Okay yes I cheat!

So… I admit it I use a food pairing guide to figure out which flavors meld together in the baking world. It’s fun, easy, and well saves me a heck of a lot of time :slight_smile: https://inspire.foodpairing.com/


That isn’t cheating. I thought you where gonna say you snuck a cig or two in. pffft. You are using resources. That isn’t cheating, that is SMART! LOL


LOL if I sneak a puff smack me in the head … HARD


Nah, you’re much to pretty to smack. I’ll just give you that look…you know the one…your mother used to give you the same look when you where being stupid…well my mom gave me that look…ok…she gave me that look OFTEN. hehehe


LOL my mom is living with us now believe me I know that look well!!!

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Ouch! …give my regards to your mother? LOL

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yeah I know we drive her nuts kinda like having two hens in the hen house hahahahhahaha

I agree, that’s not cheating. Flavor Pairing is essential learning as a Chef, Bartender, and now as a Ejuice Blender. Knowing what flavor pairs with other flavors is extremely important. We do have a Flavor Pairing thread here on ELR. It’s not seeing much use lately but here none the less…

Have fun, we did !!!


Have a look at @DarthVapor’s top picture - the book on the top shelf :wink:

It isn’t cheating - it’s being smart :smiley:


I need a setup like that :slightly_smiling:

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That’s a nice, compact setup. I feel a bit like a creeper for looking at his bulletin board, but I liked the Doctor Who drawing!


Raising the kids right! :slightly_smiling:


I don’t know how I didn’t see this linked thread?!?! Oh yes! BIG Doctor Who house here! My father is British and I also have 2 sisters that stayed in the UK, London now, so we were raised on the OG Doctor and now my kids are huge fans :slight_smile: Good eye @zigz for knowing what my boy drew!

Wow my lab is 6x the size now!! I need to post some updated lab pics :slight_smile:

I just noticed that was the same thread as the tornado that hit me at the beginning of the year, now I have a hurricane heading straight for me on the Gulf Coast!! If there’s a God, please save my lab!! Haha. This is my first hurricane and I’m so close to the Gulf I can throw a rock and hit it. According to the news it is running right in to me in about 5 hours… YIPPIE!!

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lmao so what level do you pay for expert or what ???

Hope you made it through okay @DarthVapor …you are in my thoughts and prayers…let us all know you are okay when you can…

Hope everything worked out for you last night!

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Thanks @SunnyT, @CallMeTut, everything worked out ok hurricane wise but there’s some crazy flooding! Streets are now rivers and can’t see out the windows. I think it was downgraded right before landfall.

All is well!!


Good to hear! Glad you are okay!

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When I saw this thread in the list I thought “I didn’t know my ex gf posts here!”