Oh Oh the irony!

I snatched this little gem from Reddit.Funny or pathetic?
You decide.

We need to start a #cleanupELR movement
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"Just noticed what’s happening with ATF, OK that’s amazing! Change the #cleanupELR to #justletitdieman or #keepyourunfinsihedrecipesonELR]

Seriously, ELR is such a mess. It’s a pity because the flavor database is up to date (messy as hell but at least it has that new concentrate you got that isn’t an option in ATF)

The flavour notes is a great idea, but some flavour reviews are written by turnips. Like the reviews for cereal 27 have the same review over and over where the reviewer suggests adding Acetyl pyrazine to cereal 27 to “beef up the grainy aspect of cereal 27” I couldnt think of a more repulsive thing to do unless you want to vape sand that sat in a tortilla chips bag for months, and what kind of a blanket statement is that anyway?

There’s nothing more annoying than when you try to add a flavour to a recipe and instead of for eg. Cream (Flavorah)(26080) you end up with 1.ccream fleevroha (0). You know?

When I first started mixing my recipes were all private and for good reason (and they still are …for good reason), but other people seem to be like “ding ding squirty squirt in the bobble unticks private EVERY ONE SHUD TRY DIS BCUZ I MED IT”

The “what can I make” function is such a cool idea, but you use it and have to wade through tonnes of shitty recipes that had no thought put in to them that are rated 5 stars by the user that posted them. And the recipe looks like this…

TPA honeydew -12% TPA Strawberry (ripe) - 18% TPA Acetyl pyrazine - 4% TOTAL FLAVOURING - 34% " I like to add just a touch of AP to ’ insert some vague statement that isn’t practiced in the recipe displayed that they heard a good mixer say before eg. bolster the strawberry against the melon??"

Just a touch … 4% Juuust a toouuch …4%!!! Jussst a touuuuch … FOUR PERCENT???

Aaaanyway, that got ranty. But yeah it would be cool if we could all get our binbags, litter pickers and rubber gloves out and #cleanupELR

Or maybe I’m just being a turd. idk."


Yeah that ‘bout sums it up, if a recipe with with 34% total flavor don’t appeal to ya (probably for pod) just move on. And sounds like the user don’t have their stash straightened out correctly :man_shrugging:


Hehe, well at least that was funny.


Not sure what the point of that Reddit post was.

People are quick to criticize, and slow to build something better.




Well, I don’t have any recipes, because I suck.

but a turd by any other name still stinks.


Funny how ATF was the place to run from so people came here and to VCC …I do think ATF will be better because Brendan is taking it over. I actually NEVER thougbt to use ATF b4 now I may get an accou t just to show the guys at FLV some love. This person who ever it is is a TURD period. Nothing wrong with adding a touch of AP to Cereal 27 if thats what someone likes. I’m sure whoever this person is they are parroting things they heard from people they follow we get a lot of that in our community . Here’s my suggestion to this person Go build your own site and see if you can do better or just dont come around to ELR . We all know the flavor side is jacked a bit but that’s ok bc ELR is always here and always has been…


if you don’t like it - leave :rofl:


Pet Peeve :point_up_2:
I keep sending dup. check lists. But doesn’t seem to put a dent in what the neophytes enter.
You are a good dude @TorturedZen despite all the shit talking over on FB.
Overworked, Overwhelmed & Under Appreciated :two_hearts:


:100: %

I’ve had several lines (and even complete brand lists) cleaned up to perfection on a few occasions. Only to be screwed up time and again.

As long as the system is open, it’s open to being molested, abused, or blatantly disregarded. Sad, but true.


I spent some time over on the FB page. A lot of them are either misguided or plain ignorant. I think I held my own quite well tho.


I’ll probably be banned for saying so, but Lars needs to get off his ass, stop making excuses for last few years and fucking hunker down and fix that shit!



@TorturedZen I admire you taking all the energy to hint Newbees to use the naming correct. But you can’t catch everything and people are ignorant.

I recall a thread where some improvements were suggested last year and yes I agree that something needs to happen.

I recently made an ATF account and posted my delicious The Juicy Fruit Gum recipe.
ELR - 48 views. ATF - 640 views

Here is my first home and I love the forum and all the people here. But I also share my recipes for all people to try them, like them or make me learn from my errors. And hopefully to keep them of the sticks.

Posting in


seems to be the solution.


Agreed @Mark_Turner.


I love your ‘Ballsyness’ (if that’s even a word :imp:)keep bein’ you TZ…go get 'em :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I would interpret that more as being truthful with my thoughts and verbalizing how I see something. I know some people might have similar thoughts, ideas etc, but won’t say anything because they don’t want to ‘make waves’ or for fear of retribution in some way.

It’s a double-edged sword though. When it works for the greater good then it serves a purpose. When it doesn’t work, well then it’s time to come up with a Plan B.

P.S. HOW those thoughts are verbalized and presented is pretty important…as I’ve been made painfully aware of in the past.


I’m gonna have to go with pathetic with a touch of humor. The humor for me is all of the grammatical and spelling errors or am I just being a turd?

well put my friend

Same here broham

If he or she did come around I don’t think they would last long.

I hope you gave this kid a verbal slap down. Firstly, he doesn’t get the right to even mention ELR in a negative light. The boy obviously knows nothing of ELR. I am gonna have to agree with @fidalgo_vapes on this one. The boy wanted his betters to acknowledge him and…


I did not. In my excitement to share those pearls with the folks here on ELR (and my A.D.D.), I totally forgot.


I understand and I agree. I catch what I can, but spend far less time with ignorance and the oppositionally defiant.