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Only a little bit paranoid

Anyone else feeling the urge to take their nicotine and flavours and bury them outside the house somewhere like a dog would a tasty bone?

I’m only starting to get mildly paranoid about some arsehole breaking-in when I’m not here and ripping all my supplies, but some if you have enough to make a real cache for burglars.

Go out and bury it, then get worried a neighbor saw me bury it there, so dig it up and bury it in another spot, and another, and eventually someone will see me digging holes all over the yard and steal my precious anyway…

I spose plenty of you heave guns in the state’s, although I also understand just as many people there are left leaning and dislike them.

And guns don’t do shitall to stop your horde being ripped-off when there’s no human at home to point em at burglars anyway.


Lmao…Damn you now I’m paranoid…


I’m armed, live in the middle of the woods, with dogs. Come get it… :grin:


Yeah like, people hit houses for a few ounces of weed regularly enough: why wouldn’t gallons of concentrated vape supplies be an even better haul - especially as the restrictions start going into effect.

Padlock and bolt the freeze to the ground, I say :smirk:


That’s 50% armed and 50% paranoid so far :slight_smile:


Get some very large dogs and a small one with real sensitive hearing. That way you get the alarm and response.


Hehe @Guido_Possum, funny you should mention that. With my ever increasing (soon to be ending), incoming prep orders hitting the homestead, my wife asked that same question. Sadly for any would be nico-theifs, we’re strapped, locked down, CCTV monitored, and have commercial security. Not saying it won’t happen, just probably won’t happen here.

COULD be a thing


Tactical Weapon Dispersion Systems >= Nicotine Freezers.


Yeah I’ve only got a handful of shit compared to half the people here, yet I’ll be ordering until October so those supplies will accumulate and I’m thinking, “Fuck, one break-in from some prick who knows what vaping is and all this could just be tossed in a garbage bag and gone, hrmf”

And like I said, people get broken into just for a bit of weed - if someone knows that weed is usually there - so a mega-cache of nicotine, flavours and vape supplies could definately be a reason for anyone who knows they can use it or sell it.


Fair enough, BUT, remember, not everyone else knows that. Break ins can occur for PERCEIVED value as well. All the crackheads are looking for that prize at the bottom of the Lucky Charms cereal boxes these days…


Thankfully, nobody locally knows I’m hoarding supplies - except maybe the post office chicks :smirk: and I don’t mix for anyone so there’s no knowledge ‘leak’ goin on there.


…Crackheads are desperate but crafty weazels who will break into any place that appears to have anything of value, then open the cupboard with my vape supplies all lined up in pretty rows and “Aww, fuckyeaaaah!” sniffle… “Bazzawantsvapes!” scratch scratch, “Fuckyeahscorebruh!”

F$#%ing crackheads… they’re in every town all over the world… like the morlocks from “The Time Machine”, but they are able to live above ground and in sunlight!



I’ll find a place inside to hide at least my Pudding Base (VTA): I’m still in love with that just on it’s own in a solo mix - dunno who, it’s the richness and that background note of lemon-meringue stopping me getting tired of the one taste.


I’ve got all the nic I need and now it’s time to stock up on guns.


It’s been time for a little while now.


No shit. It took me 4 months to get a driver’s license in GA. I’ve been waiting for the ammo crunch to ease up.

Somewhat on topic, is it worthwhile buying weapons from gun shows? They’ve got one coming up soon. I did go into a couple of shops and they seemed to be quite short on inventory.


Probably, although I have not done so myself previously. I’ve always wanted to go to one. Kind of like a Star Wars convention, I imagine, only with way cooler toys.


First off, we don’t buy weapons. Weapons are bad and hurt people. We buy firearms. They are used for only good things like harvesting food. Firearm shows are a hoot. When I go I spend half a day just walking through and taking notes. Then form my notes go back and make buys. A good sized show will have an overwhelming amount of products. I picked up an AR at a show and got a great deal. The rest I bought either B&M or online. Have found tons of ancillary products that were great deals.


Regarding paranoid. Nope, not at all. The area I live in is a little risky per break ins so being situationally aware has nothing to do with paranoia. Anything can be reason for a break in.


The thought occurred to me when I considered about what a rage I’d be in if I came home to find someone had broke in and ripped all the supplies meant to last me years, though since I don’t talk to my neighbors outside the obligatory “Morning” if they say hi to me, only a random B&E could happen to me.

But then I thought about everyone online talking about the bans, restrictions aand howe they’re prepping for them and I wondered, “How many people have mentioned the upcoming restrictions or preparations with their real world neighbours?”

Obviously those living in the middle of nowhere don’t need to even think about it but those living in standard residential neighborhoods might.

Even then I imagine whipper-snaps from their teenage years to their mid twenties would be the demographic most likely to think breaking into someone’s house for vape stuff a good idea, but you could conceivably see how they might hear about or see deliveries, then get talking about …that old guy im number XX always getting deliveries… bet he’s got a heaps of shit!


Gotcha… :+1: