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Okay, now we're talking. (I think?) Wotofo nexMINI stuff

I just saw some photos that get me a bit excited. They’re releasing a tank called the nexMINI whrich looks like it uses baby beast styled coils. None of that interests me. What does are these:

RBAs will never be in fashion for some people but I love to collect them for the things I like. I had no interest in the PNP type one they made. If this is what I think it is, just take my money:

That’s a screenshot from Fasttech. I’m guessing it’s a SMRT or Kriemheld styled RMC but baby beast coil sized. I’ve been playing at rebuilding mesh tank coils ever since FT started selling them with legs soldered on them.


pretty cool


That would be me. I like the fact that they generate slightly less waste than stock coil but they’re just too fiddly for me: I’ll stick to decks made for ogres.


I hope you’re right about this one. Not that you’re ever wrong. But I say that because I love to tinker with atomizers and always trying to dial-in that elusive perfect hit. The fiddlier the better!


This video pretty much confirms the nexmini RBA will fit (most) baby beast coil tanks:


It’s at the end. The rebuildable mesh coil is called: SMRT V8 Baby mesh coil or something like that. At the end of the vid he screws it into a new nexMINI tank. If that works, then the nexMINI RBA should work in baby beast tanks.

That’s awesome about the RBAs. Hopefully they vape good and the airflow isn’t too restrictive. They’re be nice to have for your tanks and cheap too


Well fuck thank you everyone that was rough lastnight scared the hell out of me too. I appreciate all the input on this cuz that was not right. So nexmesh baby? And obviously some coils that have actual rods attached would help for sure. At least I got this one dirt cheap.


Awesome… I have the pnp smrt coils and they work amazingly…


I was looking at these this morning…these will work in my wotfo profile?


No these are for subohm tanks that use “Baby Beast styled” coils. Most of the big name companies have made tanks that use those coils. Vaporesso has the NRG series and Cascade Baby. Joyetech has a series of tanks called Pro Core. Eleaf has a bunch of tanks with “Ello” in the name. Hellvape has the Fat Rabbit and Hellbeast. Geekvape has the Cerberus, Aero, and Illusion Mini. The list goes on and on. It’s probably the most popular coil head style of all time. A lot of tanks that come in kits use them.

There’s never been a great option for single coil RBA. I have one but the airflow isn’t great. Hopefully this new one is a lot better.


I have the og baby beast with rba deck… if these are as good as the pnp coils might bring life back in my baby beast tank


I use and love the Doom X Rta . The mesh being Dam Vapes Wotofo any of em I haven’t been able to vape over 50 watts . And when I pulled old cotton out to clean everything and fire just the mesh at 15 watts it’ll blaze up till mesh gets cleaned off . Which I really only vape prickly pear in it .


Now you’re gonna make me buy some Baby Beasts, lol! I’ve been trying the PnP SMRT coils and I can’t believe how fast and easy they are to rebuild. Like you said, if these are the same but for Baby Beast, it’ll be just as easy. I know you don’t care for the PnP tank but the other thing I like about it are the magnets so you can just lift off the tank from the 510 base and refill. No more screwing around :rofl:


I got a tank with my Drag 3 that uses the bigger ones. I should try find another one like it for the regular PnP coils. I know the coils are good. It’s just that most of the time the airflow is by and runs along plastic. It’s either the plastic or something from inside most pod devices I’ve tried. Whatever it is, I can taste it. It ruins the flavor for me. I can’t stand it. I’d probably love those PnP coil tanks though.


They fit on any 510 connection but they do have the plastic type tanks. I know what you mean, I never thought I would like something like that but I think it’s acrylic which is a thermoplastic which is derived from natural glass. Also called polyacrylate. I could be wrong but I haven’t noticed any off tastes.


I just examined my PnP tank and the AF runs through the stainless steel 510 base then goes straight up into the metal coil head. He doesn’t get into materials but it’s a short vid.


@INOIROC do you have a link to the FT screenshot you posted above?


@INOIROC Did you already see the SMRT V8 Baby Rebuildable Coil Kit on Wotofo’s website? Scroll down the list of coil choices.


I ordered from 3F a couple of days ago and already have a tracking number!

Here’s the single coil RBA:

Here’s the SMRT Coil:

Yeah, that kind of pod tank is good for me. The stuff I meant was like the Vaporesso PM80 luxe or Freemax Autopod50. They don’t have a 510 connector so the air goes into the device. I’m thinking it’s internal components that give off the plastic flavor. Regular mods can do it too. My Basium squonk mod reeked on the inside. The fumes were bad and I could taste it somehow. Only reason I know is because I smelled it coming out of the battery door one day. I ended up taking it apart and letting the inside sit in the sun each day for about a week. That PM 80 pod mod device was almost the same intensity. I told Vaporesso about it but others seem to not notice. I might just be sensitive to those kind of odors. It uses the same size coils as the Voopoo ones.

Most people raved about the Freemax one saying how great the coils are. When it’s a mixture of plastic flavored fumes and your favorite liquid, it doesn’t taste so good :sweat_smile:.


Hey, thx for the links :+1:

And thx for the heads up about the other gear. I don’t generally buy pod stuff but a trusted friend recommended the SMRT PnP rebuildable coil kit.

I don’t own a Baby Beast or any other subohm tank that would work with the SMRT V8 coil I don’t think. Now you got me looking for a Baby Beast so I can try it, lol.


@INOIROC or anyone else know if the above RBA is compatible with the Big Baby?