. Both the clamps and post holes have enough room to accommodate fairly fancy coils without any issues at all, and even round wire gets caught well by the screws in the upper post-holes.

The juice well is a good size and holds both the cotton and a fair amount of juice. With the air holes being so high up leaking won’t be an issue either - unless you lay the RDA on its side after juicing it up. The way it’s built there is no problem dripping through the drip tip to juice it up, if that’s the way you want do it.

A pet peeve of mine with any RDA is the o-rings, and I cannot stand when o-rings don’t work as intended. But this is not the case with the Cheetah II; the o-rings provide a snug fit, holding everything in place without being too loose or too firm.

A couple more gripes: Firstly, why OBS didn’t make this RDA hybrid compatible? As it is now, the 510 pin barely protrudes and if I were to use this on a hybrid mech mod I would most likely blow my face off - and I kind of like my face and where it’s at. Secondly, why OBS haven’t included a squonking pin? This would easily make it more attractive to a bigger audience, and is a total marketing fail in my opinion.

I like the build quality, and the ease to build on it clearly gives it bonus points. Whether the coating is something you like or not is basically up to each and every one getting this, but to be honest I kind of like the gold on the one I have.

So how does it vape you may be wondering? I wouldn’t want to stretch it and say that it is the most flavorful experience I have ever had, since that would be me lying. However, it does provide you with good flavor and dense clouds and that is what matters in the end - getting a good vaping experience.

Can I recommend it to others?
Taking into account the cost of this compared to other RDA’s I would say that it isn’t a bad buy at all.

The Deck
Build Quality
Finish (subjective)

Not hybrid safe
No 510 adaptor
No Squonk Pin
No Single Coil option
Finish (subjective)

Diameter: 24mm
Height: 34.2mm
Thread: 510

Package includes:
1x Cheetah II RDA
2x Clapton Coil
1x Screwdriver & spare screws
1x Spare parts bag
1x User Manual

You can find it here:
OBS Cheetah II for $15.49

As always if you would like to see how the Cheetah II scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then feel free to hop on over to Steampugs, and while you are there come and meet the new, ever-growing Steam Team!

Thanks for reading this far and Vape On!



Another good review bro :punch:


Thanks a bunch bro, you know i appreciate the feed back :+1:

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For sure. I’m also with you on the non protruding 510s on RDAs. That will always bother me.

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Yeah i honestly don’t get it, they spend a fortune on developing a new RDA and totally miss to make the 510 just a tad longer or even adjustable… So easy when you are designing it to make it hybrid safe.
If it would be hybrid safe it would attract more people for sure.

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10000% correct.

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Fabulous again petal! Keep em coming! :+1:


Thank you dear, i will do my best to get more reviews out :wink:

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love the review , the picture quality is amazing and i love how you stage everything for the pics well done

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Excellent job man, I do like your writing style, it’s to the point and no fucking around.


Thanks bro much appreciated :+1:

Thanks brother, love the feedback :+1:

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Brilliantly done sir :wink: thanks for a very informative review…I fucking want one now…oooh shoe’s on the other foot…


Thanks bro, love your feedback as always :facepunch:

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I love your little devil thingy picture. It’s so cute.

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Thanks dear, i am pretty pleased with it myself :wink:

Very nice review!
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Excellent review once again Norse!

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