Old Aerotank Coils

Wondering if anyone keeps their old Aerotank coils. Im looking to trade some juice for them. The particular coils im looking for are these:

I dont want the newer coils as they are to hard to get apart, i rebuild these for my own personal use. Id buy the from clonecores but they have been out of stock for months now. So if you want to trade them for some juice please let me know.


Have you ever thought about switching to RBA?

P.S. Coils are available at FT.

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I have appx 30 RDA’s, i use my Aerotank Mega when i have to jump in the car without a co-pilot. I have had a couple RTA’s and really just dont want to bother with another as i dont use it often enough, ive modified these to the point where they provide good flavor with an easy draw. The coils on FT are the new style with the four small air holes and are very difficult to rebuild with my old man hands, hehe. I cant stand silica so purchasing new coils just wont work for me, i rebuild them with Shiseido cotton.

You can get them on Fasttech. These are all I use, I don’t like the double coil ones.

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They have the old style coils as in the picture? I have checked the site on a couple occasions and all i saw were the new ones. Would one of you link me please?

EDIT: No need to link me and thanks for keeping me looking as i finally found them. Im not sure how i missed them so many flippin times.

I reckon this ends the offer, thanks again folks, placed an order already.

Hey Ken. I’ve saved tons of these in case of zombie apocalypse. I don’t think I’ll realistically get around to rebudong them if you’re interested.

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They are incredibly easy to rebuild if you just install a single coil. I appreciate it but i just ordered 10X5 packs. All i really needed was the bodies as im going to pull them apart and remove the coil/wicks and install good stuff.

Thanks again for the offer and if you are just gonna toss them then please let me know. If they are these old style bodies ill work something out with you. Im in the US BTW and would prefer to only do anything within its borders and i know nothing of the laws outside the states.

I use these coils as well. Any chance you could post a pic or let me know what you’re doing when coiling? Are you just using new wire and wicking with the same setup that they come with or do you have a secret build that rocks? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a bag full that I haven’t gotten around to redoing yet since I’m mostly using an Aspire Et-S at the moment. Hoping to get new toys soon, but car issues put a damper on my plans. :disappointed:

It is basically the same as wrapping a coil for the protank heads if you just use a single coils build which is what i do. I cant get the video to load for some reason but i think this is the one i followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OHLJ92Lvx8

I also rewick with cotton, for me it has better flavor.

If you rarely use tanks, buy a genesis atomizer - mesh wick will last you MONTHS! One of my mesh wicks runs since January with moderate use, hehe.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: That’s pretty much what I do, too. I just got some Japanese cotton that I’m looking forward to trying out.

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I have a old school genny tank that i cant remember the name of. It hasnt been out of them box in over a year and a half, lol.

EDIT: Its an RSST, i hated that thing. Just when i thought i had the build and SS wicking right it would get bumped and more hotspots. I should take the thing out and give it a try now that ive been building for a couple years. Thanks for reminding me.

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You can buy these, without coils from lightning vapes. It’s like 10 bux for 25

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Glad you’ve found them I just hope Kanger still makes them so we can keep using them in the future unless they come up with something similar that fits Protanks but improved. But they all seem to be doing subohm stuff now so maybe when the trend wears off we’ll see some new “normal” coils. Cheers mate.

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I don’t understand why you people don’t use normal rebuildable tanks… What’s the point?

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Honestly, i just dont want to invest in another something that i will only use once in awhile. I broke out my RSST and played with it for four hours last week. Fook that thing, lol. I do have it working perfectly now as i wrapped the SS wicking around some hemp rope wick, it really helps to prevent hot spots once it fully expands inside the SS wick.

I ride a bike to keep in shape, the Aerotanks allow me to simply jump on my bike and take off without any worries of having to stop and figure out if there is an issue. The V2/V3 version of the AFC base make them excellent tanks, especially when you rebuild the coils and rewick with cotton.

I’m a cyclist too (: And I use KFL for my riding. It is a lot easier to rebuild and just works.

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I love riding my bike, when i was a kid you either walked or rode because banana boards sucked! I lived in the county with my nearest friend being 6 or so miles away. I own a 1993 Accaim, it has 37,000 miles on it… If i can ride to where i am going i will, hehe.

I have come so very close to buying a KFL several times now. Ill put it back on my FT wishlist. Tho i do own a LOT of these coils now…

Aux, I have been wondering about wire mesh wicking, but haven’t researched it yet. I did buy a tank from Fastech that has a wire mesh, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Looks like a pretty pitiful one. LOL. Any, any, any info on wire mesh coiling would be great. Thanks, Joya

@Ken_O_Where wondering how you get to fill all the vertical space with a single coil rebuild?