Opinions on New Mod Please!

My current mod is an IPV2S. It serves all my needs but has been acting up lately. It has been dropped more than a few times and the ‘nut’ that the tank threads into has become loose. My tank is an eLeaf Lemo using Kanthal wire. My coils are 1.1 to 1.2 ohms and I run between 26-30 watts. I’m a simple guy and am perfectly happy with this setup. I’m not particularly interested in complication things with different types of wire, etc. There are so many options out there that I can’t digest all the information. I would appreciate opinions from the folks here regarding a suitable replacement. Here’s what I think I need:

  • 18650 battery power
  • Easy battery swap
  • Since I’m near 30 watts I’d like something like 60 watts or so
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stable platform. The IPV2S is pretty tall and relatively narrow so it is easy to tip over.

That’s about it for my requirements. Please let me know what you think would be a good mod to fulfill my needs.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide,

check out the wismec rx75 , i love it and it inexpensive , takes a beating and keeps on going , very simple

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Eleaf istick pico. It’s small but maybe too small for lemo.


Have you thought about the ipvd3?

Personally I stil have my ipvd2 (2nd version prior to the s) and its stil going like a champ.

Right now I’m rocking the ipv5 since I like dual coils and a dual battery is needed. Sure it’s a bit heavy, but I see it running for the next few years as long as I take care of it.

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for simplicity I am very impressed with the Tesla stealth, you don’t need the 18650 though you just recharge it, no settings, does it all for you, incredibly small, fits right in your pocket and the build quality is one of the best i have seen, I got it for taking out with me so I don’t have to lug around a big set, if it’s easy you want, I don’t see it getting much easier. cheap too

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I loved my IPV5 but the button broke a couple of weeks ago, replaced it with the Smok Priv, I do miss it tho

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My vote would have to go to the eVic-VTC Mini, if a single 18650 mod fits your needs. It’s pocket friendly, and I’ve been using one for 7 months, almost exclusively, and it’s never missed a beat. It has temp control, but I don’t use it. Simple, single Kanthal coil at 1.6 ohms & 10 watts or so. Good luck in your hunt.


+1 on this mod! And the latest model has the option of a single or dual battery housing. Available after Sept. 1st :pensive:

Can’t go wrong with a Joyetech mod.


Another vote for a VTwo/VTC mini or dual. I have three VTC minis and love them. I’m planning on buying more! :stuck_out_tongue:


Evic mini TC, or the Evic mini Two. I have my Evic mini almost a year now, and it’s never failed. Big bright LCD, easy menu system, magnetic snap on/off door, reliable and neat.


I liked the first one so much (the one I’m still using), I bought 3 more as FDA insurance.

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I also can recommend the Joyetech E-Vic VTC Mini. Single 18650, and 75W - battery life is very good with a 2600+ mAh battery. If you’re looking to get the kit, I recommend finding one with the Tron T tank, and not the Tron S tank, for durability reasons. Of course, it will easily accommodate other 22mm tanks just fine.

ETA: Replacement coils are crazy inexpensive.

ive checked that stealth out a couple times love the nano

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Cuboid. Quick, Dirty, Cheap, Works.

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After reading what you use now I would also recommend the Evic VTC mini. I have been using mine (3 of them) with the Lemo tank for a long time now. They have never had any issues at all no matter the conditions they were used in.

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Yep, I concur. Joyetech Evic Mini or the newer one Evic Vtwo mini. I love mine, almost a year and not a single problem. Fit and finish is still great too. I don’t use the temp control either, works great in regular wattage mode.

+1 for the eVic Vtwo or mini

I use mine often when mobile. Does not support 25mm tanks (size/space limitation) Single 18650 with very good TC on Ni SS and Ti

GREAT now im going to have to get this eVic v2 now , lol , i need a new mod anyway

seriously I’m gutted I bought the tesla stealth now …lol :cry: