Not Impressed With These One Shot Concentrates Hitting The Market Lately!

Certainly here in the UK a lot of DIY vendors seem to be selling highly inflated priced One Shot Concentrates. That are frankly very poor in finished flavour and being sold at a premium price.

It seems to me, due to TPD and the potential loss of revenue from e-liquid sales because of it. They are looking to recoup some of there monies from flooding the DIY market with up to £10 for 10-30ml one shot concentrates mixed usually at 20%, and like the e-liquid market. The finished e-liquid seem to be so full of sucralose it destroys any finished flavour you were hoping for, from the description. When buying it…

I get the impression they can’t pair some flavours very well or just can’t be bothered too, so just mask it with stupid levels of sucralose, a lot of us moved to DIY to avoid this in our liquids, and now you seem to be trying to inflict it on us again.

I always looked forward to the idea of one shot concentrates and what they could bring to the DIY market, but my experience of the 5-6 different manufacturers, I have tried in the last 6 months have been really disappointing.

I understand and appreciate the simplicity of one shot concentrates and blending from individual ingredients isn’t for everyone or, most people simply don’t have the time to do that. But better finished products than some companies are inflicting on us are surely possible?

What is it with there obsession with insane amounts of sucralose in them. There is no need for it, do your R&D spend some time developing flavours and just hide the sucralose from your lab technicians please…


i agree!

I was ordering some DIY supplies abroad in UK, because It was not available in my area. The shop carried their own “one shot” brand. and it was pretty cheap for a pre mixed concentrate. So I went and put one in my order. I mixed it at 20% and steeped for 1 week. so far im not really diggen the hype this flavor got from their FB page. its pretty much just loads of FA *** (insert secret fruit flavor) and koolada and sweetner (loads). If this is what the common vaper, or new to DIY, really wants, im setting up shop. Easy money


I purchase flavour concentrates from and I can tell you that the price I pay is on point and the flavour is great, these are what I buy reguarly:

One Shot Wonder:

Uni Milk £5/30ml -
Strawberry Ice-Cream £5/30ml -


Pistachio RY4-U £7.50/30ml -
Rhodonite £7.50/30ml -

I have also tried, Nom-Nomz and Vampire Vapes

Each to their own though


Im not on your side of the pond, but I was sent a batch of one-shots from Mythical Mists in the UK.
Some of the flavours are good, and I can vouch that the ones I have tried so far don’t have sweetener in them.

I still prefer my own DIY though…

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I’ve tried two one shot concentrates that I also got from chef’s flavours. Heisenberg which was just okay and bronuts which was bloody awful. I doubt I would try any others after that.


I’ve been trying to keep track of the availability of one-shots in the UK as I suspect many - currently non-mixing - vapers will be interested in the range of choice available.

A fair number of juice-producers have been forced to switch to selling one-shot versions of their juices to stay in business but I’d have expect those to have been made to the same recipe. From what I’ve seen, most are charging around £10 / 30ml but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few attempt to push the price higher, at least until the market stabilises in May.

I’d really appreciate even just one-line reviews of the one-shots you’ve tried as I value your experience and sense of taste.


Vampire Vapes’ Heisenberg and DIYorDie’s Bronuts are two of the best-selling one-shots across Europe and the US.

Give a couple of other one-shot ranges a try before dismissing them all?


Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are two of the best selling ‘artists’ of last year and I don’t care for them either.


Sure but I’ll bet that you haven’t boycotted all recorded music because you don’t like them.


No, what I would do is make something, or in that case listen to something, that I like better and that doesn’t cost as much.


I’ve really disliked a couple of Flavor West’s concentrates but that didn’t put me off trying some from Flavorah.
Or others from FW…

But if you’re happy to make sweeping generalisations based on such a narrow trial, be my guest.

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One shot wonder :yum:


Im in the US but have been ordering a bunch of one shot concentrates from across the pond mostly because I love the custards you guys have. Bastard Custard is delicious and I buy 4- 30ml in a clip that makes 600ml for around $50. I have been let down on a few, like Jax Vanilla Custard tastes like rotten milk but it’s only 5 days steeped and I hope something comes out of it. Just my 2


I have one of those from the UK. It is yummy but my mouth tastes sweet 10 minutes after the last puff, and I have to change cotton every 3 mils because it gunks everything, ugh! This alone ruins it for me :confused:
Is there really no other way to make really sweet Liquids?


my favourite is not really a 1 shot but more a shake and vape made by mohawk and co it is the none nicotine version of nasty juice slo blo and fatboy are my all day vapes but if you chain vape them then you will get sweetner at the end, but it is just a way of large batch ordering their retail juice. The only company I know that stocks it is bigjuiceuk which no one ever seems to mention in their list of concentrate or one shot websites, which is surprising as their main business is supplying local vape shops but sold as the shops own brand. you can find it here,

my all day vape also comes from them fruit pastiles about £20 for concentrate that makes 500mls of ejuice

their twister is also nice but any twister one shots i can not add nicotine to as for some reason nicotine comes as harsh when added to it but then i am only a 1mg vaper max 3mg.

if you really want a no BS concentrate at very affordable prices then check this site out

they are cheap but i always mix stronger than what they suggest so do test batches first they are not as strong as they thing but there is definately a lot of flavor their most my mixes are at 15-20% but at £8 for 100 mls that is less than a £10 for 500 mils of ejuice if you buyt your vg/pg base mic or seperately in large batches from lucemils. I will admit trying to get flavor profiles depsite the obvious ones is hard and reviews are for the entire range and rarely state what flavor they purchased. I would guess they also supply a lot of local vape shop own flavours judging by the names etc. Also if you find a flavour you like from their you can buy 1 litre bottle concentrates for £70 and that can make upto 15 litres of ejuice depending how stroung you like it which would cost you about £95 for 10-15 litres which I think would last you 3+ years if you freeze it.

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One shots :-1: Stick with concentrates imho might as well buy premium juice if you want an already made flavor but that’s just my thoughts. Bronuts is all about the hype not the flavor!


Love the topic and 100% agree. I have noticed a lot of mixers releasing recipes and when they get popular they make them into “One Shots” and mark the recipe as private lol. A lot of these guys are the same people are the ones that came on the scene saying they wanna help the Mixing Community lol…what a sham. Most of their recipes are just hype anyways lol nice trick tho.


You guys should give bronuts one more chance but you gotta adjust it a little to make it good. Leave out the Joy and replace the CAP chocolate doughnut with some CAP glazed doughnut. I wasn’t a big fan of the chocolate doughnut but I got through the bottle. Once I changed it up a little it ended up being much better. Not an ADV but good with beer or after dinner :grin:

I haven’t tried a one-shot mix yet but it sounds like I need to steer clear if they cause this much trouble. Closest I got to a one shot was some Quack Sauce or whatever it is. Someone told me their custard was top notch but I backed out of buying. It says mix the flavor at 20% and to me that seems high for a custard flavor.

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While I get what you’re saying, I would offer that some contend that it’s no longer Bronuts, if you have to “adjust it a little to make it good”. :wink:


Well of course! Lmao good point! Let’s call it SignNuts :rofl: