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Nude Nicotine Stevia 7.5%


Is anyone out there using the Nude Nicotine Stevia in PG, 7.5% solution?

I ask only because I am trying to nail down a good % to use it at to get ‘sugar lips’.

I have pushed it as far as 1.5% in a mix and it is starting to take on that effect. I just wanna know how much is too much.

Most everyone out there is using either Pyure or a 10% solution, so this whole 7.5% thing is throwing me off a bit.

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I’ve NEVER used it, and do not know what characteristics is has. Typical sweetener or more than that ??

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More than that. Not only is it safer to use than toxic, man made, fake sweeteners; I has a higher burning temp meaning it is more stable under heat (200 degrees Celsius).

Not only is it great for vaping, but there are lots of interesting properties it has in food. One such is that it doesn’t affect glucose levels.



Interesting facts from that link.


I really would like to try some of that. I hear it’s better for your coils. What vendors carry it?

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I have noticed that even at a concentration of only 7.5%, there is still separation between the crystals and the PG.

I wonder what the concentration of pyure is as when I was using it, there was no separation.

Furthermore, I wonder if there is a pure liquid stevia? This would be much more potent as well as not have any issues with separation.

I am at about 2% with the 7.5% solution and have started to achieve the ‘sugar lips’ effect. Kind of high, no?

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Not that I’ve found yet. And I’ve looked through every option locally (5 grocery store chains, 3 specialty food stores, and even a few health food/vitamin stores.)

As far as the ratio, I personally think the best bet (I’m extremely early in working with this mind you) is a 10% PG solution as a base, that’s been run through a heated ultrasonic for about 3-4 hours. then use to preference (0.5-2% of the 10% solution)

Good luck finding your happy spot though!
Keep us posted


After a few people had their Pyure Stevia turn dark and funky they realized the wrapper says refrigerate after opening but that part of the label gets tossed apparently when you peal it off to open.

I found this at Whole Foods Market it’s Pure Stevia in Deionized water and 11% alcohol and needs no refrigeration.
Been using it a while now.


Nice! That’s awesome, what % do you tend to use to get that ‘sugar lips’ effect?

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.25 is enough to affect a blend and .75 was way to much in the dozen I’ve played it in.


Sounds like some strong stuff! Will definitely have to check my nearest natural foods store to see what they have.

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Just picked some up at my nearest natural grocers, do you find the 11% alcohol to cause any harshness?

Can’t wait to get this in a mix, I feel it will be a bit more potent than what I have been using.

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Not at all but then I deliberately add more PGA ( pure grain alcohol ) to my mixes. That small amount of PGA should dissipate like the small amount in many flavorings does during the steep.


After working with the new stevia for a while, I have noticed a slight amount of muting. Only using it around 0.25%, does anybody else get this with stevia?

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I’ve only used pyure specifically, but no muting with it that I’ve experienced. I usually use it between .25-.4%.


@Pentine JUST received my Stevia from NN, never used it, how are you making out with it ?

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I stopped using it in favor of a standard liquid stevia from my local whole foods/ natural grocers. The NN Stevia 7.5% solution worked well, but it separated SUPER bad. On the website, they show 10% solution in PG but when I got it, it ended up being the 7.5% solution. I assume they lowered it due to separation issues but it still has that problem. I think PG is the better carrier for it (better than VG) but it still cannot completely dissolve.

The standard liquid stevia I have been using has had no separation issues (I am assuming due to the 11% alcohol in it) and have been using it good results per @Bob_Bitchen’s suggestion. The NN solution does work, just be sure to shake it VERY well and store it at room temp, otherwise some batches will come out sweeter than others due to inconsistencies.


I’ll have to check mine for the %. Where does it stand stength wise compared to suc ? Meaning, 2 drops of suc = 1 drop of Stevia ?

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Surprisingly, it is actually pretty close to sucralose. When I stopped using sucralose, I was using 0.25%, MAYBE 0.5% in a couple of recipes. After my tests with the liquid stevia, I found that it is just as strong. I took it to 1.5% just for the hell of it and to see how far I could push it; wow, too much. You can get away with 0.5% more easily with stevia than you can sucralose, especially if you are using the 7.5% concentration. Unsure of what the concentration of stevia is in my liquid stevia but it works very much the same as the NN type so I am guessing the %'s are very near in range.

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Thank you…

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