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NYC Flavor Ban 2019 Call To Action


hahahahaha! nope! :laughing:


Damn they all look like @MisterSinner to me



Brilliant! thanks for that! :metal:


Video of the hearing:



Thanks for the video @MisterSinner.


This needs to be plastered everywhere!


Thanks for the video … Wtf


It’s disturbing for sure. Thank you for watching it. :facepunch:


I am keeping an eye out for the Vice News footage and NY1.


I record vice news that should be good


Awesome. Hopefully they air it soon .


GREAT reporting! Very informative, and appreciated!

As has been said though, and given the history of FSC cigarettes (and a slew of other malarkey that’s been ‘adopted’ from NY and California’s leads), I’m concerned as well about the possible ripple effect that shit like this could potentially have on the rest of the country.

Hopefully this gets stomped out, and those spearheading it (and supporting it) get what they so richly deserve. A clue for starters, and in an ideal world: their eyes opened fully.


Amen to that!


Good luck…and stock up on everything…smh


Jeebus! glad im in canada and don’t have to deal with FDA. besides the stores and all I wonder how they can enforce banning flavors totally since these are food flavorings. will cops be busting fruity smelling vapers? will you still be able to order food flavors online?
hope you guys will be alright this kind of banning is just sad. how many kids started smoking because they liked the taste


blame NYC. they banned large soft drinks a few years ago didn’t they?


lol, sure did. I say, I say, sharp as a bowling ball, that one.


Not the actual flavors we purchase to make liquid. The ban would be for the finished products.


Maybe I’m just too dense, but I honestly don’t understand this ban. Next,NYC will ban pizza sauce on pizza, no disposable cups, shirts with no pants, etc…who the fuck comes up with this shit?


Ignorant people unfortunately.